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Aiming to study in Australia? If you’re not from an English-speaking country and your dream is to pursue higher education in Australia, then you’re just one step short to be a part of a diverse global student community in the country. Before you can apply to any university in Australia, you must qualify for an English Proficiency Test. One of the most sought-after language tests is IELTS. It is conducted to assess how well you can adapt to an English-speaking environment. For any reason, if you have not appeared for the test and want to apply for a university in Australia, there are several alternatives you can opt from. Many educational institutions do not demand you to furnish your score of IELTS. Through this blog, we will present to you all the important details to study in Australia without IELTS, major universities you can apply to, and alternatives available.

Study in Australia without IELTS Universities

Let’s explore different universities that have waived the IELTS requirements for international students and offer the aforementioned alternatives. Below is the collected list of some of the universities you can look forward to applying to:

Top Universities  QS World Rankings 2022
University of Queensland 47
University of Adelaide 108
University of New South Wales 43
Macquarie University 200
Bond University =451
University of Southern Island
Australian National University =27
University of South Australia =326
Swinburne University of Technology 321
Victoria University 601-650

Let’s know more about the criteria you need to fulfil to apply to these universities to study in Australia without IELTS:

Australian National University 

ANU offers many options students can avail to meet their English language requirements. Students can submit the certificates of any one of the language proficiency tests including but are not limited to TOEFL, PTE, and CAE. You can also submit your English language proficiency certificate which you have obtained from your local institution, Australian National University also offers its own ANU Access Program, which is an in-depth 10-week course, clearly focusing on academic English and improving a person’s ability to use the language fluently. ANU was ranked 27th in the World by the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

University of Southern Queensland  

Language Pathway Programs are offered by the University of Southern Queensland which makes international students eligible for admission into the program of their interest without having to appear for any language tests and thus is the best alternative to study in Australia without IELTS. It is ranked 701 – 750 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

University of South Australia 

To be eligible for any study program in this university, the requirements include a score of 50 points in PTE or have a score of 169 in CAE or CPE. You can also apply to the university if you complete the Centre for English Language [CELUSA] English Program: Level 4. Additionally, if you have finished a minimum of 1 year of tertiary education in Australia or any of the countries specified by the university, you’re also eligible to apply for a course without submitting IELTS scores. The University of South Australia ranked 326 in QS World University Rankings 2022.

University of Adelaide 

Even though the university’s acceptable language proficiency tests include IELTS, students can choose from TOEFL, PET, and CAE as well. The university can also ask students to join a language preparatory course to improve their English skills. The student is required to sit for a test each semester to assess the improvement made in the language preparatory course. The latest global ranking results for the University are 106th 2022.

Bond University

Amongst the top universities in the country, Bond University requires international students to qualify for EAP Level 3 (English for Academic Purposes) before applying for their chosen program without undertaking IELTS. It is ranked 451 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

How to Study in Australia Without IELTS?

Getting admission in a country like Australia is not an easy task but it becomes even more difficult if you are unable to appear in IELTS or have not achieved a satisfactory score on the test. But there are alternatives available other than IELTS for those planning to study in Australia. Many universities offer admission to international students who can’t submit scores on any English proficiency test. Here are the top alternatives through which you can fulfil your dream of studying in Australia without IELTS:

  • Most universities in Australia have dedicated schools or departments for English Language courses for international students. If you want to study in Australia without appearing for IELTS, you can undertake these courses. You can opt for these English Language Programs and complete the qualification required for your chosen course. Some of the universities offering such programs are Macquarie University, University of Melbourne, and the Swinburne University of Technology.
  • You can also explore options like the International Baccalaureate Program. You will not be asked to submit your IELTS score if you have successfully completed this program. It is a diploma program lasting for a total duration of 2 years. It is recognized by different universities in Australia.
  • The University of Queensland also allows international students to pursue a course if they can provide proof of work experience with any organization where the primary mode of communication had been English. The minimum work experience required is of 5 years.
  • Additionally, some prominent universities, like the University of Southern Queensland, offer distinctive pathway programs. These ensure a student conveniently gets admission into a major study program without worrying about the hassles of English language proficiency scores.
  • Many universities also accept scores of other language proficiency tests which include TOEFL, CAE, CPE, PTE and OET.

Alternatives to IELTS for Studying in Australia

Eligibility Requirements

  • English Language Requirements: Students who wish to apply to Australia must provide evidence of English proficiency. This can be in the form of test scores like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE or by providing the medium of instruction certificate. Many international students who have studied English in their previous education institute for over 3 years can use this certificate, however, the university decides whether you are applicable to apply for it or not.
  • Academic Requirements: International students at every entry-level are required to meet the standard academic requirement laid down by the university for every programme. Eligibility criteria for each course is different.
  • Essential Requirements like LORs,SOPs, Proof of financial funds, Confirmation of Enrolment, Genuine Temporary Entrant,  health insurance are equally important for the application process.

Australian Student Visa WIthout IELTS

International students have to apply for an Australian  Student Visa to pursue their higher education in the country. The cost of the visa and the general requirements for the visa are:

  • Students must be enrolled in a course of study in Australia and submit a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) that provides evidence that you are eligible to enrol at the University and you have accepted your place.
  • Must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Students are required to submit evidence of your English language skills at the time you submit your visa application. To do so, students have to provide a test score in an English language test that the Department has approved.
  • International Students from certain countries are exempted from submitting English language evidence, however, the authorities have the right to ask candidates to provide proof anytime during the application process.

List of Australian Scholarships 2021 – 2022 

  • University of Melbourne Scholarships 2022 The University of Melbourne offers USD 90,000 in Gilbert Rigg’s generous and comprehensive scholarship opportunities to International students. 
  • Australian National University Scholarships 2021 – 2022 ANU provides 600 scholarships with each year for International students and domestic students to study for masters and PhD degree programs. 
  • Australian Government Scholarships 2021 – 202 The Australian Government Scholarships to study a full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and a PhD degree. One of the most prestigious scholarships to study in Australia. 
  • University of Sydney Scholarships in Australia The Sydney scholarships awards are open to study bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD scholarships. This is a fully-funded scholarship.
  • Endeavour Scholarships for Postgraduate degrees The Endeavor scholarships are for those who wish to pursue pg degrees, either Master’s degrees or PhD in Australia. The scholarship should cover the tuition fee and offers a monthly stipend. 
  • International PG Research Scholarship The Australia PG Research Scholarship Program can be availed by international students who want to do PG research in Australia.

List of Universities in USA without IELTS

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We hope through this blog we have provided you with the required alternatives and universities you can consider to study in Australia without IELTS. Looking forward to pursuing your higher studies in Australia? Apprehensive about the process? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout selecting the right course and university and gearing up for the application and crafting impressive SOP and LORs to get successfully selected! Sign up for a free study abroad consultation with us today!

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