The University of Newcastle and Binus University Introduce a Joint Bachelor’s Program

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The University of Newcastle and Binus University Introduce a Joint Bachelor's Program

In an effort to make world class education accessible to the masses, The University of Newcastle (Australia) and Binus University in partnership with Nurture Higher Education Group has launched a two degree program at the end of which the students will be awarded a degree from both the universities .

About the Joint Bachelor’s Program

Under this initiative, the students all over the world would be able to acquire both an Australian degree and an Indonesian one while studying at the Binus University. This two degree program which will be completed over a span of 4 years is a bachelor’s degree in the field of business and commerce. At the end of the 4 years the students will acquire the following qualifications/degrees: 

From Binus University

  1. Bachelor of International Business
  2. A Bachelor of International Accountancy and Finance

From The University of Newcastle

  1. Bachelor of Business
  2. Bachelor of commerce

The programme will be taught in English at the Binus University campus in Jakarta. But in the course duration, students have an option to transfer and complete their course at The University of Newcastle’s campus in Australia or Singapore. To get in, the candidates must fulfill all the technical and educational requirements of both the universities. 

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Why did The University of Newcastle and Binus University Introduce a Joint Bachelor’s Program? 

In an interview, the Vice chancellor of University of Newcastle, Professor Alex Zelinsky while talking about the programme said that, “This partnership enables us to support some of our nearest neighbours, connecting Indonesian students with new education offerings that give them a competitive advantage in the workplace. We have many proud examples of Indonesian students, who after studying with us in Australia returned home to establish thriving careers that have greatly benefited their communities. Through this partnership, we hope more Indonesian students will have access to higher education study options that help set them up for their best chance of success.”

In today’s competitive world, the brightest of students don’t make it to the deserving heights because they are not the alumnus of any renowned institution. In this scenario, such a joint program would be beneficial to those brilliant minds who deserve world class education but couldn’t pursue it because of financial barriers. Furthermore, acquiring a degree from a well known university like The University of Newcastle would allow the students a better scope in terms of recognition and employability. So, in a sense this initiative is meant to open a world of opportunities to those students who are less privileged but deserve the best nevertheless. 

The credit for this initiative goes to Nurture Higher Education group which laid the grounds for a tie-up between Binus University and The University of Newcastle.

What is Nurture Higher Education Group?

Nurture Higher education group is a community of people who wish to create a platform where the world’s educators, learners and employers could come together and connect to create better opportunities in the field of business. It aims to take such initiatives which increase the probability of success for everyone in the global 20th-century workplace. For this purpose, they wish to create a “universal business education curriculum” which will be followed throughout the world.  And this two-degree programme which brings two different institutions together is a part of this goal of theirs. 

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With this initiative, a seed of better opportunities has been laid. But to actually know what kind of difference it makes we need to wait and watch the developments closely. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such awesome updates!

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