How to Draft a Winning Application to Masters’ Union?

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Masters' Union Application

Masters’ Union is a new-age technology-focused business school renowned for its flagship program called Post Graduate Programme in Technology and Business Management (PGP-TBM). The program is taught by leading business stalwarts belonging to different spheres like CXOs, MDs, eminent public leaders, global faculty members from top B-schools, and Members of the Parliament. If you are looking for the most groundbreaking program to accelerate your career growth then MUSB PGP-TBM is the best choice for you! This blog brings you the exclusive Masters’ Union application guide by Mr. Rupesh Bisht- CEO of Masters’ Union!

What is PGP TBM?

The PGP TBM program is an exceptional course offered by the esteemed Masters’ Union School of Business in India. The programme is designed to ensure that students and working professionals imbibe the required theoretical and practical knowledge & skills to navigate the complex field of business management. The 16-month-long programme offers a unique curriculum and uses case studies, consulting projects, field tours and technology boot camps. It also includes core subjects and specializations on trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Blockchain Research & Technology. Interested candidates must prepare for the Masters’ Union application, MU-BAAT exam and interview session to be successfully selected for PGP-TBM 2021!

Who Can Apply?

The MUSB PGP-TBM programme is open to a variety of individuals aspiring to upscale their careers in business management and technology. It is open to freshers as well as working professionals belonging to family businesses, the corporate sector, and the social sector. If you fit in any of the following categories, then PGP-TBM is the perfect choice for you!

  • Candidates enrolled in the final year of graduation from reputed institutions with stellar leadership, extracurricular and academic qualities are eligible.
  • Young and mid-career professionals from corporate, development and other sectors are eligible.
  • Family business owners
  • Entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs who wish to build a successful venture
  • Up-and-coming artists aiming for business growth 

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Step-by-Step Guide on Masters’ Union Application

Masters’ Union application is the gateway to entering the PGP TBM programme. All candidates are advised to fill out the application form carefully and diligently. The Masters’ Union application is the sure-shot way for a candidate to tell their unique story, academic journey as well as personal triumphs and the impact they have created. It is also the admissions team’s first impression of the student’s candidature. 

  • The application contains several steps such as personal details, academic details, extracurricular, work experience, test scores, recommendation letters, essay questions and video recordings.
  • The students can opt for scholarships mentioned in the application.
  • After filling out all the details, candidates have to upload documents and pay the fees. It is advised to pay the fees well before the deadline to ensure your application is accepted and recorded.    
  • Masters’ Union Application is followed by the compulsory MU-BAAT and then the personal interview round.
  • The admissions office assesses every application on the basis of all these rounds and creates a weighted score which is used for creating a merit list and admissions list for the MUSB programme.

In a recent Zoom session, the CEO of Masters’ Union, Mr Rupesh Bisht gave a complete guide on how to create a stunning Masters’ Union application and gave some personal insights on how to use every category to the optimal level. Let’s look at each step in the application process in greater detail: 

Personal & Academic Details

The first category in the Masters’ Union application is the section on personal & academic details. This is a compulsory section and requires all candidates to provide some basic personal details and previous academic achievements. In this section, candidates must include all the relevant past academic transcripts as well as professional certificate courses. Candidates can even include incomplete professional courses and certificates. The section also includes slots for extracurricular and leadership activities. This section is extremely relevant and must be answered honestly as it tells the admissions team about the candidates’ personality, leadership qualities, ambitions, interests and creative endeavours.

Competitive Exams/Test Scores

Candidates in this section are required to upload valid test scores of management exams like GMAT, GRE, CAT or NMAT. These scores are used in the evaluation process by the admissions panel but candidates who have not appeared for it are not penalized for not taking the exams. 

Work Experience

Work experience is another important aspect of the Masters’ Union application process; while filling out this section it is important to select the right industry. The section includes industries like Family Business, Business, Private Sector and Developmental Sector. Depending upon which industry you belong to, candidates must choose the right category.

How is work experience calculated by the Masters’ Union Application?
Any full-time work undertaken after graduation by the candidates is calculated as work experience by the Masters’ Union application.  Articleship undertaken as a part of the CA course or internship is not considered full-time employment or calculated as work experience.


Another important category in the Masters’ Union application process is the recommendation. A recommendation is a third-party description of the candidate and his/her experience, impact and contributions. Choosing the right endorser is highly important and it is equally important to assist your chosen endorser in writing a stellar letter for you. Helping the endorser does not mean writing the recommendation letter yourself; it means assisting them in remembering the work you undertook, your qualities and impact you created.

How to choose an ideal recommendation?
There are three rules all working professionals and midcareer candidates must follow before selecting the ideal recommender:

1. First, it should be someone you have worked with in the past; who is acquainted with your work and personality. 
2. Secondly, the recommendation must be from someone who is your senior. Asking for a recommendation letter from your peers and juniors is not advisable. 
3. Thirdly, it must be someone who was impacted by your work positively. Seeking recommendation from someone who doesn’t understand your work or its impact will not do justice to your application.       

Candidates who have just graduated can approach their professors or supervisors for the letter. People who own their business or run a family business can approach their vendors, bankers, advisors, clients, audition, investors for a letter. It is important to not ask for your family members to write a recommendation letter for you.

Essay and Video- Based Questions 

Masters’ Union application is a way to tell the admission panel about your goals and ambitions. So, utilise all the options even in the form to create a compelling application. The essay question and video optional is there to facilitate each personal story and is a chance for candidates to make their application unforgettable. 


Candidates can choose from any two scholarships and must provide all the additional inputs to reap its benefits in the future.

Documents for the Masters’ Union Application

While crafting a compelling Masters’ Union application, students are required to upload necessary documents. Here is a list of documents needed for admissions to the programme:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • A detailed Resume
  • 2 letter of recommendations ( from managers, professors, auditors, vendors, accountants, clients/customers or business partners)
  • Essay submission on any of the given topics in the application. 
  • Video submission on topics like If you had $ million to acquire a company, which one would you acquire and why? & an incident that fundamentally changed you. The latter is an optional video but candidates are advised to utilize every option/ category given in the application to increase their chances of admission.

MU-BAAT: Important Dates

MU-BAAT is the compulsory exam conducted by the platform to provide a level playing field for all candidates who wish to seek admissions in the PGP TBM programme. The exam is conducted in the online mode for 90 minutes, after the application process is over and the selected candidates are invited to give the online exam. The exam contains questions from Data Interpretation, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Case Studies. The date for the exam is 22nd and 23rd May 2021.

FAQs on Masters’ Union Application 

What is a compelling application?

A compelling application is the one that tells a unique, coherent and comprehensive story of your life. The more information the candidates provide, the better it is for the admission panel to consider. 

What is the eligibility criteria?

The minimum eligibility criteria for the candidates is a bachelors from a recognised university with minimum marks in the graduation level.

Should I include my CAT percentile?

Candidates can include their CAT percentile, especially if the percentile will add value to the application. It is not compulsory as all students have to give the MU-BAAT.

How important is your past academic performance?

The Masters’ Union application process is holistic and takes into account all the factors so if you have a low academic score then you can make up for it on the test or if you have a low test score but you can use the high academic score to seek admission. You can also perform well in the interview and score high on your composite score. 

Is work experience pertinent to admissions?

It is not necessary to have work experience to enroll in the institution. Students who are freshers are eligible for the programme and same as working professionals. Both applications are given equal value and scrutiny. If you don’t have much work experience then talk/write about your internships, volunteership, MUNs, competitions, initiatives etc. Masters’ Union application values quality of education over quantity of education.

Where can I take the MU BAAT sample test?

Candidates can reach out to the academic counsellor to get tests.

What books are required for MU BAAT?

MU-BAAT is like other management exams and includes basic questions. Candidates can use 11th and 12th reasoning books to solve the questions.

When is the MU-BAAT exam and interview?

The exam will be held on 22nd and 23rd May 2021. The interview will be held in the last week and the results will be declared in the month of June.

What should I do if I failed in my last business?

Candidates who have had failures in the past don’t need to justify them. They can, however, talk about how the failure changed them and added value to the person.

How can I explain a gap year?

Students who have legitimate reasons for gap year or not working can easily talk about it in the special section. 

Are UG grades important for placements?

No, UG grades are not important. For placements, it is important to have internship and work experience.

What is the average acceptance for Masters’ Union application?

One in every eleven candidates is the acceptance rate for Masters’ Union application.

This was all about Mr Rupesh Bisht’ advice on how to craft the perfect Masters’ Union Application. For more educational content, follow Leverage Edu and if you have more doubts then get in touch with our experts.   

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