An Ultimate Guide to Fast-Track Your Career with One Year MBA Program

One Year MBA

You can’t snap your fingers like Iron Man and achieve things in a whizz, but you can opt for a one year MBA program. Right?

This guide has all the necessary details to fast-track your career with the one year MBA program. 

An ideal candidate for such a program is the one who is extremely focused, dedicated, and has some experience in the field of business. There are some one year programs that want the student to have an undergraduate level business-related degree. Moreover, some may require your personal statement that illustrates your career goals and expectations. 

Benefits of One Year MBA Program 

Optimum Utilization of Time 

Generally, it takes two years to get an MBA degree. Getting an enrollment in a one year MBA program may help you to utilize time well. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do a job or a business, you can reap the benefits in a single year. 

Before choosing an MBA program, you should keep in mind that not all accelerated programs are one year programs. Some universities advertise saying “accelerated program” rather than providing the actual completion time. They say so because some students’ performance is faster than others. Thus, such students are able to get a degree before 2 years. However, it’s crucial to find out the completion time. 


Yes, it’s true and surprising to note that the cost of MBA reduces when you opt for a one year MBA courses. Your tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational expenses tend to reduce. 

Apart from this, we can also say that it would be a value for your money. If you’re searching for MBA courses, you are probably aware of the salary of an MBA. You can get a high salary, spending less time and money. Besides, if you’re thinking about establishing a business of your own, you can save money for future investment. 

Online Availability 

It’s a dream of almost every student to get online convenience. If you’re that person who has a very hectic schedule, then an online MBA program will give you comfort. You won’t have to stress about attending classes and set time each week. You can get access to the required resources and lectures online whenever and wherever you desire. Some online MBA programs are designed for working students, while some are for full-time students. Thus, it’s advisable to check before moving further with a program. 

Best Institutions Where You Can Get a one year MBA Program 


INSEAD ranks 3rd in Financial Times 2019 for its MBA programs. It offers a one year MBA program at its Singapore and Paris campuses. Almost 90 percent of INSEAD faculty and students are international. 

London Business Schools 

London Business School lies in the middle of the top global business organizations. Many experienced guest speakers appear at the school frequently. This university provides that kind of accelerated program which we’ve talked about earlier. You can get an accelerated course here that will allow you to complete a course within 15 months. 

Judge Business School

The alumni network of the Judge Business School is spread to over 40 countries. Most of its students are now working in multinational companies and have started their own high-tech businesses. In a one year MBA program, students get a chance to go through one-on-one sessions, special interview preparations, and workshops. 

“Will I Get Enough Skills in a One Year?” 

Many students often ask the above question. 

It totally depends on your passion, seriousness, and desire. If you are hungry enough for success, you will build up excellent skills and network in just one year program. If you’re not, you won’t be able to get it even in the 2-year program. 

The only difference between a two-year and one year MBA program is length. Those students who have financial issues often indulge in this course. 

If you want to enroll in a one year program and still feeling confused, you may get assistance at Leverage Edu

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