Distance Learning MBA

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Distance Learning MBA

Distance Learning programs are ideal alternatives for those wanting to explore a particular field of study while pursuing their work responsibilities. If you are a working professional who has found an inclination towards a particular field that you don’t know much about, distance education can help you gather an essential understanding of your chosen area of study without letting you compromise with the duties of your job. Moreover, when we think about the most popular master’s degree, MBA essentially pops up in our minds. In the contemporary times, MBA courses are offered in almost every specialisation, be it academic disciplines such as Finance and Communication to specialised areas like Agribusiness, Energy Management, Media Management and Entrepreneurship. Opting for an MBA distance education program, you can delve deeper into a specific field while carrying on with your daily responsibilities. Through this blog, we will explore the essential aspects of a Distance Learning MBA, the top universities offering distance programs in MBA as well as the career scope this degree entails.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning or e-learning refers to the process of studying through the means of electronic communication. The distance education programs are basically designed for working professionals, army officials, non-native students residing in the remote areas in order to provide them with the opportunity to pursue education without visiting an academic institution or following the traditional classroom teaching. The only requisite, in this case, is the availability of the internet, as there are no obstacles regarding the time and location of the class and the learning process becomes smoother and flexible. Out of the majority of online distance courses, distance learning MBA is one such program which is opted by those individuals who can’t pursue a full-time MBA degree and that’s where this program helps them delve deeper into their area of study without compromising with their responsibilities.

Who can opt for Distance Learning MBA?

The course is majorly designed for individuals who are not somehow capable of taking regular MBA classes at an academic institution for some reasons. It is a suitable option for those are finding it difficult to alter their responsibilities and study a full-fledged course. Distance learning MBA courses also assist those who have limited time and resources to acquire an esteemed degree like MBA. The curriculum for the course incorporates video sessions, live classroom interactions, comprehensive self-learning material as well as interactive e-learning models that assist students gather a comprehensive understanding of different subjects under their chosen program. The exams are generally held online or at the nearest academic institution affiliated with the university from where you are pursuing the course.

Benefits of Distance Learning MBA

There are plentiful perks of distance learning MBA courses especially for those who don’t find themselves ready for full-time MBA programs due to time restraints or personal reasons. Here is a list of some significant benefits you can avail by opting for a distance learning MBA course.

  • Learn While Working: Most of the working professionals take-up online distance learning courses so that they can acquire knowledge of a particular field while handling their job thus maintaining an equilibrium between their professional and academic journey.
  • Easy on the Pocket: Because of the absence of classroom teaching, distance learning MBA programs are affordable and economical for students. 
  • Time Management: The candidates are open to flexible timings and can arrange their lessons according to their personal and professional commitments.
  • Similar Curriculum: Distance learning MBA has the same curriculum as that of a regular MBA and provides the similarly constructed theoretical and practical modules like a full-time degree would.
  • Open for All: Unlike the usual regular MBA programs, distance learning MBA programs are open and feasible to everyone, regardless of age and experience.

There are numerous renowned business schools and academic institutions across the globe that offer distance learning MBA courses that you can customize as per your interests and preferences. The following table elucidates some of the popular distance learning MBA courses provided by top business schools around the world:

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Name of the University Offered Program Duration
IE Business School  Global Online MBA 2 years 
Imperial College Business  School   Global Online MBA 2 years 
Indiana University  Distance Learning MBA  2 years 
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick Distance Learning MBA  2 years 
Alliance Manchester Business School Global MBA 2 years 
Oxford Brookes University  Global MBA  2 years 
Colorado State University MBA Marketing Data Analytics  2 years (Flexible)
University of Florida  MBA: Hybrid  1 year

We hope that the blog has helped understand the key aspects of distance learning MBA courses. It is a suitable alternative for those wanting to acquire this evergreen degree without compromising with their professional or personal commitments. The process of choosing an ideal course and university essential requires professional guidance as your chosen program is going to have an incremental impact on your career. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll assist you throughout the process of finding a course and university that fits your interests and aspirations and helps you get closer to actualising your dream career.

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