Top 20+ Courses after BA, Career Options, Jobs 2024 [Updated]

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Courses after BA

Completing a bachelor’s degree is one of the biggest accomplishments in the academic career of any student. However, students are also faced with the dilemma of whether to go for other courses after BA or look for employment opportunities right away. Especially when a graduate degree is not enough to sustain in this cut-throat competition of the present era. Those who hold a degree in Arts stream subjects have a wide range of postgraduation courses after BA they can choose from. So, if you have recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, here is a comprehensive list of top professional courses after a BA that can help you delve deeper into your chosen field of interest and widen your career prospects.

What are the Best Courses After BA from a Job Perspective?

There are numerous promising career options and job-oriented courses after BA across varied specializations and subjects. From Fine Arts, Business Management, Analytics, and IT to Fine Arts, Graphic design, Interior design, Fashion design, Content Writing, and Advertising, among others, you can explore multifarious courses after your BA. So, if you are thinking after BA what next, we have prepared a list of top high-paying jobs and courses after BA.

Here is a list of the best career options and job-oriented courses after BA:

  1. Master of Arts (MA)
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
  4. Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
  5. Masters/PG Diploma in Digital Marketing
  6. LLB
  7. Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  8. Creative Writing Courses
  9. Graphic Design Courses
  10. Fashion Design Courses
  11. Visual Arts Courses
  12. Foreign Language Certifications
  13. Photography Courses
  14. Event Management Courses
  15. PG Diploma Courses

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9+ Career Options with Courses After B.A

Sometimes, people are confused that they would get just a handful of career options after pursuing a bachelor’s degree. However, if you go for further courses after your BA degree, you would get to explore the following career options with a good pay range.

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Master of Arts (MA)

MA is one of the most preferred postgraduate degrees that students opt for amongst courses after BA. Master of Arts is a two-year program offered in a varied range of fields such as English, Hindi, Political Science, Journalism, Mass Communication, Regional and Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Media, History, Philosophy, etc. A master’s degree aims to equip students with excellent academic knowledge and exposure to their field of interest. After completing an MA, you are qualified for M.Phil and doctoral programs as well. 

All major universities around the world offer plentiful MA courses in different specializations and here is a list of the world’s leading universities that are known for their MA degree programs:

Name of the UniversityCountryQS World University
University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom#91
New York UniversityUnited States of America#39
King’s College LondonUnited Kingdom#37
Harvard UniversityUnited States of America#5
The University of ChicagoUnited States of America#10
University of HamburgGermany#228
University of Central LancashireUnited Kingdom#801-1000

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Most people think that an MBA can’t be pursued with a BA degree. MBA is a program that can be studied after completing graduation in any stream whether it is Arts, Commerce, or Science. Being one of the most sought-after career choices, the rising popularity of this program is owed to the lucrative and amazing career opportunities that it provides.

Why MBA?
An MBA prepares students to handle complex business situations and obtain managerial skills to work in the fast-paced corporate industry. It also allows you to discover career opportunities in both the public and private sectors globally. Also, for students aspiring to become an entrepreneur, an MBA can equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to start a business.

As one of the well-known courses after BA, there are an array of MBA specializations available in versatile disciplines ranging from Fashion Designing and Media Management to Travel and Tourism Management and Sports Management. Here is a list of some of the best colleges offering MBA programs:

Name of the UniversityCountryQS World University Rankings-2023 (Business School Ranks)
Harvard Business School United States of America#4
London School of EconomicsUnited Kingdom#56
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUnited States of America#1
Kellogg School of ManagementUnited States of America#6
University of PennsylvaniaUnited States of America#13
University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom#91
Duke UniversityUnited States of America#50
Yale School of ManagementUnited States of America#18

Bachelor of Education (BEd) Courses After BA

A golden opportunity for those who want to kickstart their career as a teacher, Bachelor of Education [BEd] is also one of the courses after BA that you can explore. In the duration of 3-4 years, ICT, Pedagogy of a School Subject, different learning Methods, etc are the topics on which you will focus. Completing a B.Ed course, you can appear for teaching aptitude tests such as TET, CTET, etc. and on successfully clearing it, you can pursue teaching profiles in primary and secondary schools.

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Postgraduate Diploma Courses After BA

Diploma courses after Graduation are yet another great option for those wanting to study short-term courses after BA. It is a full-time postgraduate course running for a period of 6-12 months and is considered equivalent to MA degree programs because it imparts sufficient knowledge and skills in your chosen field but within a shorter duration. The major advantage of opting for a postgraduate diploma is that you can explore a diverse range of fields in a shorter duration. Some of the major disciplines you can choose from are:

Also, We have listed down the best colleges and institutions offering postgraduate diploma programs for students looking for courses after BA:

Designing & Fine Arts Courses After BA

If you are more inclined towards artistic endeavours, there are different specialized design and Fine Arts courses available for BA graduates that you must consider. From MDes to Master of Fine Arts (MFA), a multitude of specializations is offered under these degree programs which are frequently chosen amongst courses after BA. These programmes are perfect for those wanting to delve deeper into a certain field of Arts and Design and gain expertise in the same. Some of the prominent specialisation offered under master’s level design programmes are:

Law Courses After BA

Bachelor of Law or LLB is a very popular choice amongst those who want to pursue courses after BA. Running for a period of 3 years, the program imparts extensive knowledge on topics like Jurisprudence, Environmental Law, Arbitration, Law of Insurance, Consumer Protection Act, etc. Upon completing the course, you can either pursue LLM, start your practice after registering yourself with the respective councils or work in government or private sectors.

Careers After BA

What to do after BA? What are the careers after BA? These are some common questions arising in the minds of fresh BA graduates. Here is a list of popular careers and jobs that can be helpful:

High-Paying Jobs after BA

A Bachelor of Arts is filled with immense career scope and numerous opportunities across the public and private sectors. Here is a list of the best high-paying jobs after BA:

Government Jobs After BA

The government sector is another best employment sector for those looking for a career after BA. There are various job openings in Civil Services, Defence Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Railways and other administrative departments for you to explore after BA. Here are the major government exams you can appear for after completing a BA to land a promising government job:

  • Civil Services
  • Indian Railways (RRB exams)
  • SSC exams
  • Banking Exams, IPCC, SBI PO
  • Defence Services like the Indian Army 
  • CDS (Civil Defence Services)
  • Indian Airforce (AFCAT)
  • State Public Services 
  • Indian Foreign Services

The basic pay range for these government tests after a BA is between INR 60,000 and INR 80,000 per month besides allowances depending on the job and individual government exam.


What course should I take after my BA?

Completing your Bachelor of Arts degree, you can choose from diverse fields of study depending upon where your interests lie. Mainly, BA graduates opt for PG diplomas or MA programmes in a specialisation that they aim to delve deeper into. Also, diploma programmes are a great choice for those wanting to explore a field and earn the skills and knowledge to steer towards a career in the same. Some of the popular specializations for PG diplomas are Management, Digital Marketing, Computer Technology, Filmmaking, Media and Journalism, Photography, Human Resources, and Hospitality Management, amongst others.

What can I do after my BA?

There is an array of opportunities you can explore after your BA. Many graduates appear for civil services examinations or explore job prospects while others opt for professional courses such as MBA, postgraduate diplomas, etc. If you are aiming for a career in academia, then you can pursue an MA in your chosen specialisation and prepare for teaching entrance exams.

Can we do an MBA after a BA?

Yes, an MBA can be opted for by arts, commerce and science stream graduates. After completing a BA, you can choose from many specializations under this degree such as an MBA in Interior design, an MBA in Airport Management, MBA in Entrepreneurship, amongst others.

What are the courses after BA English hons?

Some of the most popular courses after BA English hons are journalism, digital marketing, advertising, public relations and law.

What are my options in courses after the BA program?

Students pursue an MA in the same field or change their steam to law, journalism, digital marketing and even an MBA.

What are my master’s courses after my BA in Economics?

MA in Finance or CFA are the prominent courses after BA in Economics.

Is MA Geography the only option as Courses after BA Geography?

No, Students can pursue different courses as well. Students are eligible for law, communication, and marketing courses as well.

Can I consider an MBA as one of the Courses after a BA in political science?

Yes, you are eligible to pursue an MBA.

What is better any courses after BA psychology or job?

Everything has its own pros and cons, If you are looking to do both then opt for online courses.

Studying a specialized course after graduation can help you delve deeper into a specific field along with offering you a plethora of career opportunities. Thus, we hope that this article on courses after BA helped you in gathering information about postgraduate programs you can pursue after graduating with an Arts degree. If you’re looking to pursue higher education after your BA and need assistance, Leverage Edu experts can help you choose a suitable course with our innovative AI Course Finder that can assist you in advancing in your dream career. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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  1. I have completed my B.A and I am planning to do product design for my master’s degree. Can you please guide me further?

  2. i have completed my BA with hindi english with commercial art and physical education practical subject what post graduate diploma course could i do now … for better career

    1. Hi Anjali!

      Please connect with our experts at 1800572000 and get all the guidance you need! Thank you

    1. Hi Shruthi,
      We are so delighted by the fact that more and more students in India are now learning the importance of higher education and masters degrees to excel in their fields of study and career. Some of the most common and popular masters courses/degrees after BA Economics are mentioned below:
      MA Economics or MSc in Economics:
      Masters in International Economics:
      MBA Economics:
      MBA in Finance:

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  5. Good explanation……i have completed my BA and planning MBA ….but I’m not write entrence exam so I how join MBA

  1. I have completed my B.A and I am planning to do product design for my master’s degree. Can you please guide me further?

  2. i have completed my BA with hindi english with commercial art and physical education practical subject what post graduate diploma course could i do now … for better career

    1. Hi Anjali!

      Please connect with our experts at 1800572000 and get all the guidance you need! Thank you