Film Editing Courses

Film Editing Courses

“For a writer, it’s a word. For a musician, it’s a note. For a filmmaker or an editor, it’s the frames. The one frame off. Or two frames added, or two frames’s the difference between a sour note and a sweet note. It’s a difference between clunky clumsy crap and orgasmic rhythm” – Quentin Tarantino on Film Editing. A good film is remembered for its amazing direction and editing that essentially bring together its narrative. Have you ever watched a movie and felt connected with each scene? That’s the invisible magic of film editing. Editing is a crucial part of the filmmaking process as it binds the hard work and dedication of countless months into a seamless 2-3 hour film. An incredibly executed editing process comprises of clarity, institution, and the vision of how the characters will portray their emotions and how it’s gonna connect with the audience. If you are someone who has this creative and emotional instinct and the ability to mould a series of shots into a compelling full-fledged film, then a career in Film Editing is a perfect one to pursue. Gaining professional qualifications and experience is important to reach that goal and pursuing film editing courses can help you understand the nuisances of this art. If you are looking for suitable film editing courses, here is an insightful blog which will walk you through various aspects of filmmaking and how editing is an essential part of the process as well as the list of top colleges offering quality programs in Film Editing across the globe.


The whole process of making a film from scratch entails a lot of passion in order to establish a connection with the audience through its creative expression of storytelling. This creative expression is film editing. This aspect of filmmaking covers the whole process of re-arrangement and modification of the film. Film and video editors manipulate images and videos with the purpose of entertainment or providing information to the audience. Editors take the video footage from the camera person and organise it into a final product. With Filmmaking evolving as a full-fledged career, there are ample career opportunities to explore in this field spanning across the sub-fields of Script Writing, Direction, Cinematography and Film Editing.

Amongst one of the most popularly chosen fields in Filmmaking, Film Editing is a lucrative career field that demands storytellers with an innate understanding camera techniques as well as editing software application. There is a wide range of Film Editing courses offered across the globe for those wanting to learn this subtle art of visual storytelling. These programs teach students about the skills required to become a Film Editor including an aesthetic sense of colour schemes and a curiosity to tell stories in the most compelling and exciting manner.

Subjects Covered

Film Editing as a career is a combination of personal creativity and technical skills. Studying Film Editing courses, you will get to learn about various software applications and concepts that are incremental to becoming a good editor. Below mentioned are the major concepts that are generally taught in Film Editing courses:

Principles of Editing

There are certain principles of Editing that every good film editor needs to keep in mind. Pursuing Film Editing courses, you will get to learn about a wide range of editing techniques such as contrast, parallelism, symbolism, simultaneity, amongst others. Generally, these courses will incorporate screenings and discussions of renowned films to help students understand how film editing is carried out in different types of films and stories.


Ellipsis is one of the most basic and essential film editing devices. It concerns the omission of a section of the story that is either obvious enough for the audience or concealed for a narrative purpose. This technique is most commonly used to show mystery or suspension. Film editing courses provides students with an in-depth understanding of Ellipsis and its usage and how it can be implemented in different genres, be it thrillers or horror films.

Cuts and Actions 

Cuts and actions are two most important factors of editing that are utilised to structure a film. Film Editing courses provides students with various editing techniques of facilitating cuts, transitions, and actions. Parallel editing is one of the most important aspects of cuts and actions. Moreover, students get to learn about the techniques of alternating two or more scenes happening simultaneously in different locations or changing the shots and sequences and putting them together to build a coherent narrative. 

Major Film Editing Courses

There is a plethora of Film Editing courses provided across the globe for those passionate about this technical-cum-creative aspect of Filmmaking. Below we have mentioned some of the popular degree, diploma, and online courses in Film Editing that you can choose from:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production
  • Bachelor of Film and Television Technology
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Film Editing
  • Diploma in Visual Arts
  • Diploma in Digital Video Editing
  • Diploma in Animation and VFX
  • Certificate course in Editing Technology 
  • Certificate Courses in Visual Effects Editing 
  • Certificate Courses in Colour Correction and Sound 

Top International Universities Offering Film Editing Courses

Several prestigious universities and colleges around the globe offer quality Film Editing courses. that provide students with the technical knowledge of Editing along with ample exposure into the industry with plentiful internship and curriculum projects. Here is a list of major universities and colleges that are renowned for their programs in Film Editing:

  • Chapman University
  • University of North Carolina School of Arts 
  • Stanford University
  • University of Michigan
  • Los Angeles Film School
  • University of California
  • Pratt Institute
  • Colorado Film School
  • University of Texas
  • New York Film Academy
  • San Francisco State University
  • Columbia University
  • Boston University

Thus, Film Editing is one of the most creative and highly rewarding career fields. We hope that this blog helped you understand the aspects of Film Editing courses as well as their variants offered around the world. If you’re looking to pursue Filmmaking or Editing courses, you can always get in touch our Leverage Edu experts will guide you in choosing the right combination of program and university to help you start a blockbuster career in Cinema.

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