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BEd Syllabus

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is a 3 to 4-year professional degree program which aims at enhancing competencies and skills required by a teacher through on-campus and field learning. The well-structured and diverse BEd Syllabus builds a strong foundation in areas like Primary Learning, Adult Education, Child Development and Pedagogy, Special Education, and creating gender-inclusive classrooms. Those who wish to build a career in the field of Teaching can pursue an MEd/MA in Education or enrol in some Special Education courses after graduation. The students without a background in this discipline can take up short-term courses like  Diploma in Education program. With the advent of new-age technologies like internet-based learning and online classroom programs, conventional teaching and learning techniques have evolved. Thus, to adapt to the changes, the BEd syllabus has been redesigned and moulded as per the current scenarios. Through this blog, we will familiarise you with the specialization courses in Education, the BEd syllabus, what it entails, and what can you expect from the course.

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Why Pursue Specialisation Courses in Education?

The BEd syllabus is divided broadly into classroom courses and practical learning. While the former focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of important concepts related to Education, Teaching, Pedagogy, and Curriculum, the latter offers students an opportunity to specialize in a particular field of interest. These specializations when complemented with research projects and practical or school training help an individual groom into a quality professional who has a stronghold on technical concepts and overarching understanding of education. Given below are some of the specialization courses offered at universities.

  • Primary Education
  • Student Psychology and Counseling
  • Special Education
  • Technical and Vocational Education
  • Adult Education
  • Administration
  • Early Child Education and Development
  • Elementary Education

What are the Subjects Covered in BEd Syllabus?

Have you ever thought about how many subjects are there in BEd? Or what is taught in BEd? The BEd syllabus is premised on three basic fundamentals, perspectives in education; pedagogic Studies; and field practicum. Apart from primary and adult learning,  the BEd Syllabus incorporates and imparts knowledge in historical and philosophical background, environmental education, child psychology, and value education. To promote development on a holistic level, the BEd syllabus also mandates school engagement or internships throughout the course. Below is a breakdown of a few of the important subjects covered throughout the duration of course. 

BEd Syllabus: Childhood and Growing Up

  • Learning as a Developing Individual
  • Development and Learning; 
  • Understanding Childhood in Socio-Cultural Perspectives; 
  • Adolescence: Issues and Concerns; 
  • Stages of Child Development; Implications for Teachers

BEd Syllabus: Language Across Curriculum

  • Language Background of students 
  • Nature of Classroom Discourse
  • Informational Reading and Writing

BEd Syllabus: Understanding ICT and Applications

  • Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
  • ICT and Pedagogy
  • ICT for Assessment and Management
  • Primary School Engagement
  • Pedagogy of School Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, etc. 

BEd Syllabus: Learning and Teaching

  • Understanding the Learner
  • Understanding Learning
  • Learning from a Constructivist Perspective
  • Understanding Teaching
  • Teaching as a Profession
  • Pedagogy of School Subjects like English, Mathematics, Physical Science, etc. 

BEd Syllabus: Knowledge and Curriculum:

  • Forms of Knowledge and its Organization in Schools
  • Curriculum Determinants and Considerations
  • Curriculum Development at School Level
  • Curriculum Implementation and Renewal

BEd Syllabus: Assessment for Learning

  • Overview of Assessment and Evaluation
  • Context of Assessment
  • The Procedure of Assessment 
  • Data Analysis, Feedback, and Reporting
  • Issues and Directions Regarding Examination Reforms

Other Topics Covered in BEd Syllabus

  • Gender, School and Society: Gender Issues; Creating Gender-inclusive Classrooms.
  • Arts in Education: Visual Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts, etc.
  • Introduction to Understanding the Self: Professional Self and Ethics, Role of Teacher in Development, etc.
  • Creating an Inclusive School: Understanding Inclusion in Education, Understanding Diversity, Addressing Learner’s Diversity.  
  • Reading and Reflecting on Texts
  • Health, Yoga and Physical Education

Practical Sessions

  • Practical: Primary School Engagement 
  • Practical: Community Living Camp
  • Field Engagement

Bed First Year Syllabus

Here are the topics covered in BEd first year programme in India-

Semester 1 Semester 2
Childhood And Growing Up Assessment for Learning
Critical Understanding of ICT Creating An Inclusive School
Department of Elective 1 Department of Elective 3
Department of Elective 2 Department of Elective 4
Drama And Art In Education Department of Elective 5
Gender School And Society Department of Elective 6
Learning And Teaching Internship
Learning And Teaching- Practical Language Across the curriculum

Bed Second Year Syllabus

Topics covered in the second year of BEd programme in India are listed below-

Semester III Semester IV
Department of Elective 5 Contemporary India And Education
Department of Elective 6 Current Affairs
Learning Resource Project Department of Elective 7
Service Learning Knowledge And Curriculum
Field Internship Reasoning Ability
Understanding Disciplines And Subjects
Understanding the Self
Workshop on Life Skills
Workshop on School Management

BEd Eligibility

  • All candidates must have completed their graduation in any stream ( Arts, Science or Commerce) in order to be eligible for B.Ed admissions. The minimum marks requirement for the courses is 50 to 55% in bachelors level.
  • Candidates who belong to arts/commerce/science can choose their specialisation based on their bachelor programmes.
  • For B.Ed admissions in a majority of colleges, there is no age bar. 

BEd Entrance Exams

Here the important BEd entrance exams that all students should appear for in order to take admission in BEd courses-

Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU] BEd Entrance Test
Delhi University [DU] BEd Entrance Test
Jamia Millia Islamia [JMI] BEd Entrance Test
Banaras Hindu University [BHU] BEd Entrance Test
Tata Institute of Social Sciences [TISS] BEd-MEd Entrance Test
St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata BEd Admission
Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
Calcutta University [CU] BEd Entrance Test

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Jobs after BEd

Moving on from the BEd Syllabus, let’s explore the job opportunities after BEd. A BEd is a gateway to teaching at the school level in India. Candidates who possess BEd degrees are qualified to teach as Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) or Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT). A BEd is also a gateway to further education like pursuing an MEd or Masters/PhD in your area of specialisation. All those who have finished their programmes can find employment in both the private and public sector as educators and teachers. Here are some job profiles that BEd graduates can explore- 

  • Trained Graduate Teacher
  • Post Graduate Teacher
  • Researcher 
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Author
  • Content Writer
  • Private Tutor 
  • Principal
  • Educational Counsellor
  • School Administrator

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Thus, the BEd syllabus covers all areas pertinent to a child’s overall growth and development. Finding the right specialization course is instrumental in building a successful career in education. To pursue a career in education, one must carefully review and assess the different programs on offer. Take the help of Leverage Edu‘s AI tool to browse through a plethora of courses and universities and find the right combination that suits your interests and career aspirations.

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