Masters of Nursing in Australia: Universities, Admissions, Fees

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Masters of Nursing in Australia: MSc Nursing in Australia Universities, Fees, Scholarships, Requirements

Australia is home to excellent education, comprising great courses in a number of disciplines. Nursing is one of them. Masters of Nursing in Australia sets a directed path for you towards the future you envision. The country provides well-balanced financial resources and research opportunities for a master’s degree in nursing. The degree is usually 1-2 years long.  Let’s learn more about the Masters of Nursing in Australia, including the universities, fees, scholarships, and other requirements, in this blog. 

Why Study Masters of Nursing in Australia?

How is it beneficial to study nursing at a master’s level in Australia?

  1. Top Ranking Universities

In the QS Ranking, some of the universities of Australia have been ranked in the top 50, for nursing courses and programs. 

This attracts students, as the mark of reliability and credibility is attached to these universities. 

  1. Option of Online Studies 

Universities in Australia also provide the teachings of Nursing courses via online mode. Online masters of nursing are not uncommon in Australia. This allows students to get better access to nursing education in Australia. 

  1. Parallel Job Opportunities

For postgraduate students, lucrative job opportunities are available while they are pursuing their master’s. This automatically welcomes the students with a journey of choices. 

  1. Well-paid Jobs

Once you complete the study of nursing education, it’s time to grab those job offers and start earning. Fortunately, there are some great packages that Australia offers for various positions in the field. For example, a registered nurse in Australia can earn an average of AUD 65,000 (INR 34 lakh), annually. Moreover, a student with a Masters of Nursing degree can earn up to AUD 94,800 (INR 50 lakh) per year. 

  1. Scholarships 

Along with job opportunities, Australia provides a number of scholarships to its students as well. You might want to study nursing in Australia once you get to know that international students are provided with more than AUD 200 million (INR 105 crore) in scholarships, each year. 

Requirements to Study Masters of Nursing in Australia

The requirements to study Master of nursing in Australia are constituted of the eligibility criteria and requirements of selected documents. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in nursing or a similar relevant qualification.
  2. Prior professional experience
  3. Qualify for the Interview, if conducted by some universities
  4. English Language Proficiency to the likes of IELTS (6.5 and above), TOEFL (78 or more), or Duolingo 
  5. Statement of Purpose 
  6. Letters of recommendation
  7. Student Visa

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Application Process 

It varies from university to university to get admission to the master of nursing in Australia. One fortunate availability is the presence of help from Leverage Edu. You can avail of our services, and we can guide you, step by step, to enroll in a university of your choice. 

Here’s an easy 5-step process to complete your application process for pursuing a master’s of nursing in Australia:

  1. Call our experts on 1800 572 000 to shortlist your favorite universities and courses. Start your application to multiple universities through our one-dashboard platform
  2. Compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates, and LORs and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc
  3. Meet all the application deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, students visa, and scholarships/student loans
  4. Accept the offer letter and meet your teachers, college mates, and roommates virtually
  5. Get your visa approved and fly to your dream university.

Documents Required

These are the documents required for your application to Master of Nursing courses in Australia:

Top Masters of Nursing Universities in Australia

These are some of the best universities when it comes to studying master of nursing programs. 

UniversitiesQS Ranking 2023
The University of Melbourne33
RMIT University190
University of Adelaide109
Victoria University275
University of Sydney41
Monash University57
The University of Queensland50
Deakin University266
Western Sydney University501-510
University of Tasmania293

What are some of the popular courses in relation to the master of nursing, in Australia? We have tabulated the same below. 

Name of the Course Name of the University Fees 
Master of NursingThe University of SydneyAU$90,000 (INR 47.5 lakh)
Master of Mental Health NursingThe University of QueenslandAU$50,064 (INR 26.5 lakh)
Master of Nursing ScienceThe University of MelbourneAU$69,440 (INR 37 lakh)
Master of Nursing PracticeCurtin UniversityAU$66,400 (INR 35 lakh)
Master of Nursing (Professional Studies)Western Sydney UniversityAU$62,560 (INR 33 lakh)

Average Tuition Fees

On average, the tuition fees for studying master of nursing are as follows 

Average Tuition Fees AUD 30000 to AUD 40000 per year (INR 15.8 lakh to 16.8 lakh)


We have put together information regarding scholarships provided to international students. Check out the table below. 

Name of ScholarshipName of UniversityScholarship Amount 
Hannah Barry Memorial AwardUniversity of MelbourneAUD 1,400 (INR 74K)
Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipDeakin University100% or 50% of tuition fees
International House Entrance ScholarshipUniversity of SydneyUp to AUD 10,000 (INR 5 lakh)
Monash International Merit Scholarship
Monash University
Up to AUD 50,000 (INR 26.5 lakh)
International Excellence Scholarship (India)University of New Castle
AUD 5,000 – AUD 15,000 (INR 2.6 lakh – 8 lakh) 

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Jobs and Salary 

As mentioned, Australia provides a great number of job opportunities and monetary compensation to students who have completed a master’s of nursing program. Let’s look at a list, drawn from the information provided, below: 

Job PositionsAverage Annual Salary (AUD)Average Annual Salary (INR)
Nursing Services Instructor81,90043 lakh
Acute Care Nurse76,80040 lakh
Head Nurse78,30041 lakh
Occupational Therapist117,00062 lakh
Critical Care Nurse78,80041.6 lakh


Q. Which master of nursing is best in Australia?

Ans: The master of Nursing from The University of Sydney is one of the best nursing programs in Australia. 

Q. What is Master of Nursing Graduate Entry Australia?

If you want to be eligible for registration as a nurse, you have to complete the Master of Nursing Practice. It is a two-year graduate entry degree in Australia. You will subsequently be registered as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Q. What is the average cost of studying Master in Nursing in Australia?

The average cost of studying Master in Nursing in Australia is AUD 30000 to AUD 40000 per year (INR 15.8 lakh to 16.8 lakhs).

This was all about the Masters of Nursing in Australia! You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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