Different Learning Methods

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Different Learning Methods

It is quite an agreeable fact that we all felt envious of the class topper and their consistency in remaining at the zenith after every academic session. As a student, most of us struggle with understanding varied disciplines, be it the complicated mathematical and scientific formulae or theoretical definitions. Every student in the class prospers on their own unique pace. As the world has witnessed the phenomena of technology changing the face of education, there are varied learning approaches that have emerged to help students at every stage of their academic journey augment their knowledge in an interactive manner. Rather than segregating the ones those who struggle with the simple and mundane methods of learning, the better way to make this process fun is to embrace these learning approaches. If you value the importance of education in life and want to discover about some of the unique ways to make your studying schedules fun and productive, here is a blog that brings you the different learning methods and how they can efficiently help you soar through your quest towards knowledge.

Visual Learning

Visual Learning is a suitable methodology used for those who are often regarded as “late bloomers” as such individuals somehow find it difficult to read and even write, at times. As indicated by the name, this technique utilises the use of images or visual cues to facilitate the process of learning. Out of all the different learning methods, this one employs several approaches, be it pictures, videos, puppetry, diagrams, maps, graphs, infographics etc. Further, taking the visual method, you can kickstart your learning journey with the wings of your imagination and augment your knowledge. 

Example: Taking the visual route, if you find it difficult to understand a topic, you can watch a video clip or movie based on it which will help you comprehend it in a better way.

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Verbal Learning

Many people boast that they can listen to something once and remember it for years. The verbal approach to learning is widely used in the current education system in India and is excellent for those who are good at remembering things they listen, read or write. It is one of the popular learning methods and involves the process of acquiring knowledge about new things through ordinary verbal instructions. Especially for those working on theoretical knowledge, verbal learning takes approaches like rewriting and rereading your notes, summarizing your notes, incorporating key phrases which will make you learn things in a better way. 

For Example:  Out of all the different learning methods, students comfortable with this one can efficiently remember concepts by repeating them consistently and writing them down.

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Auditory Learning

Increasing implemented at the stage of elementary education, this is one of the classical learning methods that use an aural approach to remember something. There are some people who have a unique tendency to recall sounds and they are the perfect ones to utilise the Auditory approach. Generally, this methodology is not frequently used at academic institutions. However, it is often seen that musicians tend to have an inclination towards learning things through this medium. Memorising things by singing or turning them into songs is one of the common way of using auditory learning. Further, you can swap the lyrics of your favourite songs with concepts that you have learned and you will be able to remember them for a longer time.

For Example: An Audial learner can relate different concepts with sounds and learn them in a creative manner.

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Kinesthetics (Physical)

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Making use of physical movements to remember something is mainly termed as the Kinesthetic approach to learning. One can create creatures, gestures or shapes with their hands so that they can retain whatever that has been taught. As one of the uniquely different learning methods emerging in the modern education system, it is beneficial for those who are uncomfortable with writing. Hence, physical activities help them memorise things by incorporating the physical world in the learning process. Some of the key methods used in this approach include the involvement of physical world around learners, working with 3d models, amongst others.

For Example: Memorising a concept by using hand gestures or drawing diagrams to retain concepts.

Logical Learning

Mugging up concepts without comprehending what they actually mean is a wrong way to remembering something. Amongst the different learning methods, the logical approach takes a rational look at the topic and strives to analyse it deeply. It focuses on understanding the core concepts behind it wherein a student can jot down the notes and thus finding a way to simplify the rigorous study material. This method can be used as a helpful approach by those appearing for competitive exams as it can assist them in building an effective strategy to practice different sections.

Hence, we hope that these different learning methods help you find an interesting way to boost your knowledge. At Leverage Edu, we believe that every student should acquire quality education that can pave their path to a successful career. This is why, our team of experienced counsellors are always available to support every aspirant at every step of their academic and professional journey. So, if you are struggling with career choice, sign up for a free 30-minute counselling session with us and we’ll guide you in making an informed decision towards a rewarding career.

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