What to do with an MFA Degree?

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MFA Degree

Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) counts as a reputable degree in the field of Fine Arts. Offering tons of specializations, MFA degree can be your go-to option if you are willing to take your designing skills to a level up. MFA degree can give your career in Arts stream a great push. The course is usually 1 to 2 year long in duration and is perfect to polish your existing skills to the advanced level. So are you are ready to spill your creativity on the world? Let’s explore what it takes to earn a Masters of Fine Arts degree!

What Can You Do with an MFA Degree? 

The career scope after an MFA degree is immense but it totally depends upon the specialisation that you have chosen. Since designing is a broad field, some of its specialisations are prominent and others are still finding their way to the mainstream industry. Often graduates with MFA degree, tend to practice on their own, however, mention below are some common job profiles stating what to do with an MFA degree-

Commercial Artist 

Being a commercial artist you can work on your own, get associated with an agency or can be fully employed in an organisation to design or create either graphics or art consignments. 

Graphic Designer

The work of a graphic designer is to creatively design or assemble pictures to make out an alluring design. You can choose to work with advertising agencies, electronic or print media, etc. 

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Art Director 

With an MFA degree in Set and Art Design, you can opt to work as a set or art designer for a film production house. You can even explore the option of working as a set designer with theatres on media houses. 


If you have chosen animations as your specialisation in MFA course, you will be entitled to working as an animator. You can get associated with an organisation and can design cartoons, caricatures or graphics as per their choice. Media houses, production houses as well as advertising agencies are often in search of Animators.

Now that you have a broad understanding of what to do with an MFA degree, let us emphasize on particular specialisation and analyse what all career options fo they entail. 

MFA Degree Specializations and Career Options

As you know that there are tonnes of sub-fields or specializations available under the MFA degree programme, you will be eligible for pursuing a career in the chosen field. Mentioned below are the popular fields along with suitable options for what to do with an MFA degree. 

Master of Fine Arts: Painting and Drawing 

It is one of the most commonly pursued fields under fine arts. If you choose to pursue this specialization, you will be thoroughly equipped with all the detailing involved in creating those jaw-dropping pieces of work worth crores! Popular job profiles available in this field are-

  • Artist
  • Instructor or Teacher
  • Independent Curator

Master of Fine Arts: Sculpture Making 

The art of sculpting refers to the process of creating 3-D objects using hard wooden or plastic materials. During your MFA course in this field, you may also learn to carve POP based sculptures. Your answer for what to do with an MFA degree in this field are-

  • Sculpturist 
  • Sculpting Instructor 
  • Sculpture Designer 

Master of Fine Arts: Ceramic Designing

This field is an ideal option for those who are fascinated by those meticulously designed show pieces. If you believe that you can mould some clay into beautiful objects or show pieces, then, you can easily go for seeking a professional degree in ceramic designing. The creation of sculptures or decorative objects by pottering or firing clay refers to ceramic designing. Have a look at famous career options after it-

  • Ceramic Designer 
  • Ceramic Designing Instructor 

Master of Fine Arts: Performing Arts

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Performing arts refers to the use of body, objects or voice to convey feelings and expressions. Usually, those who want establish a career in singing, dancing, mimicry opt for attaining professional skills through MFA in Performing Arts course. As per the genre of your interest, you can select the industry. Mainly, the profiles in answer to what to do with an MFA degree are-

  • Dancer 
  • Classical Dancer 
  • Singer 
  • Comedian 
  • Mime Artist 
  • Theatre Artist 

Thus, we hope that through this blog, you now have an idea for what all you can do with an MFA degree. Do you want to know more about the scope of career opportunities in your chosen field of specialisation for MFA course, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and they will guide you the best. Hurry Up! Book an e-meeting now. 

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