These high-paying engineering jobs abroad can make you rich!

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High-Paying Engineering Jobs

There is no denying that most engineering graduates wish for a job that pays well. This is not at all surprising as anyone would want a well-paying career after investing so much time and finances into their education. However, this may not always turn out to be a cakewalk. Hence, we have jotted down a few high-paying engineering jobs that students can opt for after they complete their abroad education. 

Data Engineering

Salary: USD 93,637 (INR 75 lakhs approx.)

There is little doubt in the fact that big data has been changing the way we do business and further creating a need for data engineers. It is a great source of information that organisations can manipulate for business decisions and development. But who are data engineers and what is their role in this process? Below are a few duties that data engineers fulfil. 

Extremely sought-after in today’s data-driven world, these engineers can create all that data analytics infrastructure needed for data management, very crucial for a booming business. These engineers build systems that collect, manage and convert raw data into useful information later interpreted by data analysts. These analysts then provide insights needed in business decisions and development. 

Most importantly, this field is highly lucrative, pays well and is in great demand!

Security Engineer

Salary: USD 75,379 (INR 59.68 lakhs approx)

Who doesn’t dread getting hacked? But don’t worry when cybersecurity experts are looking after your security systems and preventing data leaks. Just like other fellow engineers, cybersecurity engineers develop technological infrastructure that keeps computer architecture safe. Following are some of the duties that security engineers carry out. 

The main function that a security engineer carries out within an organization is to develop and enforce security plans as well as maintain security standards. Most of this work is supposed to be proactive, meaning cybersecurity experts have to spend most of their time anticipating network vulnerabilities and also figuring out a way to deal with them. But at the end of the day what matter is that a career in cybersecurity can yield to be a high-paying job. 

Software Engineer

Salary: USD 93,868 (INR 74.32 lakhs approx)

Love love love technology? Software engineers are like the creators or maybe gods of computer and mobile software. They can also programme games and build robots! 

Software engineering, a branch of computer science, deals with the development, design, and maintenance of software applications. These engineers apply engineering and programming knowledge to build software solutions for end users of applications like us.

Automation Engineer

Salary: USD 97,041 (INR 76.83 lakhs approx)

We love an automated world. Likewise, automation engineers love minimising human interference for you to sit back and relax while computer algorithms are at work. Following are some of the responsibilities carried out by automation engineers.

These engineers improve the efficiency of different manufacturing and computer processes by automating certain parts of the system. Apart from designing entirely new technology to automate a system, automation engineers can convert existing technology into one that needs less human interaction. Moreover, they monitor the performance of the changes they make. 

Who doesn’t want a return of investment after completing their engineering? We hope this blog provided helpful information on jobs in engineering that pay well. You can also contact our experts at Leverage Edu who will assist you in all your study abroad endeavour. To get a free consultation from us call us at 1800 572 000 now!

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