MBA after BA English

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MBA after BA English

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognized program designed for developing skills in Business and Management sectors. MBA is one of the most popular professional degrees in the world. MBA holds immense value in all professional sectors and is not just limited to the business sector. It can be helpful in varied sectors, both private and public. Hence, doing an MBA after BA English is a smart choice. Read this blog to know about MBA after BA English, best branches to pursue MBA, top business schools and career scope you can avail!

One of the most popular undergraduate degrees worldwide is the bachelor of arts. Many business and public sectors are hiring BA graduates. industries include social work, civil services, event planning, BPOs, journalism & mass communication, and more. Yet, many students today enrol in postgraduate programmes, with the MBA being one of the most popular, in order to advance their careers and increase their earning potential.

For BA graduates who want to pursue a career in business administration and management, an MBA is one of the most practical possibilities. It serves as a stepping stone to C-suite positions at big businesses and a resource for aspiring business owners. A top B-School MBA can help people enter certain extremely competitive business areas and earn lucrative wages and benefits.

An MBA after a BA can be a fantastic decision if you want to picture yourself in a managerial position in a top company or if you want to establish your own business. This article discusses the advantages of earning an MBA after earning a BA, the best MBA colleges, employment opportunities, and more.

Benefits of MBA after BA English

Here are the top reasons why you should opt for MBA after BA English:

Career Advancement
There always comes a point in our career when one feels the need to up our professional acumen and adding management skills to our repertoire is a smart way of doing so. A degree in MBA can always add management, business, and leadership skills to your career.

Explore different Industries and Areas
An MBA can open your options of exploring different industries and areas. A degree in MBA after BA English can help you screen different sectors by learning Strategies and Industrial Research. You can analyze your fitting for other roles in different sectors.

A decent MBA program can offer greater stability over money. Industries like Business and Management are looking for top-ranked MBA professionals providing higher salaries.

Meet New People
Doing an MBA can give you the opportunity of connecting to different people from varied backgrounds. You can connect with a lot of people from businesses and other industries at events, conferences, and business meetings.

Benefits of English Major in MBA Application

How can your English Major be an asset to your MBA application? An English major undergraduate degree benefits a student in various ways while applying for jobs, and working with organizations but have you ever thought that it can also be an asset in your MBA application and further in your venture of MBA studies? The skills of writing, speaking and listening always help communicate better compared to others. Analyzing and synthesizing content is a skill that will also come in handy and all these qualities are learned and refined by a good quality undergraduate education. These studies are very useful and valuable at business school when leading a team project and cracking case studies.

Communication Driven

Liberal arts like English encourage students to develop persuasive critiques and learn about literature, culture and history and it opens a world of advantage for the students from this field since they have a better and wider understanding of the world which will also help in better decision making on their part.

Exams like GMAT

Verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections are easier for students from English majors background since they go through a systematic and progressive study of literature which helps. They are also constantly reading, and writing and can do these activities with clarity and focus using textual evidence in support of their argument. All this gives them an edge over other people in GMAT.

Diverse Classrooms

In recent years humanities, graduates have increased in number in business classrooms and admissions counsellors are interested in creating the most diverse classroom environment possible. It helps the growth of the students which won’t happen if all of them are from the same background. Dee Leopold, former director of admission at Harvard Business School noted that Harvard’s case method benefits from different perspectives. She says about humanities students – “They’re used to managing ambiguity. They have the ability to think broadly, an ability to take a stand, and yet know there are other approaches.” So this shows that your English major background may help more than you think.

Essay for MBA

Being an English major one thing is sure you are well versed in the language and hence you can work to keep your essay organized, focused and consistent narrative your passion and uniqueness will help you add a panache to your essay when you are applying for MBA. Your essay will probably be much stronger than the average person’s.   

Branches and MBA Courses After BA English

Having a specialization in a particular field is important. Pursuing an MBA can help you curate your mind and skills. English graduates can easily pursue an MBA. Communication is a big plus coming from an English background. Pursuing an MBA after BA in English can add a management advantage to your career. It entirely depends on your interests for finding the best branch for MBA after BA in English. Here are the top and in-demand MBA branches after BA English:

Eligibility Criteria  

Here are some of the general eligibility requirements for pursuing an MBA after a BA in English:

  • Academic Qualifications: Candidates who are willing to pursue an MBA after BA in English are required to qualify for their graduation from a recognized university. Candidates from open and distance education universities can also apply to some of the MBA universities abroad, they have to provide special transcripts approved by universities to get admission.
  • GMAT/GRE: Candidates who wish to pursue an MBA after BA in English abroad are required to provide GMAT or GRE scores. These tests comprise language and mathematical sections to measure your aptitude and critical thinking. These tests are used as criteria for getting admission into MBA programs.
  • English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc. along with an SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LORs (Letters of Recommendation) if you are planning to study your MBA abroad.
  • Work Experience: For getting admission to business and management schools, having certain work experience is one of the most important factors. Most business schools require some amount of work experience.

Top colleges for MBA after BA English

Here are the top MBA colleges and universities in the world as per QS Rankings 2022

Top UniversitiesQS Global MBA Rankings 2022
Stanford Graduate School of Business1
Penn (Wharton)=2
MIT (Sloan)5
Harvard Business School=2
HEC Paris4
London Business School6
Columbia Business School9
IE Business School=7
UC Berkeley (Haas)11

Take a look at some of the top business schools for an MBA after a BA in English:

Harvard Graduate School of Business
Harvard is the highest-ranked University in the world, providing high-quality education in business and management disciplines. With its first MBA course commencing in 1905, Harvard is considered the pioneer in the MBA. Harvard is the world’s second most popular university for producing entrepreneurs and notable alumni. 

HEC Paris, France
An International school situated in France, the university offers flagship programs in various courses. HEC is best known for Business and Management programs specialising in MBA, MA, and executive MBA programs. The university holds a special rank in having the highest rate of international students.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
The university is situated in the US and is one of the top-ranked universities in the US. Known for numerous alumni in the technology sector, the university ranks fourth worldwide. Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the leading universities for entrepreneurship.

London Business School, UK
London Business School stands in the top 10 ranked universities in the world for Business and Management courses. London Business School is considered to be one of the best business schools in the world. 

Columbia Business School
The university is situated in New York, the global hub for business. Columbia Business School offers various courses in Business and Management disciplines. 


Which MBA is best after BA English?

Marketing, HR or management would work well for you with your background of Bachelors in English and literature. Read more about which branch you could choose in detail here.  

Which MBA is best after BA?

There are various branches which you can join after BA and you can read more about it here.

Can I do MBA after BA in language?

Yes, you can do an MBA after a BA in language.

Which course is best after BA in English?

Most students go for MA English or MBBS after BA English. You can also choose to do something different if you so wish.

Is BA English a good degree?

Yes, BA English is a good degree and we explained above how it can help even if you want to do MBBS. A background in literature makes your applications stronger.

Is BA English a good course?

If you are interested in literature and like to read novels and stories then BA English can be a very good course for you. You will get to read not just contemporary but the classics, dramas, poems and plays as well. It can be very fun as well.

Preparing the applications and looking for suitable universities can be a long and tiring process. We at Leverage Edu can help you make the process of pursuing an MBA after BA English an easy one. We provide expert advice and guidance which can help you choose your career options wisely. Get in touch with us today at +91-8826200293. 

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  1. Currently I m pursuing BA in English from well known University of Gujrat, India.
    I want to join MBA course in abroad..
    Suggest me Please

    1. Hi Rahil,
      Our experts will be at your service for selecting the best specialization as well as university abroad so that you can easily pursue MBA after BA English. Give us a call on 1800572000 and schedule a free e-meeting with us! Till the, explore-

  1. Currently I m pursuing BA in English from well known University of Gujrat, India.
    I want to join MBA course in abroad..
    Suggest me Please

    1. Hi Rahil,
      Our experts will be at your service for selecting the best specialization as well as university abroad so that you can easily pursue MBA after BA English. Give us a call on 1800572000 and schedule a free e-meeting with us! Till the, explore-