Science vs Commerce

Science vs Commerce

Science and commerce are popular courses among Indian students. Most students after the 10th are conflicted about whether to pursue science or commerce. While the job opportunities are immense in both fields, there are other factors that one must analyze before deciding between the two. Once tends to be biased towards a certain field based on hearsay but you don’t want to make a decision based on that. So, if you’re confused about choosing either, here is all the information you need to answer the question of Science vs Commerce. 

Science vs Commerce – What is the Difference?

Science is an intellectual field that deals with finding answers about the world around us based on observations and experimentation. Whereas, commerce is a study of trade and business such as the exchange of goods and services. 

Science course covers these subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics 

Commerce courses cover these subjects:

  • Accounts
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Finance

Science vs Commerce – Why Science?

Science can be defined as the study of exploring natural phenomena by experimentations and observations. If you’re inquisitive about the way things around function, then science is the best career stream for you. Science comprises of intellect subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics which demands careful observation. After pursuing science you can have a wide variety of opportunities globally. 

Science vs Commerce – Why Commerce?

Commerce is a very popular stream among students after class 10th as it opens doors to various opportunities and professional courses. If you have a genuine curiosity for numbers and an interest in business and economy, then commerce can be your right career stream. Commerce comprises of subjects like accounts, business, economics, and finance which could help you in exploring a wide variety of career opportunities in various fields. 

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Science vs Commerce – Professional Courses After Science

By pursuing science there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore. One of the great advantages of pursuing science is that you can explore non-science fields as well including commerce and humanities courses at the college level. Here is a list of courses that can be pursued after 12th Science:

  • MBBS (Read More: MBBS from Abroad
  • BDS
  • B.Tech or B.E
  • B.A Pharma
  • B.Sc Nursing
  • Biotechnology (Read more: Career in Biotechnology)
  • B.Sc in Food Technology
  • B.Sc in Agricultural Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
  • B.Sc in Electronics
  • Zoology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology (Read more: Career in Microbiology)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Applied Science

Science vs Commerce – Professional Courses After Commerce

Commerce is a stream which can lead to immense opportunities in both the public and private sector. Choosing a career in commerce can be interesting if you have the zeal to challenge yourself. Commerce can open doors to various fields globally. There are several prestigious universities abroad providing quality education. Here is a list of courses that can be pursued after 12th Commerce:

  • B.Com
  • Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Economics (Read More: Career in Economics) 
  • Business Studies
  • Management Studies
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Investment Banking
  • Chartered Accounting
  • Finance (Read More: Career in Finance
  • Statistics
  • Bachelors in Hotel Management
  • Bachelors of Product Design
  • Mathematics
  • Stockbroking

Here is a conclusion representing Science vs Commerce:

Subjects include biology, chemistry, and physics Subjects include accounts, business, economics, and finance
Students can make a shift to commerce or arts after 12thStudents cannot choose science streams after this course
Students can start a professional career in medical or engineering by appearing for competitive exams.Students can start a professional career by pursuing degree courses.

We hope this article on Science vs Commerce helped solve some of your doubts. If you’re planning to pursue professional courses in various fields and are confused, don’t worry. We at Leverage Edu can help you decide what’s best for you. We can provide you with the best guidance and support from our mentors to make sure you secure a bright future. 

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