Top Scholarships for Indian Students To Study Abroad

Scholarships for Indian Students

One of the biggest challenges faced by students while applying for education abroad is the cost of education. Many of us would want to study in the college of our dreams without burning a hole in our pockets. Fret not, you can realize your dreams without drowning in debt since a number of universities, colleges and national governments of nations now provide scholarships for Indian Students. Recognizing the importance of having a diverse population that can provide varied perspectives, an attempt is being made by colleges across the globe to encourage students from different parts of the world to apply to their educational institutions. This is a major reason for the increased scholarships for Indian students.

Looking for eligible scholarships can be a taxing process, but you don’t need to look anywhere else now, we’ve curated a list of scholarships for Indian students to study abroad in different countries.

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Europe

European colleges offer quite a few scholarships for Indian students, these include:

1. British Council Great Scholarships for Indian Students

The British Council of India in collaboration with UK’s GREAT Britain campaign offers scholarships for Indian students who possess exemplary academic and extra-curricular records. They offer approximately 35 scholarships for full tuition fee at the undergraduate level, the first-year tuition fee at the postgraduate level, and the entire tuition fee for a one-year master’s program or the first year tuition costs if you wish to pursue a two-year program.

2. LSE Commonwealth Share Scholarships Scheme (CSSS)

In an attempt to facilitate students who possess brilliant academic caliber, the Department for International Development (DFID) along with participating institutions awards 5 scholarships to students from developing nations part of the Commonwealth who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree from London School of Economics and Political Science so that they can benefit from the excellence of the UK’s premier institution. They cover the full costs of the awardee, including the travel costs, maintenance allowance and the entire cost of the tuition fee. They have previously granted up to £225 to cover thesis costs and also cover the cost of excess baggage for books up to 10 kilograms. It is one of the most sought after scholarships for Indian students.

3. Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship at St. Anthony’s College

This scholarship is for those who wish to pursue advanced research in the field of Modern Indian Studies in Political science, history, and economics from St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. The Indian Government sponsors the cost of economy airfare both ways and bears the cost of awarding stipend and other charges amounting to 29,347 Pounds. Any Indian national who is 30-40 years of age in the October of intake year and possesses an exemplary academic record with 60% or above in their masters and have published works or Ph.D. in the subject of the course is eligible for the scholarship.

4. Saltire Scholarships for Indian Students

For those who wish to pursue an education in the Netherlands, can apply for this scholarship. The Scottish government in association with Scottish universities offers scholarships for Indian students worth £8000 that amount to the one-year tuition fee of full-time postgraduate course, 50 students annually benefit from this scheme. This scheme is specifically designed for students from India, Canada, China, USA, Pakistan, and Japan who wish to pursue a master’s degree in creative industries, science, technology, renewable & clean energy, and healthcare & medical sciences. The scholarship is aimed at promoting Scotland as an academic destination and those who are awarded this scholarship are expected to act as ambassadors of both the scholarship and the country. Only those who have already been granted conditional or unconditional acceptance from Scottish universities can apply for the scholarship.

5. Orange Tulip Scholarships for Indian Students

This scholarship or grant is specifically designed to help talented Indian students pursue a graduate or undergraduate course in the Netherlands, it is funded by government institutions, higher education institutions, and multinationals. It is important to note that not all Dutch Universities offer the OTS scholarship, while some may offer a 100% (tuition fee) scholarship, other universities may offer 50% there are yet others who offer only 25% reduction in the tuition fee, they are also some colleges that only offer visa fees or compensate for the living expense. It is always better to check individual university criteria while applying for a scholarship.

6. UCD Global Graduate Scholarships for Indian Students in Ireland

If you wish to study in Ireland, you can look at this options which is a popular choice for scholarships for Indian students. The University of Dublin, set in Ireland, grants scholarships to those who wish to pursue their graduate level education, the scholarship is funded by the university itself.

7. Campus France Charpak Scholarships

Indian Students seeking admission in France can apply for this scholarship for Indian students who wish to pursue a master’s program at this university. They also offers a separate travel grant scholarship. All the scholarships are based on merit and only those who are 30 and under can apply for the scholarship. The two scholarships awarded include- Charpak AME Scholarship (Allocation Mensuelle d’Entretien) which includes a living allowance of up to 700 euros along with a fee waiver up to 5000 euros and a waiver on student visa and campus France fee, Charpak BCS (Bourse de Couverture Sociale) that grants a waiver on student visa and campus France fee along with social security and assistance in finding an affordable accommodation. Apart from this they also offer a travel grant which includes a one-way ticket from India to France in economy class and a waiver on the Campus France fee and student visa.

Scholarship Options for Indian Students to Study in the USA

1. Cornell University Tata Scholarship

Tata Education and Development trust in collaboration with Cornell University awards scholarships for Indian students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree from Cornell. Special preference is given to those students who have been accepted to the following departments of the University:
– College of Art and Planning
– Architecture
– Engineering
– Applied Economics
– Management major in Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business
– Majors in “hard” sciences like biological sciences and physical sciences across colleges as well as social sciences.

The TATA fund donates a whopping $25 million USD towards the scholarship program thus covering the fees of the undergraduate program for 20 recipients annually.

2. Fullbright-Nehru Research Fellowship

The scholarship is offered to those Indian students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in heritage conservation, museum studies, environmental science and studies, arts and culture management, international legal studies, public health and administration, gender studies, regional planning, and higher education administration among a few others. Students can apply for this scholarship to covers the visa and education fees as well as living expenses. The scholarship is based on merit and only those who have completed their bachelor’s degree equivalent to a U.S. degree are eligible for applying. This is a sought after scholarships for Indian students.

3. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students

This scholarship is granted with the intention that the person pursuing the course will use that knowledge to benefit the progress of their country i.e. India. Students granted this scholarship are expected to return to the country two years after completing their program. This scholarship is funded by the Reliance Group and five Indian students are annually admitted to Stanford Graduate School of Business for their MBA program. Each student is granted $150,000 USD for the course as a sum against this scholarship for Indian students.

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The scholarship is annually awarded seven people who have completed their postgraduation and proved their academic excellence by scoring 80% or more in their last two examinations (full-time degrees). The scholarship is intended to help those who wish to pursue a doctorate degree from the city of Ontario, Canada. A sum of $40,000 CAD is granted to cover the expenses of tuition fee and others for a four-year duration which can be extended and renewed on the basis of merit. It is a popular choice in scholarships for Indian students who are targeting Canada.

2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship for International students targets those who wish to pursue a doctoral degree in the fields like national sciences, health research, engineering research, humanities research and social sciences from a Canadian institution. The scholarship is awarded for a three year time period and amounts to $50,000 CAD annually to cover the costs of education and other such expenses for that time period.

3. University of Calgary Graduate Award

The University of Calgary becomes a popular choice for those applying abroad because of the diverse range of scholarships offered across disciplines and across levels of study. They award various scholarships and bursaries to those international students who display an excellent and meritorious academic record, they offer scholarships from the high school level up to the doctoral programs. You can check the scholarship offered for your desired program from their website to select a scholarship or financial aid program that best caters to your needs and to check whether you meet their eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Options for Indian Students to Study in Australia

1. Dr. Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship

The University offers scholarships for Indian Students that covers 50% of the tuition fee and is awarded to those international students who show brilliant academic record and wish to pursue a postgraduation level degree from the Faculty of Engineering and IT from the University of Sydney.

2. International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship

The university offers scholarships for Indian students that covers the full tuition fees. It is awarded to those students who have displayed an excellent academic record previously. They receive applications from some of the highest-ranking individuals from across the globe. In case of a tie among multiple applicants, the applicants are expected to explain their intention for pursuing the UTS degree and how they will use that to bring about a positive impact to the society.

3. Monash International Merit Scholarship

Monash University offers scholarships for Indian students who wish to pursue graduate or postgraduate level programs from the university over a course of 3 to 5-year duration programs. They annually award 31 scholarships amounting to AUS $ 10,000 per awarded candidate. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and achievement along with the SOP with the application form. The candidate is also judged on their potential and capability to be an ambassador for the university. Special preference is also given to those who are commencing their program. 

What Lies Ahead?

You can experience life in a foreign country while having the opportunity to pursue a world-class education from some of the best institutions around the world. You can do this at an affordable price without the stress of finances and loans for education if you carefully browse through the scholarships and grants that various institutions offer.

By now, you have an idea of the various scholarships for Indian students that are awarded by different countries, but it is natural for you to stress about whether you’re applying for the best possible scholarship that will benefit you the most. You don’t need to stress anymore; you can get in touch with Leverage Edu, our counselors can help you handpick the scholarship that caters to your needs and mentors who’ve walked this path before you can guide you down this path with most efficiency and experience.

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