Harvard Scholarship

Harvard Scholarship

One of the leading Ivy League colleges, Harvard University is regarded as a holy grail for students around the world. Lucky are the ones who are accepted at the coveted university to pursue higher education. Placed in the list of top 5 universities of the world both in the QS and Times Higher Education rankings, the world-class institution is devoted to providing quality education and a healthy research environment in order to produce leaders who can make a difference across disciplines globally! But often, candidates with exceptional academic records face financial constraints to enrol in the program of their choice at Harvard. To let such students pursue higher education, the university offers some alluring scholarships and fellowships. So, if you are worried about how to get into Harvard with financial support then here is a blog that will shed light on some of the revered Harvard scholarships that you can consider!

Eligibility Criteria 

To qualify for the prestigious scholarships at Harvard University, it is essential for the students to satisfy the set criterion. Majorly, the Harvard scholarships are bifurcated into 4 categories based on the enrollments; prospective students, prospective international students, current international students, and current students. It is important to note that prospective international students need to apply through prospective international students’ scholarship Let us have a detailed look at the entry requisites for each of the scholarships. 

Harvard University-Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship 

This Harvard Scholarship can be your gateway to the promising MBA program offered by the university. Here are some of the essential requirements for one of the most popular MBA scholarships

  • Students who have received an admission letter from the university for MBA programme are eligible to apply
  • The applicant must have a valid GMAT score 
  • Candidates must have an excellent academic background 

HGSE Financial Aid Fellowship

For the aspirants who are willing to pursue programs like EdM, EdLD or a PhD from the coveted university can apply for this scholarship provided by the Harvard Graduate School of Education by timely enrolling in it. 

IGLP Residential Fellowship Program, Harvard Law School

This is another popular Harvard Scholarship that offers an opportunity to those who want to pursue a career in research especially in the domain of Economic Policy, Global Law and Social Justice. Those who have been selected for the doctoral and postdoctoral programs can apply.   

John H. Coatsworth Latin American History Fellowship 

If you want to delve deep into Latin American History and carry out full-fledged research to earn your Doctoral degree then you can register under this scheme and seek financial assistance. Let us have a look at the eligibility conditions of the fellowship:

  • Students currently pursuing PhD or doctoral studies at any of Harvard’s Graduate or professional schools can apply.
  • Candidates must have completed at least one year of their graduate study.
  • They must show an excellent academic record

Harvard Scholarship: Awards, Grants, and Eligibility  

Under the major scholarships and fellowships offered by the university, awards and grants are given out to the selected students. But the awardees can avail of the benefits only if they meet the set entry requisites. Given below is an overview regarding the financial assistance as well as other information pertaining to various Harvard Scholarships:

Harvard University – Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship

  • Financial aid of USD 69,000 (INR 48,99,000) wherein the scholars can use USD 47,500 per year (INR 34,50,000)
  • Internship with the Boustany Foundation (only through independent selection process apart from the scholarship scheme)
  • Travel and Accommodation expenses for an internship at BF

HGSE Financial Aid Fellowship

Under this fellowship, there are 4 categories of grants and awards namely, Need-Based Grant Awards, Merit-Based Grant Awards, Additional Fellowship,  and External Fellowship. Tabulated below are the details pertaining to the fellowship:


HSE Grants  Approximately USD 18,000 (INR 12,70,000) is disbursed [EdM candidates]
Pforzheimer Fellowships  1. Graduates from Harvard/ Radcliffe College are eligible to apply.

2. Students pursuing masters or are in the first year of doctoral programs can also apply. 

3. The applicant also needs to send a personal statement, updated CV or Resume

*Assistance amount can vary

Harvard University Restricted Scholarship  The maximum amount disbursed under this Harvard Scholarship is USD 5,000 (INR 3,60,000)


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James Bryant Conant Fellowship  Conant Fellowships are one-year awards which may be prorated for part-time study
Urban Scholars Award 1. Only available for the EdM and  CAS candidates

2. Selection will be made on the basis of academic excellence 

3. Minimum 3 years of work experience in urban education (primarily urban schools, NGOs, etc) is also needed

Saul Zaentz Fellowships  1. Awarded only to EdM and EdLD students 

2. Applicants must be enrolled in full-time programmes

3. Candidates will be selected on the basis of academic record and commitment to work in early childhood education

4. Half of the tuition fee at HGSE will be covered

Leadership in Education Award 1. Given to the EdM students possessing great leadership qualities

2. The award given will be close to half of the tuition fee of the program

Zuckerman Fellowship 1. Those possessing or seeking an MD, JD, MBA, DMD or DDS degree can apply for  the program

2. Only EdM candidates will be considered

Pforzheimer Fellowships  1. Available to students from Harvard/ Radcliffe who are pursuing the EdM course 

2. A personal statement along with an updated CV or Resume is required


Fulbright Students Program  Only US students can apply  
English Teaching Assistant Awards  Students are appointed as local language instructors at various institution levels
Open Study/ Research Awards  Under this type pf Harvard Scholarship, the candidate will be designing their own project, working with advisors at foreign universities
Harvard University Traveling Fellowships  1. The award would be disbursed primarily to the US citizens 

2. Applicants must be enrolled in the Harvard University in a full-time course

3. They must have completed a full year of a graduate degree program    

IGLP Residential Fellowship Program, Harvard Law School

Those who qualify for this fellowship program would be awarded a stipend and a shared office at the institute along with access to the computer and printer. They will also be provided with full-time access to the Law School’s Libraries as well as the other libraries at Harvard. 

Hence, there are ample of awards and funds available under the prestigious Harvard scholarship. If you want to study in USA but are not sure about how to get started with the process then consult the experts at Leverage Edu who will provide assistance right from writing an impressive SOP to completing application formalities!

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