Ontario Trillium Scholarship

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Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Studying in a foreign country is very expensive, especially if you are there for your PhD. Research expenses, tuition fees and living all by yourself in a foreign country can be heavy on the pockets of a student. This is why universities, governments and charitable funds all across the globe offer research grants, stipends and scholarships for PhD students. Ontario Trillium Scholarship is one such initiative taken by the government of Ontario in Canada. PhD Students studying in the province of Ontario can apply for the competitive scholarship.

NameOntario Trillium Scholarship
Offered by Government of Ontario
Funded by Government of Ontario & university in 2:1 ratio
Number of scholarships awarded75
Awarded Amount$40,000 (INR 23 lakhs)
Eligible candidatesPursuing PhD courses in the relevant field
Renewed upto4 years

What is the Ontario Trillium Scholarship?

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is offered by the government of Ontario to 75 doctorate candidates across the world. The government introduced it in November 2010 to attract more international students to Canada. The University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and many such research universities partner with the government of Ontario to provide international PhD students with the Ontario Trillium Scholarship of $40,000 i.e. INR 23 lakhs per year. 

Ontario Trillium Scholarship Grant Details

The research universities of Ontario offer 75 Ontario Trillium Scholarships annually. Each scholarship is worth INR 3 lakhs per year. If the term of your PhD course is more than 1 year (maximum of 4 years), the scholarship will be renewed. For example, you are pursuing a PhD in actuarial science for a term of 4 years. You apply for the OTS and receive the scholarship award. So every year you will receive INR 23 lakhs. 

Ontario Trillium Scholarship Deadline

Students who apply for admission to a doctoral program by February 1 will be automatically considered.

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Eligibility  Criteria

International students applying for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship have to meet certain eligibility criteria to apply for the same. 

  • The applicant must be an international student with a valid Canadian student permit.
  • They should have proof of English proficiency tests: IELTS or TOEFL.
  • The applicant must have to study a full-time doctorate program and must not have completed his UG or PG from any university in Ontario before applying for the grant.
  • An average grade of A is required in the last 2 years of study for the international student.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship Application Process

The following is the process for how to apply for a scholarship in Ontario:

  • International students must enquire on the website or through the counselor about the OTS and must look for universities that have provisions for the Ontario Trillium Scholarships.
  • Apply for your desired PhD course with OTS.
  • After you’ve carefully picked your university, apply for your desired PhD course before the OTS and attach the essential documents required in the online application for your university admission as well as the Ontario Trillium Scholarship. 
  • All university transcripts in English or French
  • A valid Canadian student permit
  • Proof of tests taken (SAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  • Proof of identity
  • Updated CV
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Information of previous grants or scholarships (if received)
  • Letter of Support from a proposed supervisor

If you are a high-performing candidate, the eligible university will award you the scholarship automatically without having to go through the OTS application process. 

Ontario Trillium Scholarship Selection Process

After the university receives your application, the board will review your application. They review your merit and the PhD program details. If you are an ideal candidate for the OTS, you will receive your award via mail. The process may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. 

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Terms and Conditions 

The fund amount for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship per candidate is large. Therefore, to award these 75 scholarships to the correct candidates, the terms and conditions are rigid. The awardee:-

  • Should be able to geographically able to visit university
  • Must maintain a satisfactory research report every semester
  • Is not employed outside the university without academic supervisor’s permission
  • Must not hold any of these scholarships simultaneously that exceed the value of $20,000 like OGS, SSHRC, etc
  • Has to repay the funds used in case he wishes to withdraw or fail to complete the term

The Ontario Toronto Scholarship offers the flexibility of leaves from 3 months to 12 months so that international students can visit their home countries or even take a gap year. The leave of more than 12 months is granted in the following situations- 

  • Maternity or parental leave
  • Bereavement leave
  • Family or medical leave
  • Immigration leave

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Ontario Trillium Scholarship Helpline

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is administered by the universities in Ontario that offer the scholarship. To know more about the university-specific process, contact the financial aid manager at the preferred university. If you are applying at the University of Waterloo, you can contact Elena Machado, manager of the Graduate Scholarship Program. If you are applying at the University of Toronto, you can mail Stacey Kwan at [email protected]


Who gets the Ontario Trillium Scholarship?

Graduate students willing to pursue PhD in the universities of Ontario.

Is the Ontario Trillium Scholarship renewable?

Yes, the OTS is renewable each year only up to 4 years. 

Can I withdraw from my scholarship?

Yes, you can withdraw. But you will have to repay the funds received by then. 

Can I sign up for another scholarship besides OTS?

Yes, you can have another scholarship besides OTS but the value of the former should not exceed $20,000 or Rs. 11.67 lakhs.

When will I receive my scholarship fund?

After you apply for renewal, your fund will be transferred in 14 weeks. 

Will my scholarship be cancelled if I fail a term?

Your OTS will be cancelled and you will be asked to refund the amount received through scholarship. 

Can I apply for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship?

Yes, any international student (students outside of Canada) can apply for the scholarship.

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