Top Universities in the World 2020

Top Universities in the World

The decision of selecting an educational institution for your higher education plays a pivotal role in one’s academic and professional quest. It is extremely important to research thoroughly about the different universities and colleges and finding the right one that aligns with your course preferences, interests and career aspirations. With more and more students are aspiring to study abroad and gain international, there are numerous academic institutions across the globe which are offering a plethora of courses in almost every field of study. This blog brings a comprehensive list of top universities in the world as well as the major study destinations you must consider for pursuing overseas education

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Top 10 Universities in the World

In order to find the top universities in the world, there are varied parameters that need to be assessed. These parameters range from academic reputation, teaching, student to faculty ratio, alumni, employer reputation, awards, amongst others. To help you explore the best academic institutions across the globe, we have enlisted the top universities in the world as per the globally acclaimed QS Rankings and THE World University Rankings for the year 2020: 

Top Universities in the WorldQS World
University Rankings 2020
THE World University Rankings 2020
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA15
Stanford University, USA24
Harvard University, USA37
University of Oxford, UK41
California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA52
ETH- Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland613
University of Cambridge, UK73
University College London, UK8
Imperial College London, UK910
University of Chicago, US109

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Now that you are familiar with the global rankings of the top universities of the world, let’s move further and analyse the major academic institutions of the top countries to study abroad.

Top Universities in the USA

Home to a wide range of highly ranked universities in the world, the USA stands firm amongst the top countries to pursue higher education abroad. Imparting world-class education, excellent research opportunities, immense industrial exposure in almost every field of study, the USA has become the choicest study destination of those planning to study abroad. Take a look at the top universities in the USA listed below:

Top Universities in the USAQS World

Rankings 2020
THE World
Rankings 2020
Massachusetts Institute of Technology13
Stanford University22
Harvard University35
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)41
University of Chicago57
Princeton University64
Cornell University713
University of Pennsylvania88
Yale University96
Columbia University1011

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Top Universities in the UK

Having the oldest academic institutions in the world, the UK is another prominent study destination famed for its top-notch programmes available at economical costs and immense global exposure it offers! Increasing emerging as a multicultural nation, the country attracts thousands of students from across the globe and the costs of living and healthcare are also affordable here. Let’s explore the popular universities of UK and their rankings for the year 2020 by QS and Times Higher Education:

Top Universities in the UKQS World

Rankings 2020
THE World
Rankings 2020
University of Oxford11
University of Cambridge22
University College London34
Imperial College London43
The University of Edinburgh56
The University of Manchester68
King’s College London 77
London School of Economics and Political Science85
University of Bristol910
University of Warwick109

Top Universities in Canada

Ahead in the league with the UK and US remains Canada which is a hotspot of Indian students. Offering quality education at pocket-friendly costs, Canada has a has become a preferred choice of international students. The country is home to various globally renowned institutions giving cut-throat competition to other top universities in the world. The following table enlists the top universities in Canada that you must consider for pursuing your chosen course:

Top Universities in CanadaQS World

Rankings 2020
THE World
Rankings 2020
University of Toronto11
McGill University23
University of British Columbia32
University of Alberta46
Universite de Montreal 55
McMaster University64
University of Waterloo78
Western University88
University of Calgary98
Queen’s University1011

Top Universities in Australia

Regarded as a student-friendly country, Australia has emerged amongst the major study destinations because of the cultural diversity, high quality of education and friendly natives. The Australian universities provide globally accredited qualifications and a varied range of programs at economical prices. Glance through the renowned universities in Australia which have been given a rundown below:

Top Universities in AustraliaQS World

Rankings 2020
THE World
Rankings 2020
Australian National University12
The University of Melbourne21
University of Sydney33
University of New South 45
University of Queensland54
Monash University66
University of Western Australia78
University of Adelaide97
University of Technology, Sydney911
University of Newcastle, Australia1021

Top Universities in Germany

Famed for providing free education to students around the world, Germany has implemented a state-funded approach for its public universities in order to provide academic programmes at no tuition costs but a minimal administrative fee. The free universities in Germany don’t compromise with providing world-class education and have prominently featured amongst the top universities in the world. Here is a list of top universities in Germany as per the QS and Times Higher Education Rankings 2020:

Top Universities in GermanyQS World

Rankings 2020
THE World
Rankings 2020
Technical University of Munich12
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich21
Heidelberg University33
Humboldt University of Berlin44
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology520
Free University of Berlin610
RWTH Aachen University78
Technical University of Berlin813
University of Tubingen97
University of Freiburg96

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Thus, we hope that this blog provided you with insightful analysis of top universities in the world as well as the major study destinations and their high-ranked academic institutions. Confused about how to apply for your dream university abroad? Sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you throughout the admission process to ensure that you successfully land into your dream university abroad!

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