Orange Tulip Scholarship

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Orange Tulip Scholarship

When you think of studying in Europe, the first thing that comes in your mind is the immense global exposure, academic and research opportunities you can avail. Home to a mesmerizing blend of the old-world charm and the ultra-modern metropolises, Europe has fascinating study destinations on offer for international students! When it comes to exploring the affordable countries to study in Europe, the Netherlands comes at the top of the list. Also referred to as Holland, the country is home to globally acclaimed universities providing cost-effective academic programs across varied disciplines. Amongst the long list of scholarships offered by the country to international students, Orange Tulip Scholarship was launched in 2008 by the prestigious universities of the Netherlands along with the Dutch government. This blog has collated all the comprehensive details of the Orange Tulip Scholarship for Indian students, including eligibility requirements, applications for 2022-23 and much more.

What is the Orange Tulip Scholarship?

The Orange Tulip Scholarship provides the much-needed financial assistance to meritorious students of several Neso (Netherlands Educational Support Offices) countries to pursue their higher education in the Netherlands. It is one of the top scholarships for international students planning to study in the Netherlands and is designed by Nuffic’s Netherlands Educational Support Offices (Neso) across the world representing the higher education academic institutions of the Netherlands. It is aimed at nurturing international talent by offering them with immense academic opportunities. Neso has its offices spread across a total of 10 countries, namely India, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, South Africa, Vietnam and Turkey. Nuffic Neso offers Orange Tulip Scholarships in these 10 countries to select students who fulfil the requisites and aim to pursue higher education in the Netherlands. The Scholarship amount is variable ranging from 25% up to 100% in tuition fees depending upon the sponsor and some offer living costs and visa fee waivers too.

Note: The application deadline for the Orange Tulip Scholarship 2023 will be in June 2023 and for the year 2023, the application dates are yet to be released.

Eligibility Requirements

Take a look at the major eligibility requirements specified by the Nuffic Neso for Orange Tulip Scholarships for Indian students:

  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate should not be already studying or working in the Netherlands at the time of the application.
  • The applicant should have been already admitted or undergoing through the admission process of a university in the Netherlands affiliated with the Orange Tulip Scholarship. 

Application Procedure

Here is the application process you need to follow to register for Orange Tulip Scholarship while applying for a university in the Netherlands:

  1. Select the program and university you want to apply to study in the Netherlands and further verify if they come under the Orange Tulip Scholarship scheme.
  2. Examine all the requirements (specified for your chosen program) and then apply for the scholarship procedure and begin the registration process early while applying for your chosen university or course.
  3. You will get a confirmation email from the university after completing the application of your chosen course.
  4. Go to the official website of OTS India and download the Orange Tulip Scholarship registration form.
  5. Fill the required section and submit the documents required (check the next section) along with your confirmation letter from the university. 

Documents Required

The documents required to apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship mainly vary from one university to another. You can click on the university name on the Orange Tulip Scholarship website to check the document checklist required by your chosen academic institution. For documents to be sent to Neso, see the section “Required Documents” on the page. Generally, you have to register early so that the new university can also get the time to verify with Nuffic Neso office. Neso does not provide a university enrollment process but the process is carried out by independent candidates.

While submitting the application for the Orange Tulip Scholarship, you will have to provide the softcopies of all the documents in the following format:

  • Files should be submitted in Word or PDF form.
  • Each file should be given a defined name in English: [document name] – [applicant’s name]. Example: IELTS score sheet – Virat Kumar
  • The total attachment’s limit is up to a maximum of 20MB.
  • The file be sent via email to ots@nesoindia with subject email: OTS 2022 -2023 Application – [scheme] – [your name]. Example: OTS 2022-2023 Application – Radboud University- Virat Kumar

Things to Keep in Mind

To help you ensure all the aspects of your application, here are some important things to keep in mind while applying for the Orange Tulip Scholarship.

  • Each scheme or course or institution has its own set of requirements in terms of documentation. 
  • Read the description for each scheme provided for each programme for each institute on the official website of the particular institute also.
  • In addition to the OTS registration form, finish your file with other requested documents (different for each institute), available on the OTS per university page of the “required documents” section. 
  • The dutch university you are applying for will also need some additional documents for which you can check the respective university website.
  • Incomplete files missing any of the important documents will not be processed. 
  • The submitted files should be complete and as per the format mentioned above.
  • A confirmation email will take time ranging from 1-2 weeks after your submission of the application form.
  • If you are unable to get a confirmation letter due to delivery problems make sure to contact at or contact on the office phone number directly.  

Selection Process of Orange Tulip Scholarship

Let’s understand the selection process of the Orange Tulip Scholarship for screening the best candidates for the scheme:

1. Neso India’s Pre-selection Round
Neso India will be carrying out the pre-selection process based on the standard terms and specific qualifications set by the Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor. The files are checked for authenticity and then processed further.

2. Review and Selection by the Sponsor for the Orange Tulip Scholarship 
Each Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor (can be a university, company or government) will review the screened applications.

3. Announcement of the Awardees of the Orange Tulip Scholarship 
Students will be contacted directly by the sponsors or they will be informed about their selection by Neso India which is also sent by the sponsors. The universities will then send an offer letter to students (pre-informing Neso India) who passed the 1st round of sponsorship selection. The letter of the award must be signed and returned to Neso India if the nominee accepts the scholarship offer. Neso India will then send the signed offer letter to the sponsor. Then the rest of the documentation like the arrangement of the scholarships and invoice etc is done by the sponsor and the student.

A waiting list with many registered students who have not been successful in the 1st round of sponsor selection will be released and such applicants will receive a notification email from Neso India or the Sponsor University. The next step (e.g. scholarship agreement, scholarship invoice, etc.) will be done between the direct sponsor and the recipient of the course.

Hence, we hope that this blog has cleared all your doubts regarding the Orange Tulip Scholarship. Planning to pursue your higher education in the Netherlands? Our Leverage Edu counsellors are here to guide you throughout the admission process of your chosen course and university and we will also help you find the best scholarship or financial aid as per your preferences! Sign up for a free session with us today! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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  1. hey …i want to know one thing about qualification needed in straight forward…Is it based on trade or language specific..also whats scenario of pg in engineering for indian graduate to other countries…i want to join with my engineering qualification is their any exam related to that or simply needed language specific certificate i.e ilts scorecard .

  1. hey …i want to know one thing about qualification needed in straight forward…Is it based on trade or language specific..also whats scenario of pg in engineering for indian graduate to other countries…i want to join with my engineering qualification is their any exam related to that or simply needed language specific certificate i.e ilts scorecard .

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