Yale Silver Scholars Program

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It might be hard to believe but you can secure admission in Masters of Business Administration at Yale University while you are yet to complete your bachelors. But you actually can, you know? Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well, here’s all you must know if you are still in college and you dream to get into Yale through The Yale Silver Scholars Program.

Yale Silver Scholars Program: Overview

  • Yale Silver Scholars Program is a three-year-long early admission MBA program that was initiated in 2001, initially only for Yale Undergraduates and now open to all college seniors all across the globe.
  • The program was started with the intention to attract more MBA candidates from different educational backgrounds, creating a holistic environment conducive to sharing varied viewpoints and knowledge.
  • Yale Silver Scholars Program defeats the traditional myth about previous work experience being a prerequisite for successful MBA with job placement statistics equally good as traditional MBA at Yale School of Management.
  • The admit rate for Yale Silver Scholars Program usually remains as low as 5%, making the program more selective than traditional MBA at Yale.
  • The program is offered only to extraordinary college seniors with zest to learn and maturity to handle challenges who aim to achieve exceptional goals.
  • Yale Silver Scholars Program is the only program to offer an internship in the middle of the program and one of the very few programs offered by top business schools that offer MBA programs customized to recent graduates.

About Yale School of Management 

Yale is among the oldest educational institutes in the USA. Rooted in 1701, Yale has close to 3000 international studnets currently studying in their campuses.  Providing a student is to faculty ratio of 1:6, it receives endowments up to 27 billion USD which are further put in the betterment of technology. The academic courses are provided by 14 different schools. MBA and MS are the choicest programs taken by candidates applying at Yale for postgraduate admissions. 

Yale University’s graduate business school is named as the School of Management or SOM. It is located in the New Haven region and offers various management courses like – MBA, Executive MBA,  Master of Advanced Management (MAM), and PhD. As a Yale SOM student, one becomes a part of the Global Network for Advanced Management- a network of 29 top business schools including HEC Paris, National University of Singapore and Saïd Business School. With its focus on building responsible leaders of tomorrow, Yale School of Management lays the highest degree of emphasis on integrated curriculum focusing on consolidating traditional business lessons with multi-disciplinary topics. To celebrate Yale University’s tercentennial and the 25th anniversary of SOM establishment, the Yale Silver Scholars Program was created in 2001.

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Eligiblity Criteria for Yale Silver Scholars Program 

When applying for Silver Scholar Programme at Yale School of Management, you are required to fill the same online application as for their full-time MBA program. Important points to consider while applying for the Yale Silver Scholars Programme: 

  1. Only current college seniors are eligible to apply. If your undergraduate degree is a three-year course of study, you are eligible to apply in your final year.
  2. Candidates of Yale Silver Scholars Program must provide two letters of recommendation: one letter from an academic instructor (this should be a faculty member who has taught you in class and graded your performance.) and one letter from an employer (this should be someone for whom you have worked professionally in some capacity during college for internship, part-time job, etc)
  3. If you have no work experience (even as an internship or part-time job), then you may secure a letter from an extracurricular activity or volunteer organization (instead of from an employer) in which you have been actively involved

Skills & Documents Required 

Since the Yale Silver Scholars Programme allows students to start their MBA immediately after their bachelors with no work experience under their belt it calls for the candidates to have other feathers in their hats such as:

Admission Process for Yale Silver Scholars Program 

Candidates can apply for the Yale Silver Scholars Program just like other Yale MBA courses. In terms of application, there is no great difference between the process. However, only senior graduate students are eligible to apply for this course. Leverage Edu has simplified the process of application for you, check out our stepwise guide: 

Step 1: Ensure Graduation Date

For the upcoming admissions to Yale Silver Scholars Program, candidates must ensure that their graduation date must be around December 1, 2022, and the applicant must be graduating on or before August 2023.

Step 2: Submission

The application for this program is to be made just like other MBA courses at Yale. Candidates need to submit 2 letters of recommendation. It is preferred if one of them is by an academic recommender and the other one is by a previous employer. 

Step 3: Interview

University official pick the best candidates for this program and selected applicants are called for an interview. This session can be through skype or in-person depending upon the choice of the applicant. The interview would concentrate on future goals, aspirations and interests of a candidate. 

Step 4: Offer Letter

After the complete analysis of a candidate’s profile the best applications would be picked. Selected candidates would be receiving an offer letter from the university officials. 

Application Process 

Your entire application package will include:

  • Completed application form (same online application as for their full-time MBA program)
  • Two certified true copies of your official transcripts of the undergraduate course.
  • Photocopy of your degrees attesting to your previous university studies
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Your official GMAT or GRE score
  • Your official TOEFL or IELTS results (if English is not your first language)
  • Two letters of recommendation (ideally one from an academic instructor and one from a former employer)

The Yale Silver Scholars application also comprises of one main essay which must be answered creatively and diligently. Yale School of Management gives considerable weightage to this essay while shortlisting candidates for Silver Scholar Program.

Yale Silver Scholars Program Structure

The yale silver scholars program is divided into a duration of 3 years. We have formulated a year-wise chart of everything that is covered under this course: 

First Year

The Yale Silver Scholars spend the first year at SOM indulging themselves in an intense unconventional curriculum to develop the skills and mindset of a propitious manager. While at Yale, the Yale Silver Scholars get to learn from prominent faculty and share the classroom with classmates from varied educational and cultural backgrounds. The foundation core courses for an MBA at Yale School of Management:

  • Managing Groups and Teams
  • Modelling Managerial Decisions
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Introduction to Negotiation
  • Probability Modelling and Statistics
  • Basics of Economics
  • Global Virtual Teams
  • Power and Politics

Second Year

During the second year, the Yale Silver Scholars have to complete a full-time internship which allows the students to practically apply the business knowledge they have gained in their first year of MBA. This extended work experience helps ambitious scholars develop leadership skills amongst other valued skills to shape their promising careers. Among other organizations, the Yale Silver Scholars have found extended internships at:

  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Motorola
  • Pfizer
  • Vanguard
  • Coca-Cola
  • CARE
  • Dow Jones
  • S. State Department

Third Year

In the third year, the students of Silver Scholar Programme return to the campus from their internships for the culmination of the MBA program. In this year the scholars select their electives at Yale School of Management and/or at other universities that are a part of Global Network for Advanced Management in the areas that align with career goals. All Yale School of Management students must complete a Global Studies Requirement which could mean one of the following:

  • Taking the International Experience course, through which students spend ten days in an overseas location important to understanding the global economy
  • Attending a Global Network Week (a week-long mini-course hosted by one of the member schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management
  • Completing an online Global Network Course (virtual courses in which students work with a global team to look at a cross-national business problem), or
  • Selecting other approved electives that involve international travel and study.

Pros of Yale Silver Scholar Program

  • Great way to Fastrack your career
  • The Silver Scholars program includes resources like career advisers which help students build their professional game plans. Therefore you will get a very individualized experience.
  • You will get to be a part od 2 full-time MBA cohorts. It’s an opportunity to network with more people.
  • Unlike other deferred MBA programs as Harvard 2+2 and Stanford deferred enrollment, you don’t just get your MBA plans lined up, you will headfirst into your MBA studies without delay.

Cons of Yale Silver Scholar Program

Yale Silver Scholar is a great opportunity but it is not for everyone. One thing about Management jobs is that your experiences matter a lot. If you signup for this program, then you will be skipping a chance to gain experience. The no pre-MBA work experience and leave with only a one-year internship under your belt.

Silver Scholars Online Student Panel

Credits – Yale SOM Admissions


How hard is it to get into Yale silver scholars program?

It is highly competitive to get into Yale Silver Scholars program as the admit rate is as low as 5%.

How prestigious is Yale MBA?

Highly. In fact, Yale University comes under top 10 business schools.

What is the GPA required for Yale Silver Scholars program?

An average GPA of 3.69 is required.

With Silver Scholar Programmes opening doors to post-MBA jobs at companies such as Google, Citigroup, Barclays Capital, U.S. Treasury, British Petroleum, etc, Yale Silver Scholars Programme is a golden opportunity for college seniors to accelerate their careers. It is an unusual setup that allows one to gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience within three years, preparing the Yale Silver Scholars to keep a strong foot in the corporate world and leave a mark wherever they go. Call an expert at Leverage Edu and learn how you can build a profile apt for deferred MBA programs like Yale Silver Scholars Program. Book your free 30 minutes consultation at 1800 57 2000 with our expert counsellors and get all your queries answered within minutes. 

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