Everything About Work-Study Accountancy Program by NTU

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NTU Singapore launches new Accountancy Work-Study Degree Program

Are you planning a career in accountancy and wish to study abroad? Then Singapore is a great option, not only because of the student life in Singapore but also because NTU (Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore has recently launched a work-study Accountancy program in collaboration with Deloitte Singapore.

This work-study Accountancy program will be available at Nanyang Business School which is an integral part of NTU. This program aims at enhancing a student’s practical knowledge of the field. It will increase their employability, as they will be getting on-the job experience in premier companies making their transition to junior management roles easier after graduation.

Deloitte Singapore has set an example by being the first company to be a part of this programme, around 30 students will start their internship of 25 to 30 weeks with Deloitte in December 2020. 

Highlights of Work-Study Accountancy Program by NTU

The partnership was sealed between Professor Christina Soh, Dean of Nanyang Business School, and Mr. Cheung Pui Yuen, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Singapore, at a ceremony at NTU. Here are the highlights of the program:

  1. Internships

    Deloitte will offer up to 50 internship positions in Advisory, Audit & Assurance, and Taxation to NBS students each year under this collaboration. Deloitte’s work-study students at NTU will also earn a higher internship stipend and might obtain full-time, permanent jobs after their graduation with a higher entry-level place at Deloitte.

  2. Duration

    The three-year work-study program is equivalent in duration to the standard degree program in Accountancy and has the same accreditation. Students will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from NTU upon completion of their course.

  3. Curriculum

    Students enrolled in the work-study Accountancy program will have to complete a minimum 35 weeks of internship which is much greater than the regular Accountancy’s course professional experience requirement of 10 weeks. In fact, the 35-week internship will make for 30% of the course duration which can prove to be an excellent learning opportunity for students.

  4. Electives

    Students will not only take advanced courses in accounting as part of the curriculum but will also take core courses in other fields, such as communications, decision-making, programming and analytics, business law, ethics and sustainability. This combination of classroom-based curriculum and realistic job experience helps to improve the relationship between the NTU and the industry in the work-study program.

  5. Outcome

    The longer job attachment of the program will provide undergraduates with a greater understanding of the internal workings of the accountancy industry by closely combining classroom learning with formal on-the-job training.

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Students benefit from technological and soft skills acquisition, enhanced exposure to the skilled working environment, and a greater understanding of real-world practices. Companies may gain early access to and nurture talents at NTU through internships and job projects over time. The industry is also benefiting from a steady talent pipeline capable of managing potential positions.

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