Career in Foreign Language

Career in Foreign Language

Why not explore the rich culture of the world through different languages and accents? From acquiring new job opportunities to building new connections and experiencing the fun of travelling, a career in foreign language comprises of gaining an endless knowledge of cultures, people, and languages around the world. There is much more to the goodness of learning a foreign language, like visiting new landmarks with adventurous activities and delicious cuisines. Whether you’re interested in learning a European language or a language of romance, or an Eastern language, you’ll be enhancing your global perspective in the most meaningful way.

Globalisation has broadened the career opportunities for students across the world and learning a foreign language has become easier. But the questions that arise: which foreign language has more career opportunities? Which is the most demanding language? And, where to learn this language?

Through this blog, we’re excited to unfold the answer to all these questions for you.

Career in Foreign Language: Top Languages                  

Mandarin Chinese

With the growing power of the Chinese economy, Mandarin is the most demanding language with around 1,000 million speakers after English. However, it is one of the most challenging languages to learn because of its difficult writing system and confusing tonal nature of the words. If the Chinese mainland isn’t your cup of green tea, the beautiful landscape of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan also offer an appealing experience of learning Mandarin.


Taking a sunbath on the sun-kissed coasts of Spain and ziplining over the luxuriant forests in Costa Rica can be blended with an incredible experience of learning Spanish. It is known to be the second most-spoken and one of the easiest languages in the world.


Portuguese is the 6th most widely spoken language worldwide with nearly 300 million people. It is known to be quite ahead of French, German and Italian. Having similar origins to Spanish, if you have learnt the basics of Spanish, you can easily become proficient in Portuguese as well.


German is known to be the language of art and music in Germany. With more than 100 million speakers, learning German can be immensely beneficial especially to work in the US. It is the third most popular language in the world and the second most popular in Japan and Europe.


There are a variety of places like Canada, Switzerland, France and Morocco offering several opportunities to study the language of romance, philosophy and fashion. With more than 200 million people speaking French, it is known to be a very common language to learn.


Being the largest native language in Europe, Russian is spoken by over 260 million people in the world. Russia being a technologically advanced country in science and research, a wide range of job opportunities in engineering, oil & gas, defence, etc can be easily acquired with the benefit of having a Russian language proficiency.


Japan is a strong economic force in science and technology allowing the Japanese to be a popular language with over 120 million speakers. Many big Japanese brands like Sony, Honda, Toyota, Toshiba, Mitsubishi have Indian operations with technologically advanced products.


Italian is the language of Romeo and Juliet, fashion and art, classical music, culinary dishes and some of the top economic brands. Around 90 million people in the world speak Italian as their first language. With the growing popularity of Italian companies like Fiat, Benetton, Banco, Gucci, Ferrari, Marconi, Pinnacle, Lloyd in India, gaining proficiency in the Italian language to explore immense career prospects.


Being a player of global affairs in the economic world, learning Korean will provide you with an edge in the job market. With stunning temples, shrines and coasts and of course the famous K-pop music, Korea itself is the best place to grab the Korean language.


Arabic is spoken by over 300 million people as a native language in 26 countries and is known to be the 5th most spoken language in the world. Famous countries in the Middle-East like Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain have job exciting career opportunities for people with proficiency in the Arabic language.

Take a look at the detailed analysis of the above-mentioned foreign languages to help you choose an ideal one for building a career in foreign language:

Foreign Languages Official Language (Total No. of Countries) Total No. of Speakers Features A Common Example of Greeting
English 35 Around 1000 million speakers Leading international language. Hello
Mandarin Chinese 5 More than 1000 million speakers Most spoken language in the world. 你好   (Nǐ hǎo)
Spanish 21 More than 500 million speakers Also known as Castilian due to its origination near the Castilla region. Hola
Arabic More than 20 countries Around 420 million speakers The word Arab means nomad. Arabic writing starts from right to left.   مرحبا   (marhabaan)
Portuguese 10 Around 300 million speakers Modern Portuguese Over 400 modern Portuguese words have their roots in Arabic. The language is similar to Spanish in origin. Olá
French 29 Around 229 million speakers The French language has its root in the Latin language of Ancient Romans. Salut
Russian 10 More than 260 million speakers Second most commonly used online language after English. Привет   (Privet)
German 6 More than 132 million speakers In German, every noun has a gender (feminine, masculine and neutral).   Hallo
Japanese 2 More than 120 million speakers The first Japanese books were originally written in Chinese. こんにちは   (Kon’nichiwa)
Italian More than 6 Around 90 million speakers Known to be the official language of classical music Ciao
Korean 3 Around 70 million speakers It is one of the top language-isolates in the world 여보세요   (yeoboseyo)

Why Choose a Career in Foreign Language?

Gone are those days when learning a foreign language was restricted to being a hobby. There has been an exponential demand for a career in foreign language because of the following reasons:

  • Open up a wide range of job opportunities.
  • Enhances your cognitive thinking.
  • Builds connections and cross-cultural relations.
  • Amplifies your cultural perspective.
  • Develop an interesting way of meeting new people.
  • Allows you to easily adjust like a local in a foreign country.
  • Stay cautious and smart as a tourist.
  • Encourages learning and understanding.
  • Inspires artistic works in their original language.
  • Boosts your personality.

Career in Foreign Language: Top Universities or Colleges

The importance of English as an international language has been the talk of the town. However, there are other languages growing tremendously in the business world connecting people globally. As the demand for foreign languages continues to grow, a wide range of universities all over the world are participating in providing students with high-quality language education. Below is a list of top universities and colleges offering courses to develop your career in foreign language:

Career in Foreign Language

With the growing demand for skilled professionals with language proficiency, a career in foreign language is one of the best-sought opportunities for individuals aspiring to work across a wide variety of sectors. Below is a list of possible career prospects available after pursuing a course in foreign language.

  • Become a translator.
  • Work as an interpreter.
  • Become a part of secret intelligence/expert in a foreign language.
  • Become a foreign language teacher.
  • Acquire a position in customer service or immigration offices that require a foreign language.
  • Join the import/export sector.
  • Get engaged in a linguistic profile in the military.
  • Become an online content creator or a language blogger.

Career in Foreign Language: Tips & Tricks

Gaining an academic qualification and sound proficiency in foreign languages can be the key to learning new things and meeting new people. Below are some essentials to keep in mind when building a proficiency in a foreign language so that you can further opt for a career in foreign language:

  • You should have a passion to learn a new language.
  • Try learning from scratch and construct your own sentences in order to understand better.
  • You should have a zeal to learn new words and excel in building language proficiency.
  • Use your skills to interact with people which will help you understand your mistakes and allow you to learn better.

Many Indian companies are developing their business worldwide in the field of manufacturing, IT, pharmaceutical, hospitality, education, KPO, BPO, healthcare, media etc. Due to this, English may not be the central language of conversion and transition in these sectors. This is why a career in foreign language is on the rise and the trend will continue to grow in the future.

If you’re willing to learn more than the language of your motherland, experts at Leverage Edu can help you discover all the options that suit your interests and find an ideal language that you can build an incredible career in learning and exploring the world.

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