Career Options after Graduation

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Career Options After Graduation

Stepping into the final year of graduation brings along a new ray of hope and simultaneously anxiety about your future endeavours. Your mind floods with questions about what to do next. While there are many who have already drafted a career plan to follow after their graduation, it might not be the case with everyone. There are ample of students who are in persistent confusion about their career options after graduation and which one they should choose to follow their dream career. That’s why we have come up with a full-fledged blog listing down a varied list of the most popular career options you can choose from after completing graduation. 

Chartered Accountancy

If you are a commerce student with strong mathematical aptitude and passionate about numbers then it is almost impossible to deny the fact that you have not given a thought about pursuing the field of Chartered Accountancy (CA). One of the most prestigious career options after graduation, the domain of CA entails dozens of monetary and personal perks. Chartered Accountancy is the soul of every business, big or small. Working as a CA, you will be carrying out several roles and responsibilities such as accounting, taxation, financial planning and auditing to name a few. 

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Masters in Business Administration

Pursuing an MBA from abroad from one of the top academic institutions in the world can open a door full of opportunities for you to establish your career in the business sector. Known as an important degree that can give you an instant jump on the corporate ladder, more than 60 percent of graduates head for an MBA and strive to be one of the top-notch personalities in the corporate world. A specialized MBA degree makes for some amazing career options after graduation in the fields of finance, HR, marketing and sales, international business, information technology, amongst others.

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Mobile Application Development

What is a smartphone without its colossal applications? It has innumerable applications catering to different needs and uses, be it for games, fitness, business, language, cooking, movies, etc. the list is endless. One of the smartest choices from all the available career options after graduation, a mobile app development course teaches the students about backend computing, mobile user interface designing, cross-platform app development, amongst others and trains them to enter the tech industry which is emerging as the most sought-after one in the present times. 


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Currently, biotechnology has seen remarkable growth and is topping the list of most preferred fields in the world and is one of the favourite career options after graduation for the students. With specializations like machine learning and renewable energy, an MSc Biotechnology can land you a job with some handsome salary and several perks of working in the topmost medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and research and development centres.


One of the most important sectors in the world, the education sector is considered to be the noblest profession of all. After completing your graduation in a certain specialization, the basic eligibility criteria to become a teacher is to have a degree in bachelor’s of education or equivalent and you can also opt for a short-term diploma course in any specialised field of education. Entailing many perks, amongst the copious career options after graduation, the domain of education is an ever-thriving feat.

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Fashion Designing

Fashion is something that would never be out of business. Having a brighter scope, pursuing a fashion designing course as one of the career options after graduation earns you the required skills and leads you to huge recognition and eventually a handsome remuneration for your works. A career in Fashion Designing is not limited to just designing the clothes, but the field pertains to many other specializations such as Jewellery Designing, Footwear Designing, Interior Designing, Textile Designing as well as the newly emerging field of Fashion Technology. 


Mass Communication

If you have some good communication skills and always strive to raise your voice against the odds, then choosing mass communication as one of your career options after graduation can be a safe feat. When it comes to postgraduate courses, students can choose from either Masters in Mass Communication or an MBA in Communication, both of which can instantly open your horizons and offer you immense career prospects to explore such as a journalist, newsreader, radio jockey, public relations specialist, anchor, columnist, writer, etc.


We hope that we have provided you with the best information about the best career options after graduation. If you are still confused about what to pursue next, just hop into our Leverage Edu website and sign up for a free 30-minute consultation session and we’ll help you find the best opportunities to soar ahead in your career journey.

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