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Material Management

To cater to the demand of proficient executives who can skillfully handle the complete loop of the supply chain and logistics, professionals trained in the emerging field of Material Management are acknowledged by the leading recruiters of this field. Being a by-part of Management or Business Administration, it has gained a fast-paced prominence especially after the emergence of e-commerce. A course in this field covers various methodologies for the handling of the raw materials to storage, distribution and proper collection of the product. Here is a blog which strives to elucidate essential aspects of carving your career in Material Management. 

What is Material Management?

While pursuing management programs like MBA in Material Management, you will be imparted with the knowledge of material identification and planning, standardization techniques, purchase procedures, and systems, and handling of the packages and their transportation and inspection. Also, you will be provided with an insight into the several procedures and techniques of handling inventory, customers, and vendor management. Material Management encompasses a wide study in the related fields of supply chain management and logistics, thus, a plethora of courses are aiming to provide knowledge regarding this available under SCM and Logistics variant. 

Skills for Material Management

  • In-depth knowledge of supply chain and inventory management systems
  • Hands-on experience with forecasting and budgeting
  • Excellent organization and time-management skills
  • Analytical thinking with problem-solving aptitude
  • Outstanding communication and leadership skills

Eligibility Criteria for Material Management

For acquiring quality education in abroad, it is essential to fulfilling certain requisites. To enter your dream institution abroad, you must have the usual schooling of 10+2 with a bachelor’s degree in any domain. Along with this, it is mandatory to qualify for English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Students must also have work experience of a minimum of 2 years in Material Management or a relevant field. To make your application stand out from others, it is beneficial to have LORs (Letters of Recommendation) and SOP (Statements of Purpose).

Whereas in India, the requirements tend to be the same except for the language proficiency tests.

NOTE: Students must mind that the above-mentioned details are general requisites. You must check the entire eligibility criteria on the official websites of the universities.   

To impart the students with the best knowledge of the domain, an array of courses are available both in India and abroad. The majority of the prominent courses are of postgraduate level, however, the degree of the program varies across universities. As aforementioned, Material Management is a related field to Supply Chain Management and Logistics, and some of the universities avail the course under these names also. To study abroad or in India, here are some top-notch courses for you:

Material Management Courses – Abroad

  1. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Supply Chain and Operations Management
  3. Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management- Logistics
  4. MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  5. MSc Global Supply Chain Management
  6. Master of Management (Supply Chain Management)
  7. MSc Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Material Management Courses – India

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in SCM and Logistics
  3. Graduate Diploma in Material Management
  4. Professional Diploma in Public Procurement
  5. Professional Diploma in Stores Management
  6. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  7. Certificate in Contract Management
  8. Certificate in Logistics and Warehouse Management

Top Universities in India and Abroad

A multitude of esteemed institutions offers emerging courses in Material Management. Depending upon the course of your choice, you can easily shortlist the university. It is vital to thoroughly research the university, as it plays a crucial role by providing a plethora of opportunities to kick-start your career. Following are some of the popular universities in India and abroad which offer programs in this field:

Name of the College/UniversityQS World Ranking
Carleton University601-650
City University of London355
University of Portsmouth70-750
Edinburgh Napier University801
University of Salford801-1000th
Centennial College1302
Florida Institute of Technology912

Top Universities in India

  • Indian Institute of Material Management
  • All India Institute of Management Studies 
  • College of Material Management
  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare
    and Business Management
  • University of Technology  
  • Amity University 
  • Arihant College of Arts and Commerce 

Career Prospects 

Once you successfully get a degree in Material Management, a variety of job opportunities awaits you through which you can achieve your career aspirations. Since the field is an essential element of almost all other organizations, professionally equipped individuals are always in high demand. Let us take a look at some of the career options you can explore after the program: 

Top Global Companies for Material Management

  1. Boeing
  2. Fluor
  3. Honeywell
  4. Steelcase
  5. SAP

Project on Material Management

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Is Materials Management a good career?

It involves planning and implementing procedures to move raw materials from suppliers to production facilities; parts from subcontractors or suppliers to production facilities; finished goods from production facilities to customers; and information about material movement throughout the supply chain.

What is the scope of Material Management?

The following jobs are available for students with expertise in Material Management –
Materials Planning
Store Keeping
Inventory Control
Receiving, Inspection and Despatching
Value Analysis, Standardization and Variety Reduction
Materials Handling & Traffic
Disposal of Scrap and Surplus, Material Preservation

What is the salary for MBA in Material Management?

The average yearly income for a manager of materials in India is 10.0 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.3 lakhs to 21.0 lakhs.

Concludingly, we hope that this blog has helped you in getting a fair idea of how to begin your career in Material Management. In this widespread domain, our experts at Leverage Edu can help you select the best course, university and study destination through our unique psychometric test.

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