How Harvard Business School is Preparing for Online Learning?

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Harvard Business School is Preparing for Online Learning

With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing, many top universities have started adapting to the situation by moving into online learning. It comes as no surprise that Harvard Graduate School of Education revamped its curriculum and hired 8 Ed.M. graduates with skills and expertise in learning design, educational media production and instructional coaching to help the faculty prepare for remote teaching during the upcoming semester.

Across the university all the schools spent the summer devising a proper methodology to ensure that the students receive high value and don’t miss a beat in their education or experience. From the Divinity school, Law school, Med school, Kennedy school to the Business school, Design school, all of the faculty went through the same procedure to devise pedagogical and technological solutions.

Updated Curriculum by Harvard University

Harvard University is trying their best to make sure that the methods of remote learning don’t compromise with the quality of education. The faculty of Harvard Graduate School of Education has made sure to design a curriculum that reflects the best of what they know about powerful learning experiences are nurtured online and that places key educational topics, issues, and dilemmas salient to today’s circumstances and challenges at the core.

The Harvard Graduation School of Education developed 85 new online classes about pressing challenges facing the profession including covid-19 and black racism.

“This is a moment in time that demands unprecedented innovation and inspiration.”- Nonie Lesaux, HGSE academic dean.

The school has a global student body from 62 countries and 47 U.S states and in order to accommodate this body about 50 courses are being offered on repeated schedules. They are also providing students with co-curricular experiences that incorporate innovative digital learning practices including direct access instructors and peers and curricular flexibility. In order to help the students to make a smooth transition into the fall semester, the school launched the “Online Learning Success” mini-course, with best practices for learning and thriving on zoom and canvas, and how to collaborate and form relationships. The school states that no matter the innovations in technology and pedagogy but the school will always remain true to its ultimate motive of helping students to develop skills like leadership and practitioners by grounding their studies in real-life problems with the main focus on student development. 

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Similarly, other Harvard schools have also adapted to this remote learning methodology and are trying their best to instil different methods in their curriculum to make remote learning as effective as possible. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more latest educational trends and news!

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