Best Stock Trading Courses

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Stock Trading Courses

The Stock market or share market is an aggregation of buyers, sellers, and brokers dealing in stocks and financial assets. A stock market carries out trading and buying of stocks and is mainly concerned with the ownership of leading firms around the country. These shares include securities listed on a public stock exchange and stocks that can only be traded privately. Investment in the stock market is an elaborate task as it carries a huge amount of financial risk. People often opt for some stock market courses prior to stock trading so as to have some additional information about the subject which is useful in making wiser decisions. In this blog, we have brought a complete list of stock trading courses, top universities to choose from as well as career scope.

Key Highlights

The following table summarises the main points regarding stock trading courses:

Popular Courses Stock Trading Courses Online (Coursera, Udemy, edX), Stock Trading for Beginners
Duration Few weeks to 1 year
Eligibility No prerequisites for stock trading online courses, however, the candidate is expected to pass class 10 and class 12 and have some knowledge of the market.
Average Fees INR 5,000 – INR1.25 lakhs
Top Job Prospects Stock Trader, Stock Broker, Equity Analyst, Dealer, etc.
Average Salary INR 2.5 lakh to INR 9.5 lakh per annum.

About Stock Trading Courses

Stock trading courses are designed to imbibe high-level efficiency and understanding within a student who is required to comprehend the financial statements of a company and forecast its position in the market. It is also meant to inculcate a profound understanding of the different transactions that take place in a stock market. The purpose is to provide students with the principles and strategies for stock trading. You will also get to learn the different ways to collect a firm’s financial information and use it to develop strategies. As an interdisciplinary field, it blends the conceptual study of Finance, Business, and Management.

While there are many short-term courses specifically designed to teach students the practical skills required in stock trading, there are several degree courses that include this discipline as a complementary subject. Generally relating to the commerce stream, these courses aim to provide learners with knowledge of Stock Markets, Financial Risk Management, security analysis, Financial Markets, and the like. We have enlisted these popular degree courses in Stock Trading you must consider:

Undergraduate-level Stock Trading Courses

BSc (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Business Analytics Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Financial Wealth Management
Bachelor of Corporate Finance Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Science in Corporate Accounting and Financial Analysis
Bachelor of Banking and Finance Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Information Technology Bachelor of Business (Economics, Finance, and Trade)
BSc (Hons) Money, Banking and Finance Bachelor of Commerce in Management Economics and Finance (Honours) (Co-Op) Bachelor of Science in Finance and Investment (Honors)
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Applied Finance Bachelor of Business and Commerce – Finance and Sustainable Business BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science and Risk Management

Postgraduate-Level Stock Trading Courses

Financial Management MSc International Economics, Banking and Finance (MSc) Masters in Finance/Masters in Business Analytics
Investments MSc International Money and Banking MSc MSc Finance and Investment
Money, Banking and Finance MSc Master of Finance – Corporate Finance and Investment Banking MSc in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment
Master of Professional Accountancy Master of Finance – Funds Management MSc Money Banking and Finance with Integrated pre-Masters

Doctorate-Level Stock Trading Courses

Doctor of Philosophy in Management – Risk Management and Insurance Doctor of Philosophy in Finance and Related Studies Doctor of Philosophy in Risk and Actuarial Studies
Doctor of Philosophy – Investment and Securities Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting Information and Management PhD in Finance and Econometrics
Doctor of Business Administration – Risk Management and Insurance Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Finance and Accounting – Accounting PhD in Financial Technology

Top Universities for Stock Trading Courses Abroad

Here is the list of different universities around the world offering Stock Trading courses that are integrated with various financial programs:

Universities Country
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
University of Edinburgh UK
The University of Auckland New Zealand
Pace University USA
York University Canada
University of Southampton UK
University of Windsor Canada
McMaster University Canada
University of Guelph Canada
University of Bath UK
Loughborough University UK
University of Strathclyde UK
University of Reading UK
Boston University USA
St. John’s University USA
Drexel University USA
University of Kent UK
University of Tampa USA

Top Colleges for Stock Trading Courses in India

There are only a few colleges for stock trading courses in India. Here are some of the best colleges you can consider:

  1. IFMC New Delhi
  2. National Institute of Financial Market, New Delhi
  3. Nifty Trading Academy, Surat
  4. BSE Academy, Mumbai
  5. NSE Academy

Stock Market Courses Online Free with Certificate

There are many online courses that are free or charge a very minimal fee. Here are some of the top online courses you should consider:

  1. Trading Strategies in Emerging Trends on Coursera
  2. Financial Markets on Coursera
  3. Practical Guide to Trading on Coursera
  4. Stock Valuation on Coursera
  5. Trading Basics on Coursera

Stock Market Courses for Beginners

Credits: Indrajit Mukherjee

Jobs & Salary

Stock Market is the backbone of the economy of any country, being the focal point of the distribution of funds and shares across different companies and industries. A student pursuing stock trading courses can choose from a variety of jobs. From private investors to large firms, every business entity requires an expert in stock to foresee its position in the stock market and ensure that it grows consistently. Here are some of the prominent jobs which branch out from Stock Trading with Salary structure from PayScale:

  • Stock Broker
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment Advisor
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Research Analyst
  • Online Stock Trading
  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Risk Analyst
  • Financial Algorithm Developer
Credits: PayScale


From where can I pursue stock market courses in Delhi?

IFMC in Delhi is one of the top institutions for the stock market in Delhi.

What is the required IELTS score for stock market courses in Canada?

The IELTS score ranging between 7.0 – 8.0 will increase your chances of admission in stock market courses in Canada.

Are there any courses for the stock market in India online?

In India, you can pursue online courses from NSE. This course is perfect for beginners as well.

Hope this blog has helped you with extensive details about stock trading and related courses. If you are also aspiring to make a career in stock trading and looking for the best courses available, then allow our AI Course Finder to assist you. Feed in your choices and let the AI compare them against millions of accessible data points from across the world. Click here to use our AI Course Finder. Our Study abroad counselors are just a click away from helping you.

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