Courses after BSc Biotechnology

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Courses after BSc Biotechnology

Which course is best after BSc biotechnology? BSc Biotechnology is one of the most sought-after courses amongst 12th science students. But once you have completed this course, you might ask: “What can I do after biotechnology degree?” There are numerous MS courses, diploma and short-term courses after BSc Biotechnology that you can choose from. Moreover, since Biotechnology envelops diverse fields such as Computer Science, Biochemistry, Genetics etc, the opportunities are innumerable. This blog focuses more on the courses after BSc Biotechnology, government jobs after BSc Biotechnology, short-term diplomas and more!

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Courses after BSc Biotechnology

Some of the top courses after BSc Biotechnology are DMLT Course, MBA, MSc courses, short-term courses like Lab Technician, to name a few.

Here is the complete list of the best courses after BSc Biotechnology:

  • MBA in Biotechnology
  • Medical courses after BSc Biotechnology:
    • DMLT Course
    • Lab Technician
    • PG Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
    • PG Diploma in Bioinformatics
    • PG Diploma in Computational Biology
    • PG Diploma in Life Sciences
    • PGDM in Biotechnology
  • MSc Courses after BSc Biotechnology
    • MSc in Toxicology
    • MSc Biotechnology
    • MSc Botany
    • MSc Microbiology
    • MSc in Animal biotechnology
    • MSc in Molecular medicines
    • Masters in Public Health
    • MSc Bioinformatics
    • MSc in Applied Biology
    • MSc in Virology
    • MSc Bioinformatics
    • MSc Forensic Science
    • MSc Nanotechnology
    • MSc in Pharmacology
    • MSc in Industrial biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology Scope

BSc Biotechnology graduates can explore a plethora of job opportunities across the public and private sector. While pursuing courses after BSc Biotechnology, you can choose from a wide range of government jobs and private jobs in Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, Medical Laboratories, Life Sciences, amongst others.

Jobs after BSc Biotechnology

  • Research Fellow
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Associate Professor
  • Project Assistant
  • Biostatistician
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Medical Scientist
  • Food Scientist and Technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Animal Biotechnologist

Here are the top recruiters for Government jobs after BSc Biotechnology:

  • Biotech Consortium India Limited
  • Ministry of Ayush
  • Botany and Zoology Research Institutes
  • Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB)
  • Public Universities
  • Research Institutes in India
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MBA after BSc Biotechnology

MBA is also a popular course after BSc Biotechnology, as you can pursue an MBA in Biotechnology or MBA Biotechnology Management which is a 2-year degree program and equips BSc graduate with a detailed knowledge of business and management in the arena of Biological Sciences. Here are the best jobs after MBA in Biotech:

  • R&D Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Biotech Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Facility Manager
  • Biochemist
  • Process Development Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Manager

MSc Courses after BSc Biotechnology

In particular, courses after BSc biotechnology are research or professionally-oriented and encourage students to learn techniques of research methods and industrial placements respectively. An MSc Biotechnology, for instance, may have both thesis and industry-oriented options offering students the opportunity to choose the pathway suitable for their interests.

MS Courses after BSc Biotechnology

Here are the major job-oriented MS courses after BSc Biotechnology:

MSc Courses after Biotechnology

Master’s courses in Biotechnology builds on the foundation of an undergraduate degree and introduces the candidates to various advanced fields such as molecular technologies, global perspectives on biotech issues, biotech business fundamentals, regulations and so forth. One can also later shift towards Public Policy or pursue a Master in Public Health to enter policy analysis and implementation. A strong bachelor’s degree in Biology or Science-related field is recommended.

Short-term Courses after BSc Biotechnology

These are short-term courses which can be undertaken for topic-based knowledge of Biotechnology or its allied fields. Common examples for these courses after Bsc Biotechnology may include a Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Management and the entry requirements for the same are highly flexible. Here are the most popular short-term courses after BSc Biotechnology:

  • PG Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • PG Diploma in Bioinformatics
  • PG Diploma in Computational Biology
  • PG Diploma in Life Sciences
  • PGDM in Biotechnology
  • Lab Technician Course
  • DMLT Course

Career after BSc Biotechnology

While the topics covered may depend on the nature and course objectives of the program along with the specialisation pursued, here are a few subjects that you can expect to explore during courses after BSc Biotechnology.

  • Microscopy for Biological Sciences
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Leadership in Science
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Project Management in Science
  • Metabolomics and Proteomics
  • Commercialisation of Science
  • Tissue Engineering & Stem Cells
  • Business Fundamentals for Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology operations
  • Early Drug Discovery
  • Public Health
  • Health Communication

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Exams after BSc Biotechnology

Students can choose from various exams after BSc Biotechnology for either MSc Biotechnology or for government and bank jobs. Here are the major exams after BSc Biotechnology:

  • IIT-JAM (Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Admission Test)
  • AIIMS Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Graduate School Admissions Exam (TIFR)
  • NEST Exam
  • JEST Exam
  • Anna University Biotech Entrance Exam

Top Universities

Biotechnology forms part of course offerings of numerous leading institutions across the globe. Not only do they offer industrial placements and internationally recognised study curriculum but also offer opportunities for research work under the mentorship of professors. The application procedure generally includes submission of GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL scores, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LORs), official previous university transcripts, resume or CV and research proposal [if required]. Glance over the following rank-wise list of universities. 

Name of University THE Rankings 2022 Courses after BSc Biotechnology
Harvard University =2 Graduate Certificate in
Biotechnology Management
Imperial College London #12 1. MSc Advanced Chemical
Engineering with Biotechnology
2. MSc Applied Biosciences & Biotechnology
3. MRes Neurotechnology
University of Pennsylvania =13 Master of Biotechnology
Columbia University #11 MA in Biotechnology
University of Toronto #18 Master of Biotechnology
University of Edinburgh #30 1. MSc Biotechnology
2. PG Dip Biotechnology
3. PG Dip Synthetic Biology &
4. PhD in Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry &
The University of Melbourne #33 Master of Biotechnology
McGill University #44 MSc Applied Biotechnology [Non-Thesis]
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology #39 MSc Biotechnology
Australian National University #54 Master of Biotechnology
Master of Biotechnology
University of Wisconsin-Madison #58 MS Biotechnology

Thus, courses after BSc Biotechnology equip students to work in industries of pharmaceuticals, manufacturing processes, and in health-related enterprises in capacities of Biomedical Engineer, Process Development Scientist, Research Assistant, Medical Scientist, Public Health Expert, and much more. Refer to our blog on career in Biotechnology for more information.
If you wish to pursue any of the above-mentioned courses after BSc Biotechnology but feel uncertain or hesitant about whether it suits your interests and aspirations, consult the experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you in selecting a suitable course as well as the best-fit university with the assistance of the AI Course Finder, that can provide you with the right knowledge and exposure in your chosen field of interest.

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    1. Hi, Kavya!
      After BSc Biotechnology, you can consider pursuing a PG diploma in Lab Technician, Bioinformatics, Life Sciences. If you are aiming for masters you can pursue MSc in Toxicology, Botany, Microbiology, Public Health, Applied Biology, Virology, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology.
      Here you can also refer to some of our blogs: Courses after BSc
      Animal Biotechnology – Career in BioscienceCourses After BSc Biology
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