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Sports Science

An emerging field of study, Sports Science focuses on how physical activities and sports boost an individual’s physical and social well-being. It can be branched out into different specialisations ranging from the use of scientific principles to increase the stamina and performance standard of the sportsperson to physiotherapy and nutrition science. It offers an array of interdisciplinary courses which involve different branches of science like physiology, human anatomy and psychology as well as this nutrition and biomechanics. These courses prepare graduates for a wide range of industries and are suitable for those interested in knowing about the relationship between physical activity and exercise, science and the human body. This blog brings you a comprehensive guide on top courses, universities, scope and the best career options you can explore with a degree in Sports Science.

Overview of Sports Science

As a course, sports science familiarizes students with the interrelation between exercise and the human body based on multiple scientific principles and its final impact on the body of the individual. Getting a degree in sports science is advantageous from numerous perspectives. There are several industries offering a plethora of prospects for sports science graduates increasing the chances of employability. Sports scientists can deal with severe health issues and physical ailments afflicting people and come up with solutions to reduce their consequences. This field can also give you a chance to work with star athletes from different fields and improve their potential and strength.

Sports Science: Courses 

A relatively new discipline, Sports Science has gained popularity over the last century with the world emphasizing enhancing their physical and mental health by moving towards exercising and nutrition. A large number of courses are mainly offered in the following specializations:

  • Physical Education and Sports Coaching
  • Applied Sports Science
  • Physiology
  • Physical Education and School Sport
  • Clinical Exercise Therapy
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Science and Nutrition
  • Sports Medicine

    Take a look at the following list of diploma, bachelor’s level and master’s level courses in Sports Science:
Education LevelCourses
DiplomaDiploma in Exercise and Sports Science
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Certificate in Sports Management
Diploma in Sports Management
Diploma in eSports Administration & Entrepreneurship
Diploma in Sports & Fitness
Diploma of Sport Development
Bachelor’s LevelBSc Sports Science
Bachelor’s in Exercise Science
Bachelor’s in Sports Management
BSc Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Sport Coaching
Bachelor in International Sports Management
Master’s LevelMaster’s in Sports Marketing
MBA in Sports Management
Masters in Sports Business Management
Master’s in Communication and Sports Journalism
Master’s in Sports Training and Nutrition
Masters in Sports Law
Master’s in Physical Activity and Education
Masters in Sports Technology
Master in Physiotherapy

Sports Science: Subjects

Wondering what will subjects you will be studying in sports science? Every university has a different syllabus and subject based on the course. Here are some of the common subjects:

  1. Sports Management
  2. Exercise & Sports Psychology
  3. Exercise and Sport Physiology
  4. Sport Pharmacy
  5. Sports Biomechanics
  6. Sports Nutrition
  7. Sports Training
  8. Sports Medicine
  9. Sports Sociology

Top Universities for Sports Science Abroad

Many esteemed universities in the world offer a wide range of courses in this specialised field of science. As a prospective student, it is imperative to be aware of one’s choice and pick the most suitable course. Getting a degree from a world-renowned university can equip you with the best exposure and knowledge to steer you towards achieving a successful career. Tabulated below is a list of some of the major universities in the world offering multifarious courses in Sports Science.

University of AberdeenUnited Kingdom
Sheffield Hallam UniversityUnited Kingdom
University of ExeterUnited Kingdom
University of NorthumbriaUnited Kingdom
Halmstad UniversitySweden
University of SuffolkUnited Kingdom
University of BedfordshireUnited Kingdom
Real Madrid Graduate SchoolSpain
Charle Darwin UniversityAustralia
London Metropolitan UniversityUnited Kingdom

Top 10 Sports Science Colleges in India

India is home to some of the finest colleges for sports science. We have curated a list of the top 10 sports science colleges in India for you:

  1. Mumbai University
  2. CMJ University
  3. Jamia Milia Islamia
  4. RIMT University
  5. SGT University
  6. National Institute of Nutrition
  7. Guru Nanak Dev University
  8. West Bengal State University
  9. National Sports University
  10. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Punjab Sports University

Sports Science Jobs

As an increasingly popular course, a large number of options open up for sports science graduates. An array of opportunities await them as they embark on their professional journey. Picking one path can be disconcerting and the dilemma that follows is natural. Being aware of the wide-ranging options available facilitates in making the choice so below we have enlisted some of the career options available for those with a degree in Sports Science:

  • Sports Therapist– An important part of every sports team, a sports therapist helps players remain fit and compete efficiently in various competitions. Although the work of a sports therapist revolves around the different injuries that a player might get, having a broader understanding of human anatomy is a must. Their work involves physical assessments, treating injuries with therapy and collaborating with other sports personnel to ensure the optimum health of the athlete. Sports therapists are required for their help in developing the physical potential of every player and the team as a whole.
  • Fitness Instructor- Personal instructors help work in health centres and gyms and help people find the best exercises suited to their body as well as a schedule to which they can adhere. Completing a degree in Sports Science, you can pursue this career opportunity and work at sports centres and gyms and lead exercise sessions, keep a track of the personal development of people and provide advice about health and nutrition. In addition to personal sessions, fitness instructors often conduct group and team activities to evaluate the capability of individuals.
  • PE Teacher– With the world realizing the importance of physical health, contemporary school curriculums imperatively encompass physical activities and sports. With the quintessential emphasis on physical education in schools, the demand for PE teachers has been on a steady rise. Requiring an understanding of youth psychology, sports science and impeccable communication skills, a PE teacher is also one of the most sought-after career fields in this domain.
  • Physiotherapist– A physiotherapist plays a pivotal role in facilitating the prevention of injuries and their rehabilitation in terms of body movement and posture of an individual and thus keeps them fit and healthy. They help treat injured or disabled people to have better body movements and thereby increase the quality of their living. A noble profession, physiotherapy is another prominent career you can explore after completing a course in Sports Science.
  • Sports Nutritionist– A Sports nutritionist is also an integral part of a sports team as they help the players in finding the best and healthy diets to remain at the peak of their performance capability. A commonly opted-for career by sports science graduates, a sports nutritionist ensures the proper dietary intake of every player thus assisting them in staying at the top of their performance. 

Sports Science Salary

Now that you have explored some of the popular job profiles, let’s discover the salary of a few job profiles in the field of sports science.

Job ProfilesSalary in INR per annum
Outdoor Activities Manager395478
Sports Psychologist589581
Health Promotion Specialist900000
Sports Coach800000

Sports Management

While aspiring for a career in Sports Management, the first thing you should know is how to leverage your sports talent into a successful business career. Along with this, you ought to be proficient in planning sports campaigns, events and tournaments as well as managing people and/or different teams. Further, you must be aware of the different aspects of sports events from handling the teams to tackling the execution of telecasts. Pursuing a degree in this field, you will get to learn about different operational aspects of how a sports event is carried out. To know more check out our blog on Career in Sports Management.

10 Best Sports Science Books of All Time

Sports science books are easily available online and in markets. Here are some of the best sports science books you can refer to for studies, preparation and more:

  1. Sports Science: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself 
  2. Strength Training Anatomy
  3. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
  4. The World’s Fittest Book
  5. Introduction to Exercise Science
  6. Physical Education and Sports Science 
  7. Research Process in Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  8. Women in Sports
  9. Sports, Exercise and Health Science Course Book
  10. Science of Sports Training


Q1. What is a Sports Science Course?

Ans. A Sports Science Course familiarizes students with the interrelation between exercise and the human body based on multiple scientific principles and its final impact on the body of the individual.

Q2. How many specializations does sports science offer?

Ans. Sports Science Courses are offered in a variety of specializations including Physical Education, Sports Coaching, Applied Sports Science, Physiology, Physical Education and School Sports, Clinical Exercise Therapy, Sports Management, Sports Science and Nutrition and Sports Medicine.

Q3. Is Sport Science a good career?

Ans. With a sports science degree, you can find a career in a wide range of roles ranging from a Strength and Conditioning Coach to a Physiatrist.

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you explore the prominent courses, universities and career opportunities in Sports Science. Planning to pursue a degree in this field? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the process of selecting the best course and university which can equip you with the right knowledge and skills to build a successful career in this field!

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