Courses After 12th PCM

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Courses After 12th PCM

Class 12th is a milestone for all school students. It is the last time when you wear uniforms and get up early in the morning. It is also considered as the deciding factor for your upcoming future. Most of the students have a clear picture of which course they are going to pursue after completing the last stage of school life. Out of all the candidates, one’s with MPC subjects are considered to have the maximum number of career options. If you also belong to the same club, read this exclusive blog that lists popular courses after 12th PCM!

List of Courses After 12th PCM 

As stated above, there is a long list of courses after 12th PCM that a student can pursue, here are some of the popular ones: 

Apart from the above-mentioned courses after 12th PCM,
one can also pursue 1-year diploma courses after 12th in Science!

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of architecture is one of the sought after courses after 12th PCM. It offers new possibilities to learn the art of planning, designing as well as constructing the physical structures. The popular undergraduate course is ideally of 5-years. The course is a perfect blend of many streams including Humanities, Environment studies, Mathematics, Engineering and Aesthetics. It offers a comprehensive research work, project-based work, theoretical aspect as well as assignments. After completing a course in B. Arch, you will be able to get lucrative jobs in popular multinational companies. 

Courses After 12th PCM – Btech Aeronautical Engineering

If you are a PCM student, looking forward to exploring lucrative opportunities in Engineering, be sure that Btech in Aeronautical engineering can be the choicest option. The 4-year undergraduate course needs your minimum qualification of 10+2. The main objective of the course is to keep students abreast of rocket science, mechanism of flying crafts, shuttle its planning, development and designing. A career in Aeronautical Engineering is certainly lucrative in nature. Having a degree of B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering can land you into popular space administration companies like NASA, ISRO etc. 

Courses After 12th PCM – BSc Aviation

The Aviation industry is certainly gaining an unmissable boom. It is one of the fastest-growing industry offering a plethora of career opportunities for degree holders. The course offers a complete guide to the world of flying aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders etc. The course offers a blend of knowledge related to aircraft, flying hours etc. Moreover, this course opens to dive into the fundamentals of aviation which include cabin crew staffing, flight attendants, airline ticketing, aircraft financing, airport security as well as ground staff handling. 

B Des in Product Design

The three-year bachelor of design is a 3-year undergraduate academic program in Fine Arts. The main purpose of the course is to study the products, systems as well as their consumers. The bachelor of design in product design is one of a diverse domain which encompasses human factors, cognitive ergonomics, studio skills, advanced cad, research methods, materials and manufacturing processes. A student has to be creative enough in order to achieve the finest jobs including, product and industrial designer, furniture designer, packaging designer, computer-aided designer. 

Bachelor of Fashion Technology

The fashion industry has evolved over the years as one of the lucrative careers. It keeps a student abreast of all the nuances related to clothing, sewing and other essential its accessories. The main aim and objective of this undergraduate course are to provide an insight into all the techniques, methods as well as instruments that are widely apt and used in the contemporary fashion industry. Moreover, it helps students to conceptualize, design and managing and marketing fashion products in a more professional way. The graduates in fashion technology can carve a niche in popular fashion houses, e-commerce fashion websites, fashion magazines as well as self-employed startups. 

Diploma Courses after 12th PCM

  • Diploma in Computer Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma/Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • Diploma in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering 
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diploma in Textile Designing 
  • Diploma in web designing
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Drawing and Painting
  • Diploma in Dress Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in Air Hostess
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Diploma in Software and Networking
  • Diploma in Foreign languages

Career Options after 12th Science PCM

One of the best part of choosing non-medical or medical streams is that students are able to pursue any course they want. They can choose to study law or robotics depending on their interest. If you are someone who wants to build a career in a related field as PCM, here are some popular career options:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Merchant Nacy
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Zoology

High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM

There are many courses you can pursue after 12th Science PCM. There are few courses among the list of highest paying jobs. This depends on the job profiles, recruitment company and various other factors. Here are the high salary courses after 12th Science PCM:

  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.E. Marine Engineering
  • B.Tech  (Bachelor of Technology)
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer application)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science in computer engineering)
  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.Sc in aviation

Government Jobs after 12th PCM

Students from various streams prepare for government job examination conducted in India. In order to take a government job students have to clear written examination and also appear for the physical and medical examination in some cases. While the courses demand students to be undergraduate or postgraduate, there are still plenty of options after class 12th. Here are the government jobs after 12th PCM:

  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
  • SSC Multi Tasking Staff
  • SSC Stenographer (Grade C and Grade D)
  • Railway Recruitment Board
  • IBPS Clerk
  • UPSC

Best Career Options after 12th PCM

Whether should I pursue engineering or try one more time for NDA? Selecting the course from the wide range is quite difficult. That’s why to help you out we have listed the popular and best courses after 12th PCM :

  1. Data Science
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  4. Nautical Science
  5. Architecture
  6. Microbiology
  7. Investment Banking
  8. International Marketing Management
  9. Aviation Management
  10. Robotics

Top 10 Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering

PCM does not restrict students just to the traditional courses. Students from the PCM stream can pursue various other courses in the same field as well. If you are tired of conventional courses like engineering and MBBS, Here is the list of options after 12th science PCM other than engineering:

  1. BSc Aviation Technology
  2. BSc Aerospace Engineering
  3. BSc Aeronautical Science
  4. BDes Industrial Design
  5. BSc Industrial Design
  6. BSc Forensic Science
  7. BSc Nautical Science
  8. Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science
  9. BSc Chemistry
  10. BSc Nanochemistry

Courses after 12th for Creative Students

Can’t stop your creative imagination while you are asleep? You are better with images than word while communicating your thoughts? Then, you are someone that belongs to the creative side and not coding. Here are the courses after 12th for the creative students:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Game Design
  3. Visual and Communication Design
  4. Lifestyle Accessories Design
  5. Fashion Merchandising
  6. Web Design
  7. UI-UX Design
  8. Multimedia Design
  9. Digital Design
  10. Jewellery Design

Courses after 12th PCM in Communication Studies

Communication studies is one of the most opted courses by students across the world. From direction to blogging there are multiple courses to choose from. Here is the list of Courses after the 12th PCM in Communication Studies:

  1. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication
  2. Bachelor in English
  3. Online Journalism
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. SEO
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Public Relations Management

Courses after 12th PCM in Finance and Business

There is no rule that only students from the commerce field are allowed to pursue courses in Finance or Business. Students from different fields can pursue management courses. Here is the list of few popular courses opted by students:

  1. Financial Engineering & Technology
  2. Equity and Investment Analysis
  3. Risk Management Digital 
  4. International Business Management
  5. Financial Management
  6. Business Analytics
  7. Business Administration
  8. Financial Analysis
  9. Investment Banking
  10. Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

Now that you know all the popular courses after 12th PCM,
you must also discover courses after 12th Non-Medical!

Courses After 12th PCM in Canada

Canada is a great place to pursue higher education after the 12th. It offers a plethora of courses after 12th PCM to international students who wish to study in the country. From Aeronautical Engineering to Nautical Technology to Industrial Design; students can find a course of their choice. Students can choose between BSc or BTech based on their future prospects. Click here to see the best science and engineering colleges in Canada!


Which course is best after 12th PCM?

Some of the most sought-after courses after 12th PCM are Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Design, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Astronomy, Robotics and Chemistry

Which courses is best after 12th PCM with high salary?

Courses like Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Data Science, Planning have the highest salaries.

What should I do after 12th with PCM?

Students with PCM can opt for a number of programmes after 12th PCM like bachelor in engineering, planning, design, creative courses, finance, economics, management and diploma courses in these fields as well.

Can PCM student become doctor?

No, students who have not studied Biology in 11th and 12th grade cannot go for Medical courses or become doctors. However, you can opt for open schooling and complete for the degree to be eligible for medical courses.

Hopefully, this blog has ably helped you with a comprehensive understanding of courses after 12th PCM. Are you looking forward to joining top-notch universities abroad for these courses? Then allow our AI Course Finder to assist you. Click here to use our AI Course Finder and let the experts at Leverage Edu take your academic journey to new heights. Book your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team and discover the right career pathway! 

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  1. B.Tech CSE Engineering is one of the most demanded programs for PCM stream students after class 12th.
    The minimum percentage required is 50% to get admission to a good college.

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  2. The scope of BBA is increasing day by day. BBA programs are structured in such a way that the students learnt the basic management skills right from the start. Also, students are taught the art of effective communication. Once you have completed your degree, you have a great job opportunity in the industrial world. In the management sector you can reach at the top designation, in quick span of time. It opens a number career paths in the future.
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