1 Year MBA in Canada

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1 Year MBA in Canada

Canada is known for having one of the biggest economies in the world, with plenty of resources for entrepreneurs. Pursuing a 1 year MBA in Canada can help you prepare for real-time business situations with its diligent curriculum and projects. MBA is an emerging career option for professionals in the business sector. With the world’s highest per-capita immigration, it provides a place for Indian students interested in pursuing a 1 year MBA in Canada. This informative blog will provide you with an overview of the 1 year MBA programs available in Canada, as well as the top universities from which to choose and other pertinent information.

Best 1-Year MBA Programs in Canada with Universities

Here are some of the best 1-year MBA programs in Canada along with their QS World University Rankings 2023:

UniversityTop 1-Year MBA Programs in CanadaQS World University Rankings: 2023Tuition FeeExams Accepted
Rotman School of ManagementUniversity of Toronto1-Year Executive MBA=34CA$42,643[25,12,926 INR]IELTSTOEFLGMAT GRE
Smith School of Business, Queen’s UniversityFull-time MBA=246CA$110,260[64,97,555 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT & GRE
Ivey Business School, Western UniversityMBA=172CA$111,750[65,85,360 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, & GMAT
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityMBACA$15,405[9,07,807 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT & GRE
University of SaskatchewanMBA=473CA$47,883.48[28,21,744 INR]IELTS, TOEFL & GMAT 
University of WaterlooMBA (MBET)154CA$58,680[34,57,977 INR]IELTS, TOEFL & PTE 
HEC MontrealMBACA$54,000[31,82,187 INR]IELTS, TOEFL & GMAT 
Lakehead UniversityMBACA$37,800[22,27,531 INR]IELTS & TOEFL 
John Molson School of Business, Concordia UniversityMBA551-560CA$29,362[17,30,285 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT & GRE
Royal Roads UniversityMBA in Global ManagementCA$33,475[19,72,662 INR]IELTS & TOEFL 
McGill UniversityMBA 31CA$99,500[58,63,475 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT & GRE
University of AlbertaMBA110CA$16,129[9,50,472 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT & GRE
Ryerson UniversityMBA CA$38,740[22,82,924 INR]IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT & GRE

Ivey Business School

Credits: Ivey Business School

Recognised for its excellence worldwide, Ivey Business School of Western University is defined by its outstanding track record for developing business leaders. The school offers a 1 year MBA in Canada. Students who aspire to achieve their career goals in less time with the help of a top-ranked career management team and an extensive alumni network can consider Ivey, as a great study abroad option.

Sauder School of Business

Credits: UBC Sauder School of Business

The UBC Sauder School of Business is a faculty at The University of British Columbia. The school offers a 12 to 15-month MBA program to North America’s most culturally diverse bodies, with 60-70% of students coming from outside Canada. The course pattern combines classroom learning with practical experience with global immersion. Its study curriculum is built around five experiential learning factors which rely on creativity, decision-making, sustainability and ethics, global issues and microeconomics, and leadership development. Known for its 1 year MBA in Canada, UBC Sauder is a wise choice for international students.

HEC Montreal

Credits: HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal is the first Canadian business school in the world. It offers an internationally renowned management education and research to students across the world. The school is famous for its 1 year MBA in Canada with a strong emphasis on practical work experience. Students are taught with effective teaching methods to actively enhances their skills. 

Alberta School of Business

Credits: Alberta School of Business

The Alberta School of Business of the University of Alberta offers a 1 year MBA in Canada that is designed to allow students with existing business knowledge to take their leadership skills to another level. The students are provided with 5 core electives throughout the degree program. Aiming to bring together world-class faculty with the brightest students, the UAlberta MBA program equips you with all the required skills and knowledge to advance your career.

Smith School of Business

Credits: Smith School of Business

The Smith School of Business is yet another well-known and prestigious institution in Canada that offers a one-year MBA programme. The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is a business school in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Smith grants several Forté Foundation Fellowships to highly qualified female MBA students as the first Canadian business school to join the Forté Foundation. Smith’s 12-month Program has been ranked first in Canada for employability, with graduates receiving nearly double their pre-course salary of US,320, compared to US,379.

The curriculum consists of 13 courses as well as a six-month integrative project.

McGill University

Credits: McGill University

McGill University, regarded as one of Canada’s finest and highest-ranking institutions or universities, has thus been able to re-enter our list of the best universities offering one-year MBA in Canada. It is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that was founded in 1821 by King George IV’s royal charter. McGill University’s 20-month MBA program is tailored for high-achieving and motivated students who want to make a significant difference in their careers. It is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious, diverse, and competitive MBA programs, with over 60% of its students hailing from 60 different countries.

Eligibility Criteria for 1 Year MBA in Canada

In order to apply for MBA in Canada, you will be required to fulfil certain admission criteria specified by your chosen university. Though the actual course requirements might vary as per the program and university, here are the major admission requirements for 1 year MBA in Canada:

To know more, check out Eligibility for MBA in Canada!

1 Year MBA in Canada: Application Deadline

Universities  Application Deadlines 
McGill University Round 1: 15th November
Round 2: 15th January 
Round 3: 15th March 
HEC Montreal Round 1: 15th November
Round 2: 15th January 
Round 3: 15th March 
University of Alberta 15th April 2021
Royal Roads University January Session: 13th October 
May Session: 18th December
September Session: 6th June
Ryerson University Spring Session: 22nd February
Fall Session: 26th April
Lakehead University 1st February
University of Saskatchewan To be announced soon 
Smith School of Business, Queen’s University Rolling Admissions
Ivey Business School, Western University Rolling Admissions

Other Universities 

Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are some other universities as well, that are offering one-year MBA in Canada as follows: 

  1. Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia
  2. University of Regina
  3. Brock University
  4. Cape Breton University
  5. Trinity Western University
  6. Schulich School of Business, York University
  7. Saint Mary’s University

Why Study 1 Year MBA in Canada?

Canada consists of some of the greatest colleges offering excellent MBA programs across several disciplines. Here, we have highlighted some of the key reasons that make it a perfect destination to pursue a 1 year MBA in Canada:

Excellent Education

Colleges and universities in Canada offering 1-year MBA programs are globally recognised for providing students with the knowledge and skills to achieve management positions in the business world. and offer quality education in various disciplines. Graduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by Canadian colleges are accepted worldwide.

Affordable Tuition Fees

For international students studying in a foreign country comes with great financial constraints but most colleges in Canada offer programs at affordable rates. A 1 year MBA in Canada, unlike the typical 2-year program, is comparatively affordable for Indian students.

English-Taught Programmes

One of the key features of studying in Canada is that most of the courses in the universities and colleges are offered in English, other than French. The 1-year MBA program typically combines classwork and individual coaching for personal development.

Safe for International Students

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates. The country is known for its social progress and development offering a diverse and cosmopolitan environment.

Cons of Studying 1-Year MBA in Canada

Although the one-year MBA programme is growing in popularity in Canada and other areas of the world, it is still a relatively new programme. As a result, some of the disadvantages of the one-year MBA are listed below.

  • There are no internship opportunities available: In Canada, a one-year MBA is already a substantially compacted version of the regular MBA. Because the entire degree is finished in 12 months or less, most universities and business schools are unable to provide students with internship opportunities. The internship programme is an important component of the typical MBA programme and often helps students advance in their jobs.
  • Fewer schools provide one-year MBAs: Because the one-year MBA is still a relatively new concept in Northern America and Canada, the number of schools offering one-year MBA degrees in Canada is much lower than those offering two-year MBAs. This means you’ll have fewer schools to apply to and will face intense competition for admission to those that do offer this programme.
  • Extreme Pressure: Because the 1-year MBA programme is a highly compacted version of the standard 2-year MBA program, it has strict scheduling and extended study hours. Before deciding to complete two years of studies in one, students should be aware of the requirements of the one-year programme.

Most affordable MBA colleges in Canada [BONUS]

Apart from the aforementioned universities that are offering world-class 1-year MBA in Canada to international students, here is a list of the most affordable universities in Canada that are offering 1-2 years MBA programs at a much more affordable price. 

Most affordable MBA colleges in Canada  Average 1 Year Tuition Fee  Duration of MBA courses offered 
University of Ottawa CAD 18,000- 20,000 (INR 10,73,529- 11,92,810) 1.5-2 years
University of Waterloo CAD 18,000- 20,000 (INR 10,73,529- 11,92,810) 1 year
University of Prince Edward Island CAD 15,000- 17,000 (INR 8,94,607- 10,13,888) 20 months 
Saint Mary’s University CAD 28,000- 30,000 (INR 16,69,934- 17,89,215) 12 months
Wilfrid Laurier University CAD 12,000- 15,000 (INR 7,15,686- 8,94,607) 12 months
University of New Brunswick – Saint John CAD 12,000- 15,000 (INR 7,15,686- 8,94,607) 1-2 years 
University of Saskatchewan CAD 4,000- 6,000 (INR 2,38,562- 3,57,843) 2 years
University of Manitoba CAD 4,000- 6,000 (INR 2,38,562- 3,57,843) 2 Years
University of Northern British Columbia CAD 3,000- 5,000 (INR 1,78,921- 2,98,202) 2 Years
Memorial University of Newfoundland CAD 2,000- 4,000 (INR 1,19,281- 2,38,562) 1.5-2 Years

MBA in Canada without GMAT

There are several 1 year MBA courses in Canada that don’t require GMAT given the applicant fulfils other eligibility requirements. Here are the top universities for MBA in Canada without GMAT:

  1. Queen’s University
  2. York University
  3. Lakehead University
  4. New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver Campus
  5. Wilfrid Laurier University
  6. Ivey Business School, Toronto
  7. Thompson Rivers University
  8. University of Toronto
  9. Concordia University
  10. HEC Montreal
  11. McGill University


How much does MBA cost in Canada?

The average and estimated cost of studying for a one year MBA in Canada is roughly around $30,000 to $40,000 per year from a renowned and recognized university.

Which is better 1 year MBA or 2 year MBA?

In comparison to a standard full-time MBA, where learning is at an optimal speed and the level of difficulty is not as intense, one-year MBA programs are typically an intense experience, where all learning and activities are compressed into a 10-12 month time-frame. A one-year MBA necessitates much more emphasis and clarification in terms of career ambitions, and may not be appropriate for those looking to change industries or careers.

Is MBA from Canada worth it?

Canadian prices not only make the MBA programs more affordable, but they also provide a good return on investment. In 2019, the average MBA salary in Canada will be just under $100,000, which is higher than comparable salaries in France, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

How many years does it take for MBA in Canada?

The majority of MBA programs in Canada last two years, but others can be completed in as little as 18 months or 12 months. Accelerated MBA programs or one year MBA in Canada programs is what they’re called.

Is MBA in demand in Canada?

Canada has a rising job demand for MBA professionals and provides world-class business education. Finance and consulting jobs are more common among international students because they have a higher employment rate.

Is Indian MBA valid in Canada?

You’ve probably heard people recommend WES (World Education Services) for ECA, especially in India. If you have an MBA from India, however, you should not choose WES. They’ll call it a ‘One year Postgraduate certificate’ instead of a ‘Master’s degree’ in Canada.

We hope that you’re now familiar with options to pursue a 1 year MBA in Canada. If you are planning to pursue MBA programs in Canada and need assistance, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu, who can guide you in taking a concise decision about your career. 

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    1. Hey Dhruv!

      If you are planning to study in Canada and want some guidance then contact our experts through this number- 1800572000! Best of luck!