1 Year MBA in Canada

1 Year MBA in Canada

Every organisation looks for dynamic professionals with specialised skill sets. Completing a bachelor’s degree may not always help you stand out from the crowd. With the business sector expanding tremendously, the race to acquire a top management position is an ongoing thing. Thus, professionals are looking for short-term programs to help them accelerate their path towards gaining leadership roles. Canada is known to have one of the largest economies with opportunities for business enthusiasts. With the highest per-capita immigration in the world, the country offers a place for Indian students planning to pursue a 1 year MBA in Canada. This comprehensive blog will give you an insight into the scope of short term MBA courses in developing versatility among students.


Pursuing a 1 year MBA in Canada can help you prepare for real-time business situations with its diligent curriculum and projects. MBA is emerging career options for professionals in the business sector. There are several prestigious Candian universities and business schools catering to the requirements of international students aspiring to become future leaders.

Why Study 1 Year MBA in Canada?

Over the years it has been recognised for its celebration of diversity and that makes it one of the most sought after study abroad countries. Canadian government is increasingly making efforts to provide better facilities to international students. Canada consists of some of the greatest colleges offering excellent MBA programs across several disciplines. Here, we have highlighted some of the key reasons that make it a perfect destination to pursue a 1 year MBA in Canada:

1. Excellent Education

Colleges and universities in Canada offering 1-year MBA program are globally recognised to providing students the knowledge and skills to achieve management positions in the business world. and offer quality education in various disciplines. Graduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by Canadian colleges are accepted worldwide.

2. Affordable Education

For international students studying in a foreign country comes with great financial constraints but most colleges in Canada offer programs at affordable rates. A 1 year MBA in Canada, unlike the typical 2-year program is comparatively affordable for Indian students.

3. English-based Education

One of the key features of studying in Canada is that most of the courses in the universities and colleges are offered in English, other than French. The 1-year MBA program typically combines classwork and individual coaching for personal development.

4. Safe for International Students

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates. The country is known for its social progress and development offering a diverse and cosmopolitan environment.

Top Business Schools Offering 1 Year MBA in Canada

There are several prestigious Canadian business schools and universities offering quality MBA programs that last for 12-month durations. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent ones:

Ivey Business School

Recognised for its excellence worldwide, Ivey Business School of the Western University is defined by its outstanding track record for developing business leaders. The school offers a 1 year MBA in Canada. Students who aspire to achieve their career goals in less time with the help of top-ranked career management team and an extensive alumni network can consider Ivey, as a great study abroad option.

Sauder School of Business

The UBC Sauder School of Business is a faculty at The University of British Columbia. The school offers a 12 to 15-month MBA program to North America’s most culturally diverse bodies, with 60-70% of students coming from outside Canada. The course pattern combines classroom learning with practical experience with global immersion. Its study curriculum is built around five experiential learning factors which rely on creativity, decision making, sustainability and ethics, global issues and microeconomics, and leadership development. Known for its 1 year MBA in Canada, UBC Sauder is a wise choice to international students.

HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal is the first Canadian business school in the world. It offers an internationally renowned management education and research to students across the world. The school is famous for its 1 year MBA in Canada with a strong emphasis on practical work experience. Students are taught with effective teaching methods to actively enhances their skills. 

Alberta School of Business

The Alberta School of Business of the University of Alberta offers a 1 year MBA in Canada that is designed to allow students with existing business knowledge to take their leadership skills to another level. The students are provided with 5 core electives throughout the degree program. Aiming to bring together world-class faculty with the brightest students, the UAlberta MBA program equips you with all the required skills and knowledge to advance your career.

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We hope that you’re now familiar with options to pursue a 1 year MBA in Canada. If you are planning to pursue MBA programs in Canada and need assistance, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu, who can guide you in taking a concise decision about your career. 

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Every organization looks for dynamic professionals with a specialized skill set. Completing a bachelor’s degree may not help…