Skill Development Courses

Skill Development Courses

In this dynamic world, a single advantage will tip the balance to your benefit. Organizations around the world are also heavily investing in specialised courses aimed at improving technical and academic skills. These initiatives are a welcome change because they enable students and working employees to actively analyze business paradigm and to expand their job opportunities. These courses are relevant and help you keep up with the latest technology and regulations of the industry.

What is Skill Development?

Our whole life is simply a long period of developing our skills. We learn to walk. We learn to speak. We learn how to take care of ourselves. All of this is achieved through the same general method of repeating something over and over before it becomes a subconscious act. We follow the same trend as we develop skills later in life. The only distinction is that we are much more conscious and interested in our engagement in studying. 

Skill Development can be basically defined as the process of:

  • Identifying a person’s skills and knowledge gaps 
  • To develop and strengthen these skills. It’s critical because your skills decide your ability to effectively implement your plans. 

Skill Development can be broadly classified into two categories. They are:

  • Hard skills: Skills relevant to some specific task; typically readily quantifiable. They aim to be knowledge-based, such as subject proficiency, training, and specialized qualifications. Fluency in a language, XYZ tech skills, graphic design and scripting are all hard skills.
  • Soft skills: Personality skills that tend to be transferable, such as collaboration, management, problem-solving, stress management, decision-making, flexibility, ability to cope with challenges, and communication.

Why Pursue Skill Development Courses?

With the present industrial scenario, the recognition and advancement of skills development courses is a significant step towards better job profile prospects, and this goes hand in hand with industry requirements. Now that globalisation is on the rise, the expectations of the professional candidates are on the rise. This can be achieved in part by focusing our efforts on industry-specific skills.

The challenge for these courses is ultimately to expand the number of candidates to which these skills are taught while retaining the standard of these courses. Changing developments in every industry are calling for better-oriented candidates capable of addressing transition and helping to drive up the pace of growth in the country.

Top Skill Development Courses 

Most of the companies are trying to offer skill development programs to enhance the in-house candidates as well as those wishing to join the industry. Some of the skill development courses are listed down below: 

Applied and Pure Sciences

This skill development course teaches about our environment, matter, and life, everything that surrounds us. This course helps you enhance your scientific thinking abilities, analytical approach to problems and mathematical speed. This course amongst other subjects includes 

  • Chemistry 
  • Biology
  • Astronomy 
  • Physics
  • Material science
  • Physical sciences 
  • Mathematics 

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

This skill development course covers most of the topics of rural management, land-based industries crops, animal welfare, climate change, etc. This course is designed to have subjects like 

  • Horticulture
  • Farm Management
  • Plant and Crop Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary Medicine amongst other subjects. 

Business and Management

Covering all kinds of professional topics such as HR, finance, marketing, accounting, etc, is this skill development course. This course is structured to develop your management and leadership skills. It includes subjects like

  • Business Studies
  • Quality management
  • Retail 
  • E-commerce
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing, amongst other subjects

Social Studies and Media

In this skill development course, you are taught all about communication between humans with their respective societies. It includes topics like tv and films. You are also taught anthropology and psychology, making you more knowledgeable about human interactions. Some of the subjects includes:

  • Journalism 
  • Social work
  • Politics
  • Social media
  • Public administration
  • Sociology 
  • Linguistics

Creative Arts and Designs

Develop your creative side with this skill development course. Any area of creativity from video games to painting is covered in this course. Some of the subjects covered through this course are:

  • Industrial Design
  • Non-industrial Design
  • Dance
  • Theatre and Drama Studies
  • Music
  • Graphic Designs
  • Crafts 
  • Fashion Designs

These were some of the skill development courses that are designed to help you develop and enhance your abilities.

Institutes for Skill Development Courses

Listed below are some of the institutes that offer various skill development courses:

Institutes for Skill Development Courses in India

The Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship of India (MSDE) unveiled the National Skills Development Strategy (NPSD) 2009 covering many initiatives aimed at providing skills development courses to young Indians. 

In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi updated these programmes instead of a skill growth agenda and introduced a new initiative called ‘Skill India’ which offered many courses like SANKALP, STAR and Udaan. To know more about these Skill Development Courses, head over to Skill India website.

Top Skill Development Courses

Here is a list of top skill development courses which will inculcate in you all those skills that are most in demand these days and will help you succeed in our highly competitive world. 

  1. Training Workshops Sponsored by ISRO: The Indian space research organisation (ISRO) offers various courses which are meant to develop skills in individuals required in the field of science and engineering. The subject covered under the skill development courses offered is vast including a number of courses on astronomy, Astrophysics, mathematical modelling, RS Systems, GPS technology, digital systems and remote sensing to name a few. If you wish to enhance your technical and scientific skills then choosing one skill development course offered by ISRO might be the right choice for you. 
  2. AIIMS New Delhi Workshop Series: To help all the medical aspirants in developing some additional skills which might accelerate their career, AIIMS in collaboration with other medical institutions offer a number of skill development courses. There are a number of courses which are offered annually from here you can choose the one which matches your interests. There are workshops on Facial plastics and rhinoplasty, practical paediatric oncology, mechanical ventilation to choose from. 
  3. Graphic Designing: In today’s technologically advanced world, digit art has acquired a central stage. So, if you wish to be a part of this new world of creativity then taking up a skill development course in graphic designing might help you immensely. Various Institutes and websites like Pearl Academy, Syracuse University, Udemy and Coursera offer a number of online classes on graphic designing which you can easily access on a part-time basis. 
  4. Photo/Video Editing: Nowadays, every kind of video content is gaining significance. Video editing skill is something which comes handy in every industry which gives prominence to video content. May it be our film industry or social networking sites like Instagram or YouTube require a skilled individual to edit their visual content. So, do a skill development course in photo/video editing and you will see a plethora of opportunities opening in front of you. 
  5. Digital Marketing: We all know how the internet is slowly conquering the entire world and this is felt even in the field of marketing. Now, marketing has attained a completely new form and scope with a shift towards the digital medium. So, if you wish to be a part of this digital world, doing a skill development course might be helpful. Digital marketing covers a variety of topics including search engine optimization (SEO), content automation, content marketing, etc., all of which will increase your employment prospects. 
  6. Introduction to Public Speaking: If you have a knack for public speaking then doing this particular skill development course might help you hone your skills. In this course, you will learn about all the technicalities and skills required to become an efficient and confident public speaker. Furthermore,  you will learn how to structure your speeches, arguments or presentations in the most informative and convincing manner. 
  7. Academic and Business Writing: Writing is a skill which can never go out of trend. So, if you invest your time in attending a skill development course in academic or Business writing, it will definitely benefit you in some way or the other. Anyone can write but to master this art, you need to polish your skills continuously and this course provides you with such a platform. 
  8. Programming: Without even saying anything you know the significance programming skills have in today’s technical world. Therefore, nowadays a number of organisations and Institutes offer various skills development  courses in programming. These include Java, Python, HTML, C++, etc. and depending on your interest you can select on for yourself. 
  9. Nafari Training Programmes: The national agricultural and food analysis and research institute (nafari) offers a variety of courses related to food analysis and agriculture. Food analytics, Food Microbiology, Chemical and Microbiology Analysis of Food and Water are some of the major skill development courses offered by Nafari. 
  10. Art and Creative Thinking: If you are trying to establish a career for yourself in an art related field then this particular skill development course might contribute a lot to your professional development. This course teaches you how to observe, perceive and comprehend the things around you in order to come up with original creative ideas. 

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