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Bachelor of Vocational Education (B.Voc): BVOC Course List, Syllabus & Fees

Planning one’s tertiary education after the schooling journey is quite a complicated task. While some school students find clarity about their prospective career quest about what they want to do further in life and which stream they should opt for during their secondary school stage, many don’t perceive mainstream academics as their cup of tea and instead find themselves inclined towards the exploration of offbeat careers. Catering to those students, more and more vocational, polytechnic and skill development courses are being introduced by academic institutions across the globe aiming to prepare young individuals with the required skills to begin their career at an early stage. Through this blog, we are bringing you a comprehensive list of vocational courses as well as the major educational institutions you can consider. 

List of Vocational Courses

Often referred to as technical education, vocational education strives to incorporate skill-based learning and training that can equip students with the necessary technical qualifications as well as abilities to begin at an entry-level job in their chosen field. Below we have elaborated some of the popular vocational courses that you must consider while exploring short term courses after the 12th.

1. Diploma in Biomedical Science

The field of Biomedical Science is one of the future first careers filled with immense scope and varied prospects. Students pursuing vocational courses in this field such as a Diploma in Biomedical Science are provided with a deep understanding of the human anatomy along with the biological and physical processes of the human body. Generally, this course comprises core subjects such as Cell Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Professional and Personal Development, Immunology, the evolution of infectious diseases, etc. Further, it is one of the popular short-term courses after 10th and requires students to have Maths and Science as the main disciplines in 10th standard. 

2. Diploma in Agriculture

A Diploma in Agriculture is one of those vocational courses that encourage students to be at the forefront of the agricultural industry. Through this comprehensive program, you will be provided with specialized skills in facilitating farming practices, soil health, pasture, ways to improve farming efficiency, budgeting, production planning, animal husbandry, crop management, climate risk strategies, etc. After earning a Diploma in Agriculture, the students can explore career opportunities in varied sectors from agribusiness enterprises to rural production industries and many more. The students who have completed their 12th class with MPC subjects are eligible to apply for this program. 

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3. Diploma in Network Engineering

For those who have just completed their 12th class, with computer science as one of their main subjects, a Diploma in Network Engineering is one of the best vocational courses to opt for. This program aims to equip aspirants with the necessary knowledge and skills to design, operate and maintain the data network apparatus of an organization thus preparing them for beginner-level roles in the areas of information technology and telecommunication, helpdesk support, etc. Many students also use this course as a pathway program to enrol for various bachelor’s degrees in Software Engineering, Information Technology and Networking courses.

4. Certificate in Digital Production, Writing and Design

This 10 months certificate course in Digital Production, Writing and Design is one of the vocational courses that provide students with the knowledge of using various digital media tools and teaches them about creating advertisements, vlogs, images, social media adverts, etc. It is amongst the popular animation courses which you can enrol into after completing 12th and explore various fields like web designing, digital video and audio production, writing for journalism, digital photography and the like. Pursuing this program will help you comprehend the use of media tools to create and manipulate digital products and communicating effectively through digital mediums. 

5. Diploma in Performing Arts

With an amalgamation of two major disciplines in Performing Arts, i.e. Film and Theatre, this is one of those vocational courses which aims to assist students to explore the field of production, acting and theatre. This full-time 2-year diploma program can be pursued by anyone who has completed 12th class and is looking forward to entering the media, entertainment and arts industry. Upon completing this diploma, the students have a sky full of career opportunities in an array of fields such as acting, producing, stage management, editing, production designing, scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, amongst others.

6. College Certificate in Labour Relations

Focusing on the interactions between labourers in a unionized force and managers over varied issues and aspects, this field is broadly referred to as the study of Labour Relations. Another crucial mention in our list of vocational courses, this college certificate incorporates the study of the theories, principles and policies about collective bargaining as well as focusing on the socio-economic and political factors that affect labour relations. Imparting the skills of administering joint agreements, arbitration processes, legislative frameworks, standard grievance procedures, this certificate program in labour relations can be pursued by anyone who has completed their higher secondary education school and has exceptional communication skills along with a keen interest in law administration. 

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7. Diploma in Mass Communication

Mass Communication courses after the 12th are amongst the most sought-after vocational courses in the contemporary world. Since this field is replete with an array of specialisations, be it print, broadcast or digital, the career prospects are multifold. A Diploma in Mass Communication equips students with all the practical knowledge and skills for reporting and generating industry-relevant content. The outline of this 2-year diploma program includes different topics including information technology, mass communication, mass media and society, electronic publishing, journalism, media ethics, photojournalism, copy editing, production and publication, and the like. The career prospects in this domain include content writing, reporting, journalism, filmmaking, advertising etc.

Other Vocational Courses

  • Diploma of Screen Media
  • Diploma of Legal Studies
  • Certification in Japanese
  • Diploma in Business Studies
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma of Aviation
  • Diploma of Criminology
  • Certificate in Comics and Graphic Novels

Vocational Courses Around the World

University Vocational Course Explore the Courses
City of Bristol College, UK Visual Arts and Design
Performing Arts
National Center for Education Statistics, USA Agriculture
Business and Office
Marketing and Distribution
Occupational Home Economics
Trade and Industry
Technical and Communications
EduCanada, Canada Agriculture and Agri-food
Broadcasting and Journalism
Dental Hygiene
Engineering Technology
IAS College, Germany Nursing
Hotel & Gastronomy
Roof Mechanic/ Builder

Top Universities offering Vocational Courses

There is a multitude of academic institutions that offer vocational courses to students around the world. Take a look at the following list of universities you can consider for pursuing short-term and vocational programs in a plethora of specialisations.

Thus, we hope that we have got you covered with all the popular vocational courses offered across the globe. If you are looking forward to studying any short-term program but don’t know which one to opt for, take the help of our experienced Leverage Edu counsellors by signing up for a free 30-minute career counselling session and we’ll guide you in finding an ideal program and university that aligns with your interests and preferences and prepares for a shining career in your chosen field.

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