Sanitary Inspector Course

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Sanitary Inspector Course

Sanitation is an important aspect at an individual as well as a communal level. Sanitation comes under the health sector and varies from food sanitation to communal hygiene. A sanitary inspector usually looks after public health and hygiene. If you are interested in working in the health sector and community health and hygiene then this course might suit your job aspirations. This course does not require you to specialize in any field and the versatility of this field is one of the other factors that might attract you. Here is all the information that you will need about the sanitary inspector course.

Sanitary Inspector Course Requirements 

There are certain basic eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled for pursuing a sanitary inspector course:

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  • For a diploma in the sanitary inspection, you need to complete your education till 10th standard after which you will be eligible to apply for this course. 
  • You can graduate from your senior secondary school in any stream for pursuing this course.
  • You can also pursue this diploma after completing your bachelor’s degree in a course like natural science, environmental science or sanitary science.

Job Prospects after a Sanitary Inspector Course

There are a number of job opportunities available after pursuing a sanitary inspector course. This course also comes under allied health services and plays an important role in the medical and health care sector. There are a number of job opportunities available in both the private and public sectors. Here are some job prospects that you might find interesting:

Sanitary Inspector Course- Health Inspector: This is one of the most popular job prospects for people interested in the health and sanitation sector. A health inspector looks after and maintains hygiene standards for various organizations and public places like restaurants, pools and public parks. A health inspector may also look at food safety and hygiene at various public and private eateries. Health inspectors also investigate and monitor health hazards to keep the public safe.

Sanitary Inspector Course- Medical Assistant: A medical assistant is part of an allied health sector and acts as a supporter to a doctor or any other professional in various tasks. A medical assistant may help in clinical as well as in administrative work and is an important part of the institution. 

Sanitary Inspector Course- Field Assistant: A field assistant helps in taking surveys and recording as well as administering various health surveys taken up by private as well as public health institutions. A surveyor plays an important role in keeping track of health-related issues of any community or population. The job of a surveyor may vary from field trips to desk jobs.

Sanitary Inspector Course- Surveyor: The task of a surveyor is to take up surveys and examine various institutions in terms of hygiene and safety. A surveyor is also responsible for licensing and certification to various private and public institutions.

Sanitary Inspector Course- Fields You Can Pursue 

A sanitary inspector as mentioned earlier looks at the various areas of healthcare and is not just limited to the field of medicine. Here are a few fields of work which require a sanitary inspector:

  • Food Department: Food hygiene is one of the most important requirements when it comes to mass production hence this area needs constant supervision for safe production.
  • Public Health Department: This department takes care of public health and sanitation and hence a sanitary inspector can help monitor communal hygiene.
  • Railway Department: This is one of the biggest public sectors and needs constant supervision when it comes to hygiene and sanitation right from food to basic cleanliness.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants: Waste management is an important aspect of public hygiene hence keeping a record as well as looking after the smooth functioning of this department requires officials like sanitary inspectors.

Coming to a decision about your career can be quite challenging as it is difficult to understand whether a particular course is the right fit for you. If you are someone who is confused about whether this course is an ideal choice for you, let the experts at Leverage Edu help you make a decision that takes into account your strengths and interests.

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