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Renowned for the mesmerizing Niagara Falls, delectable maple syrup and the beautiful Northern Lights, Canada has truly emerged as one of the multicultural countries in the world! Welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds, the country is also considered amongst the top study destinations attracting scores of international students every year. From a plethora of diploma programs to prominent degree courses, the globally acclaimed universities and colleges in Canada offer a wide range of academic opportunities in almost every field of study. There are numerous affordable universities in Canada that offer economical programs for international students along with varied scholarships, fee waivers and grants! This blog brings you a complete list of cheap universities in Canada offering affordable academic programs to international students!

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Cheap Universities in Canada

Given below is a list of the best cheap universities in Canada along with their estimated average tuition fee:

Universities/Colleges  Average Course Fees for Degree Programs (in CA$)
Brandon University $13,000 – $15,000 CAD [₹ 7,60,079 – ₹ 8,76,964] 
University of Guelph $16,997 – $19,529 [₹ 9,93,557 – ₹ 11,41,565] 
Memorial University of Newfoundland $8,130 – $15,271 [₹ 4,75,187 – ₹ 8,92,544]
Canadian Mennonite University $17,000 (₹ 9,93,704)
University of St. Boniface $4,600 – $7,500 [₹2,60,000- ₹4,38,507 ]
McGill University $15,324 – $29,666 (₹8,94,993 – ₹17,33,419).
Humber College $10,687 – $19,807 (₹6,24,257 – ₹11,56,982)
University of Calgary $3,826 – $29,087 (₹2,23,459 – ₹16,98,748) 
University of Northern British Columbia $734.03 – $1,715.16 per credit hour [ ₹40,000 – ₹95,765] 
Centennial College  $18,900 for 2 semesters for Degree Programs [ ₹10,56,000 ]
Humber College $12,900 – $17,800 [ ₹7,21,000- ₹9,96,000]
Lethbridge College $4,500 – $51,800 [₹2,51,000 – ₹28,92,000] 
Algonquin College  $9,754 per year [₹5,45,000] 
Simon Fraser University  $5,300 per year [INR 3,06,467]
University of Saskatchewan $6,536 per year [INR 3,77,937]
University of Prince Edward Island $7,176 per year [INR 4,14,945]
Carleton University $7,397 per year [INR 4,27,724]
Dalhousie University $9,192 per year [INR 5,31,518]
University of Alberta $10,260 per year [INR 5,93,274]
University of Manitoba $10,519 per year [INR 6,08,250]
University of Regina $13,034 per year [INR 7,53,678]
Queen’s University at Kingston $14,747 per year [INR 8,52,730]
University of Ottawa $15,500 per year [INR 8,96,272]
Cape Breton University $17,200 per year [INR 9,94,573]

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Let’s know more about some of these cheap universities in Canada in detail!

Brandon University 

Located in the beautiful city of Manitoba, Brandon University was established in the year 1889. With the present student population of 3,000 students, the university has been accoladed as the #1 University for its student and teacher ratio of 12:1 by Maclean’s Magazine in 2018. As one of the most affordable and cheap universities in Canada, BU has been globally recognized as a student-focused university and has designed programs rooted in strong Liberal Arts and Science tradition to facilitate an interactive and productive learning environment for students. The average tuition fee of the popular undergraduate courses at Brandon University ranges from 13,000-15,000 CAD [roughly ₹ 7,60,079 -₹ 8,76,964 ] while the course fees of postgraduate programs are somewhere around 6,400 CAD [roughly ₹ 3,74,159 ]. Some of the popular programs at BU include, 

  • Master of Rural Development
  • Master of Education 
  • BSc Computer Science 
  • Master of Music [M.Mus] Performance and Literature
  • Bachelor of Nursing

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph brings together Ontario Agricultural College, Macdonald Institute and Ontario Veterinary College and was established in 1964. It is one of the top universities in Canada for programs in Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences and Food Science. Amongst the 11 departments spread across 19 majors and minors, you can choose from a vast range of short-term and full-fledged degree programs at affordable tuition costs. Another key mention in our list of cheap universities in Canada, the University of Guelph offers undergraduate programs at an average tuition cost of 16,997 CAD – 19,529 CAD [roughly ₹ 9,93,557- ₹ 11,41,565 ] and the same for PG courses is 8,644 CAD- 17,808 CAD [roughly ₹ 5,05,332- ₹ 10,40,920 ]. Take a look at some of the sought-after programs at the University of Guelph:

Memorial University of Newfoundland 

Situated on the Canada East coast, the Memorial University of Newfoundland was originally founded as a memorial service for those who were martyred in World War 1 and 2. It began as an academic institution in 1925 and is the only university in Newfoundland and Labrador. Presently it is home to 18,000 students from more than countries and has been featured at the 22nd position amongst the Best Global Universities in Canada 2020 by the US News and Reports. Being a reputed public institution, the university avails hundreds of courses and over 125 exchange programs in more than 40 countries across the globe. As one of the cheap universities in Canada offering affordable bachelor’s and master’s degrees, MUN offers undergraduate courses at an average course fee of CAD 11,460 [roughly ₹ 6,40,400 INR] for courses with 30 credit hours and for postgraduate courses come around 8,130 – 15,271 CAD [roughly ₹ 4,75,187 – ₹ 8,92,544 ]. Check out the popular courses offered at MUN:

Canadian Mennonite University

Religiously affiliated to Mennonite Church Canada, the Canadian Mennonite University is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The university offers internationally accredited 3-4 year undergraduate and postgraduate programs across diverse disciplines such as Theological Studies, Divinity, Communications and Media, Biology, Intercultural Studies, Music, amongst others. The student-faculty ratio of the Canadian Mennonite University is 1:18 and for the year 2020-21, the tuition fee for international students is CAD 17,000 (₹ 9,93,704) for 3-credit courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Check out the popular programs offered at the Canadian Mennonite University:

  • BA in Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Collaborative MBA
  • Master of Divinity 
  • MA Christian Ministry

University of St. Boniface

Known as the first university ever established in Western Canada, the University of St. Boniface came to practice as early as 1818. Although the institution received its status as a university back in the year 2011, it is constantly known as one of the coveted and affordable universities in Canada. The university offers a varied range of undergraduate programs across several disciplines such as Business Administration, Arts, Health, Education, amongst others. The course fee of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for international students is $4,600 -$7,500 [roughly ₹260,000- ₹4,38,507 ] for the first year. Here are the top courses offered by the University of St. Boniface:

McGill University 

Known as one of the most sought after universities of Canada, the McGill University was established in the year 1821. Located amidst the beauty of Montreal, Quebec, McGill University has a remarkable number of international students from a total of 150 countries. Interesting trivia about McGill University includes the fact that it is a member of the Association of American Universities since the year 1926. With a total of 41,000 students, approximately 31% or 12,800 are international students. The average tuition fees for popular postgraduate courses are between CAD 15,324 – 29,666 (₹8,94,993 -₹17,33,419). The undergraduate fee range between CAD 21,388 – 57,575 (₹12,50,582 to ₹33,65,810) The annual meals and hostel expense comes to approximately an average of ₹3,60,000. The campus is spread over 80 acres and is divided into upper campus and lower campus. The researchers at McGill University have made some landmark discoveries such as the theory of Advancement of Atomic Theory, DNA and genetic codes. Some of the popular courses at McGill University include.

University of Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the University of Calgary is another popular university offering courses at a low price. The entire university is spread over four campuses with one campus even in Doha, Qatar. The main campus is home to some of the top faculties who are equipped with top-class research skills and athletic facilities. The staff is friendly and supportive towards students and the atmosphere in the university is amicable. The University of Calgary was ranked 6th by the Research Infosource in Canada. The employment rate for graduate students from this university is 94.1%. The application fee for students is CAD 14 5(₹8,301 approximately). The average fees for Masters courses are CAD 29,087 (₹16,98,748). Whereas, for bachelor courses, the fees are at an average of CAD 2,218 – 3,826 (₹1,29,522 to ₹2,23,459). Some of the most popular courses over here are as follows.

Humber College

Another name in our exclusive list of cheap universities in Canada is Humber College or Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. It is one of the publicly funded colleges in Ontario. With a whopping 200 plus programs, Humber College is spread over three main campuses. The total area of the college is 250 acres. It gets its name due to its location near the Humber River. The Humber College boasts 2,40,000 alumni which are spread all over the world. The average meals and hostel cost comes to an annual of ₹6,04,000. The average fee of Bachelor courses offered here is CAD 10,687 – 19,807 (₹6,24,257 – ₹11,56,982). Some of the most popular courses here include the following.

  • BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)
  • B Tech
  • Diploma in Computer Programer
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada depends on the city you choose to live in and the type of accommodation you choose. The average cost for off-campus accommodation ranges between CAD 400 – CAD 3,000 /month (₹21,000 – ₹1,62,000). Other essential utilities including internet, electricity, water, etc. can range between CAD 150 – CAD 200/ month (₹8,758- ₹11,676). For transportation, students must spare a minimum amount of CAD 50 – 90/ month (₹2,919 – ₹5,255).

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Scholarships in Canada

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Which province in Canada is cheaper?

Quebec City ranks as the most affordable of the 15 largest cities and is one of the cheapest places to live in Canada.

Is it cheaper to study in Canada or UK?

Comparing tuition fees and cost of living, Canada is much cheaper than the UK for international students.

Is there any free university in Canada?

There is no university in Canada that will be completely free for an international student. However, you can look for scholarships that can cover the complete cost of studying and living in Canada.

Which university gives the most scholarship to international students in Canada?

The University of Winnipeg and The University of Calgary offer the most scholarships for international students.

Is it cheaper to study in the USA or Canada?

The tuition fees and other living expenses for an international student studying in Canada are lesser than in the USA.

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you explore the best affordable and cheap universities in Canada. Aspiring to pursue higher studies in Canada? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you through the process of finding the right course and university as well as assisting you throughout the admission procedure. Sign up for a free session with us today!

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