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Short Courses Online

The unanticipated outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has redirected the world to online learning platforms. As part of preventive measure till the time vaccine for COVID-19 is developed, quarantine and social distancing seems out to be the plausible precautions. Why not use the extra times we are getting judiciously? Within the comfort of our homes and flexibility of time, we can access enormous short courses online and attain some quality education. Either you can enhance your test prep for various competitive exams through these courses, catch on to your passion or can learn something new. If you want to know more about some worthy online courses, go ahead with this blog.  

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AI: Implications for Business Strategy by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Offered by the (MIT) Sloan School of Management, this course will equip you with the strategies through which you can learn to apply the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence into your business. You will get a hold of the machine learning, natural learning processing and potential of robotics etc.  

Course Starting Date: May 5–Jun 22, 2021
Duration: 6 weeks (6-8 hours a week)
Offered by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Property Development and Investment by University of Cape Town 

Property Development and Investment is one of the most interesting short courses online, offered in the field of real estate. Throughout the duration of the course, you would gain knowledge regarding how to expand your asset portfolio with property management along with how to effectively navigate the landscape of property development and entrepreneurship.

Course Starting Date: 26 April 2021
Duration: 8 weeks (7-10 hours per week)
Offered by: University of Cape Town 

Accelerated Management Program by Yale University 

The Yale School of Management Executive Education avails this unique short online course which aims to impart foundational knowledge about core skills and tools to manage business more effectively. You will also learn how to tackle various challenges which may arise in the organizational functions along with understanding the elements of modern business, the value of time and money and leveraging the social networks.

Course Starting Date: May 12, 2021
Duration: 8 weeks (8-10 hours per week)
Offered by: Yale University 

FinTech Online Short Course by Harvard University

The finTech landscape has emerged out to be one high-end digital technology giving rise to new transformation in banking and financial services. Thus, one of the best short courses online is offered to explain how to serve customers’ evolving financial needs. Students will apprehend the holistic understanding of the latest innovations and technologies which hold the power to shape the future of business and finance. 

Course Starting Date: June 9 – July 27, 2021
Duration: 6 weeks (8-10 hours per week)
Offered by: Harvard University 

Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme by the Oxford University 

Being of the most opted short courses online, this program by the Said Business School strives to impart insights about the behaviour of consumer has evolved in combination with the strategies about how to adapt the changes. The emphasis of the program is laid developing a future-focused vision on marketing while learning about the data analytics involved in decision-making.

Course Starting Date: 14 April 2021
Duration: 8 weeks (7-10 hours per week)
Offered by: University of Oxford 

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford University 

This is one of the best selling short term courses online by highly prestigious and globally renowned Stanford University. The course will significantly assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics and mathematical reasoning, which is distinct from doing mathematics. You’ll also recognise the distinction between school math and skilled math. This course is an excellent tool for assisting learners and students in developing a critical mindset. To put it another way, the course will teach you how to think like a mathematician – a strong cognitive mechanism that has evolved over thousands of years.

Course Starting Date: Anytime on Coursera  
Duration: 9 weeks (4-5 hours per week)
Offered by: Stanford University

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by University Of California Berkeley

We have all seen and heard about the rise and the sudden hype behind blockchain technology, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Having said that, it’s just a small teaser of the future that we are about to see which will be of course revolve around bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for sure. The University of California, Berkeley has somehow accepted that the future belongs to cryptocurrencies and bitcoins and hence have come up with this short term online course. This course is developed by the Blockchain Department at Berkeley and faculty from UC Berkeley’s top Computer Science department, introduces Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the inspiration for blockchain technology and offers a detailed and in-depth overview of the fundamental concepts of the crypto space, with a focus on Bitcoin.

Course Starting Date: April 6, 2021 
Duration: 6 weeks (3-5 hours per week)
Offered by: University of California Berkeley

Academic and Business Writing by University Of California Berkeley

Another one of the highly demanded and popular short term courses online that the University of California, Berkeley has to offer is Academic and Business Writing. This short-term online course focuses on grammar, vocabulary, structure, editing, and publishing as a means of raising awareness and introducing students to academic and business writing. This short-term online course is a great way for students to work on improving grammatical correctness, vocabulary growth, and revision and editing skills while focusing on understanding the demands of different types of writing.

Course Starting Date: April 6, 2021 
Duration: 6 weeks (3-5 hours per week)
Offered by: University of California Berkeley 

Google Project Management Professional Certificate 

What could be better than receiving certification from Google itself after completing a prestigious short-term course online? This professional certification course is a perfect amalgamation of 6 different courses which was developed by Google Career’s seasoned instructors and will provide you with all you need to get started as a professional project manager. By enrolling in this technical certification programme, you will gain a thorough understanding of the techniques and skills necessary to excel in an entry-level project management role.

Course Starting Date: Anytime on Coursera 
Duration: Approximately 6 months 
Offered by: Google via Coursera 

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel By Microsoft 

Microsoft’s Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel course is one of their most popular and well-received. Excel has long been recognised as one of the most common tools for analysing and visualising data. This online certification course will help you improve your Excel skills, which is one of the most commonly used tools by data scientists to compile, transform, analyse, and visualise data.

Course Starting Date: Future dates to be announced
Duration: 6 weeks (2–4 hours per week)
Offered by: Microsoft via edx

Apart from these short courses online, here is a list of online programs you can choose from to make the best out of your lockdown days.

  •  AI for Everyone- (Coursera) 
  • Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT- Futurelearn
  • Teaching English Online: China and Beyond- Futurelearn 
  • Python and Data Science- IBM (Coursera)
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design- California Institute of the Arts (Coursera) 
  • Search Engine and Optimization (SEO)- University of Cape Town 
  • Machine Learning: Practical Application online Certificate course- London School of  Economics and Political Science 
  • Data Science Essentials – Berkley School of Information
  • Modern Art & Ideas- The Museum of Modern Art  (Coursera)
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking- Stanford University (Coursera)
  • Think Again I: How to Understand the Arguments (Coursera)
  • Social Norms, Social Change: University of Pennslyvania (Coursera)
  • Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles- Harvard University 
  • Data Science: R Basics- Harvard University 
  • The Architectural Imagination- Harvard University 
  • Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis- Stanford University (Coursera)

Thus, we hope this blog on short courses online has provided you with insights into the latest and trending programs. Want to study abroad but don’t know which universities or courses are right for you? Allow our AI Course Finder to assist you! Book an E-meeting with Leverage Edu in order to get all your career-related queries resolved!

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