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Professional certifications

In the present highly competitive world, everyone is vying to make their mark and stand out from the crowd. Apart from the necessary education degrees, it is important to have supplementary knowledge in your field. Professional certifications not only increase your chances of being chosen but also add value to your position and broaden your expertise and career horizons. They add to your knowledge and helps you develop new skills and understanding of your field of interest. With every business in incorporating data technologies and information systems, the demand for cloud computing, security managers and cybersecurity has been rising. The two highest-paid certifications in 2020 are considered to be in the field of cloud computing and cybersecurity. Scroll through this exclusive blog to know all about the best and highest paying professional certifications of 2020.

Top-Paying Certifications 2020

To help you find the right certification which can significantly boost your career and expertise, we have curated a comprehensive list of top 10 highest paying professional certifications of 2020. If you study from universities abroad, you would be getting a descent package after your study.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 (VCP6-DCV)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Now let’s elaborate more upon this popular professional certifications:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect 

As one of the preferred cloud computing courses and professional certifications among computer technicians is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect course. Students who complete this course can apply for the position of Cloud Architect in the IT sector and earn an average salary of $175,761 (INR 1,30,00,000 roughly). This certification program provides effective hands-on experience for designing feasible and extensible systems on AWS. It will also help you build secure and customer-friendly designs using AWS technologies. AWS courses also provide projects where you can get a thorough practical experience of making your own designs and testing them. The AWS certificate course also recommends various tips and tricks to enhance the understanding of basic architectural principles, AWS global infrastructure,  network technologies and security features and tools.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Launched in 2017, GCP cloud architecture is frequently listed as one of the top-paying professional certification courses. You may get very high salary if you search for good foreign universities for Indian students. It helps businesses achieve their goals in an easier manner by using cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform. A person who certifies as a GCP Cloud Architect is generally hired to design, form and provide reliable and assured cloud architectures. While During your course, you build in-depth knowledge of:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Services provided by GCP like Networking, Storage, Databases, Containers, Virtual Machine, Google Cloud Function, etc. 
  • Storage & Database Services by GCP like Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, etc.
  • Reliable cloud operations to build security that include, Cloud IAM, KMS, Resource Manager, Security Scanner, etc.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

This is one of the highest ranked courses for security managers. It provides effective knowledge along with practical experience to build expertise in Information security management, maintenance, risk and incident management. There are over 4600+ CISM holders who receive an average salary of about $148,622 (INR 1,09,40,087). It provides you with excellent skills required to develop access and manage a company’s information security.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Certification in Risk and Information Systems Control is the best professional certification for those working professionals who have extensive experience in managing the challenges in business designs and identify the incorporated IT risks. You can further enhance your knowledge of risk and information systems through this program and learn about a company’s IT risks by conducting assured risk analysis. Apart from IT professional and risk control experts, the course can also be useful for Business Analysts and Project managers.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Another key mention in our list of professional certifications, the PMP certification course was originally formulated by the Project Management Institute. This rigorous course assists employees and managers to develop adroitness regarding the creation, design, development, execution of projects. A project manager knows the right approach that will help the company grow. A certified PMP earns $143,493 (INR 1,05,62,000) on an average per year. Project management is a highly competitive field which requires you to have supplementary courses to make your mark.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

There are more than 141,607 CISSP certificate holders in the world due to the effective learning curriculum and networking opportunities it has on offer! This professional certification course helps cybersecurity professionals build intense programs and implement them effectively. By doing the course you also build a network and establish newly updated resources for your profession. To apply for the CISSP course, a minimum of 5 years of experience is necessary. The 8 main subjects of the certificate course are as follows:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Since 40 years, CISA Certification has been one of the most important and prime audit courses which impart students and working professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to become an IT Auditor. The certificate provides learners with expertise in auditing information systems, control and management of IT and security, protection of information, amongst others. One of the popular professional certifications, students pursuing this program can opt for the highly demanded profile of IT auditors with an average salary of $132,278 (INR 97,37,000). 

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an examination and is ideal for those with an inclination towards marketing and sales. Taking this professional certification, you will get to learn about the AWS cloud architectural principles, cloud value proposition, the main services provided on the AWS, learn basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS. AWS also provides training for those interested in applying for this exam. The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for this exam is that the candidate must have an experience of at least six months and some basic understanding of IT services and its use. 

VMware Certified Professional 6 (VCP6-DCV)

Another popular professional certification in network security, this program provides learners with the expertise required for managing the vSphere V6.7 infrastructure. The course consists of two practice tests with each test comprising 85 questions each. The test is120 minutes long with the passing score cut-off set at 75%. Students who certify in this course are generally hired for a job position of Systems Architect with an average salary of $130,226 (INR 95,76,793).

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals help candidates to learn about basic concepts such as cloud concepts, Azure services and workloads, security and privacy. The in-depth knowledge about  High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity, Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery are provided through this course. This course is ideally directed towards individuals who are from a non-technical background and have their forte in sales and marketing for the promotion of such cloud computing products. Completing this professional certification, you can apply for the profile of Cloud Engineer and earn an average salary of $126,653 (INR 93,14,500).

Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with the best and highest paying professional certifications of 2020! Confused about finding the right postgraduate program? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will assist you in selecting a suitable course as per your career aspirations! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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