Cinematography Courses in India

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Cinematography Courses in India

Are you fascinated by what goes on beyond the lens and behind the scenes? Wish to explore more? Well, in that case, cinematography is the correct choice of study for you. Every year cinematography witnesses an increase in the number of aspirants who wish to pursue Cinematography Courses in India. If you are one of those and looking for answers to your questions, you will find this blog to be of great help to you. In this blog, we shall discuss the top cinematography courses in India.

Who is a Cinematographer?

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The process of film production involves certain stages and a cinematographer is required during the pre-production stage of the filmmaking. The cinematographer works with the director to ensure their vision is achieved. From the initial stages of filmmaking, a cinematographer is supposed to read the script and likewise plan the scenes including shot coverage, actor blocking, and shot direction. Once the shoot begins, a cinematographer is required to make all the necessary equipment arrangements to ensure the shoot goes as it has been planned. 

Cinematography Courses in India- Top Institutes

In this section, we have listed down some of the top institutes offering cinematography courses in India.

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune 

 Mode of Admission: Through nationally administered Joint Entrance Test (JET), Interview, and Orientation rounds.            

1-year Courses

  • Feature film Screenplay writing
  • Sound Recording and TV Engineering
  • Certificate Course in Video Editing
  • Certificate Course in TV Direction
  • Certificate Course in Electronic Cinematography

2-year courses

  • Diploma in Acting

3 years courses

  • PGD in Editing
  • Diploma in Art Direction and Production Design
  • Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design
  • Diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing
  • Diploma in Cinematography

Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

Mode of Admission – Through a General Aptitude Test


  • Certificate Programme in Screenwriting for Web & TV Series
  • Advanced Diploma in Acting
  • B.Sc in Filmmaking with Direction
  • Advanced Diploma in Filmmaking with Cinematography
  • P.G.D. in Media & Entertainment
  • B.A in Acting
  • B.Sc in Filmmaking with Cinematography

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Mode of Admission – Through Design Aptitude Test, Interviews


  • B.Des in Film and Video Communication
  • B.Des in Animation film design
  • M.Des in Animation Film Design

Asian Academy of Film and Television

Mode of Admission – Through aptitude test and personal interview


  • MSc Cinema + PGD in Cinema (2 Years)
  • B.Sc. Cinema + Diploma in Cinema (3 Years)

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Industry, Kolkata

Mode of Admission – Through nationally administered Joint Entrance Test (JET), Interview and Orientation rounds

3-years Courses

  • Producing for Film & Television
  • Animation Cinema
  • Sound Recording & Design
  • Direction & Screenplay Writing
  • Editing
  • Cinematography

2-year Courses

  • Writing for Electronic & Digital Media
  • Editing for Electronic & Digital Media
  • Direction & Producing for Electronic & Digital Media
  • Sound for Electronic & Digital Media
  • Cinematography for Electronic & Digital Media
  • Electronic & Digital Media Management

Diploma in Cinematography Courses in India

A number of students often take up a diploma cinematography course. It is an undergraduate full time course of 1-2 years duration. The average fees of the diploma course varies from INR 35,000 – INR 1,25,000.

Listed below are institutes offering a diploma course in cinematography –

  • CRAFT Film School, New Delhi
  • Rayat Bahra University
  • MV Media Institute, Lucknow
  • FA School of Media & Films, Mumbai

The mode of admission is through a personal interview and for being eligible for this course students must have cleared 10+2 from a recognised board. 

Diploma Course Curriculum

For students opting for the diploma course, we have provided the curriculum overview below. The following topics are covered during the tenure of the diploma course.

  • Film Dimension and Packaging
  • Processing and Printing
  • Film for Motion Pictures
  • Motion Picture Cameras
  • Various Camera Test
  • Transfer of Film to Video
  • Shooting Format
  • Cinema Projection
  • Types of Film Cameras
  • Special Cinematography
  • Digital Film Making

Eligibility for Cinematography Courses in India

Students who wish to pursue cinematography courses at the top institutes in India must meet the eligibility criteria specified by each university. However, the basic eligibility criteria remain the same for the universities offering cinematography courses in India.

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 from a recognised board.
  • Students must have cleared the aptitude test for securing admission.
  • For a postgraduate degree, students must hold a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field. 

Scope of Cinematography Courses in India

After pursuing a degree in cinematography, students have endless job opportunities as the entertainment industry continues to prosper every year. Thus, making it one of the leading employment industries in our country. Upon gaining two – three years of experience, the job options are endless. Students mostly go for the role of a cinematographer and the salary varies depending upon the firm they choose to work with. As a cinematographer, an aspirant can be employed in the advertisement industry, event management sector, television media, Bollywood, and other filmmaking industries in India. Cinematography students can work as- 

So, this was all about Cinematography Courses in India. Wish to pursue cinematography abroad? Need help with finding the right course and university baroad? Allow our AI Course Finder to assist you. Feed-in your choices and let the AI compare them against millions of accessible data points from across the world. Click here to use our AI Course Finder and get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts for assistance right away!

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  1. I am from Bangladesh. I am currently working with a camera(sony fs 7).I want to complete a course on cinematography. How could i proceed,sir?

  1. I am from Bangladesh. I am currently working with a camera(sony fs 7).I want to complete a course on cinematography. How could i proceed,sir?