Creative Career Options

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Creative Career Options

While everyone is running around to find a job that is mainstream, a job that pays well and a job that sticks to the books, at the same time there are people who go beyond the norms and try to find career opportunities in what they are good at. Usually, it’s the creative aspects that one needs to see and find their future prospects in those aspects. If you are one of those who are not looking for a 9 to 5 job but a job that explores creativity then this blog on creative career options will help you explore the different career prospects that are driven with creativity.

Prerequisites of Creative Career Options

If you have decided to pursue a career in the creative sector then here are some prerequisites to creative career options to help you find suitable opportunities.

  • Prepare a Portfolio: You should have a well-updated and attractive portfolio that speaks for your quality of work. You should keep in mind that a portfolio is a document that introduces an employer to your work.
  • Choose Carefully: Do not settle for something that does not fit your idea of work. Go for something that you really want to do and something that will help you push your boundaries.
  • Keep Building Contacts: One thing that you should keep in mind is that in the creative industry you need to have a lot of contacts. Keep updating your work on social media and look for online ventures where you will be exposed to a lot of opportunities.

Best Creative Career Options in India & Abroad

A job in a creative career depends on what kind of creative opportunities you want to discover. Here are a few fields that you might be interested in along with the kind of job requirements these prospects expect from you.

  1. Design
  2. Photography
  3. Writing
  4. Theatre
  5. Filmmaking
  6. Architecture
  7. Advertising
  8. Art Therapy
  9. Music
  10. Arts & Crafts
  11. Makeup Artists
  12. Web Developer
  13. Multimedia Artists and Animators
  14. Interior Designer
  15. Journlism


This broad field entails a lot of well-paid and respected job opportunities for people who are inclined towards the field of design. This field includes options like interior, fashion, technology, tattoos, etc. The design sector has broadened its prospects into various fields in the private and the public sector. You can not only work in the corporate sector but at the same time create your own venture as well. Here are a few job opportunities for the students of design:


Visual Arts is one of the budding industries in today’s world and Photography is one of the sought-after specialisations in this field. There are abundant opportunities to build a career in Photography and one can work with multinational companies or freelance at the same time. Photography is no longer a hobby once you start meeting the demands of the market. Here are a few opportunities for people who are interested in photography:


This field is an umbrella term for career opportunities that cannot be limited to a specific field. If you think you can write well and are planning to pursue a career in writing then you should not limit yourself to options like creative writing or content writing. These two fields entail many well paid and good career opportunities that one can choose from. Here are a few job prospects that you might be interested in:

  • Writer (Self-employed)
  • Script Writing
  • Editing
  • Content Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Freelance writing


Students of theatre often limit themselves to the career of either acting or directing, but the theatre industry is still alive with a lot of demand in various subfields. One can not only work in a reputed production house but can also start their own at the same time, here are a few opportunities to enlive the artist in you:

  • Acting
  • Stage Managing
  • Screenwriting
  • Direction
  • Backstage Management
  • Costume Design
  • Lights and Sound Management


Filmmaking is one of the major creative career options if you are passionate about visual storytelling. Film-making entails immense jobs and career prospects. Further, under the correct guidance and opportunities, students of filmmaking and cinema can land a job in other fields as well. Here are some key creative career options in filmmaking:


Architects are involved in the planning and designing of different structures including buildings, stadiums etc. This is one of the most popular creative career options due to the immense job scope it offers. Qualified architects are hired by different firms and companies at varied job roles that include:

  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Town Planner
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Landscape Designer


One of the most popular creative career options, advertising has become an essential aspect of every big and small business as every brand wants to establish a strong presence online and connect with its customers in a better way. A rapidly expanding field, there are immense job opportunities available in advertising and marketing and you can further specialise in a sought-after specialisation like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. Some of these job roles include the following:

  • Copywriter
  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Art Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Art Therapy

Art therapy is steadily becoming popular amongst the varied treatments for mental health issues. A combination of psychology and art, Art therapy incorporates the cathartic emotion of artistic endeavours to facilitate and promote mental wellbeing. If you are inclined towards Psychology, this is one of the best specialisations to opt for. Take a look at the popular creative career options offered by Art Therapy:

  • Art Therapists
  • Family Therapists
  • Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
  • Bereavement Counsellors
  • Child Development Specialists
  • Program Directors at Assisted Living Centres


Music has always been a renowned art form and offers amazing creative career options for those gifted with a unique voice or the incredible talent to invent striking tunes and compose beautiful rhythms! Building a career in Music, you can work at your own pace and spend hours brooding over the right inspiration to turn even the simplest of feelings and emotions into evergreen music. Here are the popular career opportunities in the field of Music:

  • Musician
  • Classical singer
  • Music Composer
  • Instrumentalist
  • Music Teacher

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts are also gradually making their place among the popular creative career options. As more and more people are getting inclined towards reinventing new and unique things from scratch, you can also make a shining career in Arts and Crafts by furnishing your inner artist. From illustrations to cartoons as well as sculptures and graffitis, all of these art forms are referred to be a part of Fine Arts and Crafts.

Some of the job opportunities you can choose in this field include:

  • Jewellery Artist
  • Cartoonist
  • Illustrator
  • Sculptor
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Craft Teacher
  • Entrepreneur

Makeup Artists

If you love to play with makeup or makeup as a form of art and expression really fascinates you, then you can definitely try to be a makeup artist. Back in the day, becoming a makeup artist was not even considered a legitimate career. However, times have changed in the present period. Makeup artists are now viewed with the highest respect, and there is a high demand for experienced makeup artists all around the world. As a makeup artist, you may modify actors’ features and bodies to resemble any person in any time period, scene, or scenario, or work with different customers and popular faces for events such as weddings, films, shooting, photography, news reporting, shows, theatre, or other events.

Web Developers

This is one of the most creative career options available for all tech-savvy individuals who enjoy designing and creating websites, guaranteeing a company or customer receives the desired aesthetic as well as the performance and traffic capacity required. Their responsibilities might range from assisting a customer in determining what content should be included on the site to producing code or testing apps. While no technical degree is required for this position, many in the sector have at least an associate’s degree in web design or a diploma or course in the same.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Moving on with our list of the finest creative career options, we now have a vocation that requires both hustle and inventiveness. As a multimedia artist and animator, you will work on two- and three-dimensional models, moving pictures, computer-generated pictures, and visual effects for television, cinema, video games, and other forms of entertainment media. Typically, you will collaborate with customers like directors, game designers, or other animators to assist produce the optimum images needed, set development timelines, and alter the animation or effects depending on such client input.

Interior Designer

Our next creative career options are for anybody who enjoys designing, organising, and reorganising their homes, workspaces, and other areas. It is a profession of interior design. As an interior designer, you must be extremely creative with your ideas, current trends, and designs. You will be working on the plans for homes, companies, and industrial spaces, as well as the usefulness, budget, and aesthetics of a place.


Journalism is another option for creative individuals, with writers covering news for print, Internet, social media, radio and television. On-air, internet, and print journalists are all needed, as well as a strong grip on creative writing and the ability to provide the “who, what, when, where, and why” to each subject.

List of Other Creative Career OptionsChef

  1. Event Planner
  2. Pet Groomer
  3. Radio announcer
  4. Singer
  5. Musician
  6. Dancer
  7. Font Designer
  8. Mobile application designer
  9. Script Writer
  10. Graphic Designer
  11. Radio Jockey
  12. Video Jockey
  13. Podcaster
  14. Vlogger
  15. Blogger

10 Best Creative Courses after 12th

If you want to pursue creative career options after completing your secondary education, then here are the best creative courses after 12th:

  1. Designing CoursesBSc in Fashion Designing/Graphic Designing/Web Designing/Footwear Designing/Game Designing
  2. Photography Courses: BFA in Photography, Bachelors in Photojournalism
  3. Animation Courses: BSc in Animation, Visual Effects courses, BSc Visual Communication
  4. Culinary ArtsChef courses, BA in Culinary Arts
  5. Literature, Linguistics & LanguagesBA in English LiteratureBA in Hindi, BA in Linguistics, Foreign Language courses
  6. Event Management: BBA in Event Management
  7. Digital Marketing: BBA/BCom in Digital Marketing
  8. Journalism and Mass Communication: BJMC, BMM
  9. Filmmaking: Bachelors in Filmmaking
  10. Architecture: Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

10 Creative Career Options after Graduation

  1. Photography
  2. Architecture
  3. Film- Making
  4. Design
  5. UI/UX Designer
  6. Automobile Design
  7. Advertising
  8. Radio Jockey
  9. Anchoring
  10. Video Editor

10 Creative Career Options after Engineering

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Film Making
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Event Management
  5. Photography
  6. Game Designing
  7. Food Critic
  8. Blogger
  9. Digital Marketer
  10. Content Developer

10 Creative Career Options for Introverts

  1. Editor
  2. Writer/Technical Writer
  3. Photographer
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Animator
  6. Video Editor
  7. UI/UX Designer
  8. Landscape Designer
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Content Manager

10 Creative Writing Career Options

  1. Advertising Copywriter
  2. Creative Director
  3. Digital Copywriter
  4. Magazine Jouranlist
  5. Lexicographer
  6. Publishing copy-editor
  7. Marketing executive
  8. Social media manager
  9. Web content manager
  10. Newspaper journalist

Exploring diverse creative career options, you will find a wide range of career prospects that you can opt for. If you are unsure about which creative career fits your interests and passions, Leverage Edu experts can help you find the right career prospects to advance in your dream career to unravel the artist within you. Do connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and give us a follow there!

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