Digital Advertising Courses

Digital Advertising Courses

Forming a major portion of marketing in the digital age, advertising has also undergone nothing short of a transformation itself. With integration tools of computer technology like business analytics, modern communication methods and much more importantly social media platforms, advertising has become not only an essential part of reaching out to potential users but also in building a conducive ecosystem of better consumer-seller relationships. Digital Advertising specifically deals with online instruments and touches social media, email marketing and ad-based marketing, amongst others. If you feel you have the knack to advertise things in an enticing manner and are curious about how the online platforms are revolutionizing this arena, this blog on digital advertising courses shall certainly be of much help.

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Digital Advertising: Field Overview

Drawing insights from several fields including but not limited to Public Relations, Mass Communication and even Psychology and Sociology, Digital Advertising courses aim to impart a foundational understanding of consumer behaviour, persuasion, product-consumer fitment etc. It also, in a significant amount, deals with computer analytics, creative development, innovative advertising practices and case studies from experiments made by companies around the world. Graduates can pursue a career in Digital Marketing, communication, information studies, marketing, public relations, journalism and research, amongst others.

Digital Advertising Courses: Categories & Level of Rigor

Course offerings in digital advertising vary greatly from long-term degree programs such as bachelor’s, master’s and even PhD to short term skill-based programs like diploma or certificate. Further, since advertising is deeply interlinked with marketing, public relations and mass communication, students have the option to pursue these courses which devote significant focus on advertising. This includes Mass Communication course, MBA in Digital Marketing, Masters in Marketing, etc. Glance over the following sections for a detailed analysis.


Undergraduate digital advertising courses start from scratch and focus on introducing students to the vast field of advertising, classical theories related to marketing and persuasion along with basic usage of computer tools. Further, many institutions may also include topics from social sciences, humanities and languages to encourage multidisciplinarity.

Major Subjects: Consumer Insight, Business Management, Marketing, Introduction to Advertising, Journalism, Communication Methods, Advertising Management, Design Strategy & Software, Entertainment Marketing English, Statistics & Data Science, Introduction to Psychology & Sociology, Media & Cinema Studies, Art History, Design, etc.

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Master’s & PhD

Digital advertising courses offered at the postgraduate level dive deeper into a particular aspect or incline towards training individuals for a professional career in this field. A typical Masters in Advertising concerns with higher-level principles of advertising, communication theories as well as public relations and branding, social media, amongst others.

Major Subjects: Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods; Advertising Theory; Global Advertising; Public Relations, Strategic Brand Communication, Computer Science & Advertising, Consumer Behavior & Psychology, Social Media, Creative Video Development, Copywriting, Advertising & Society, Design Strategy & Software etc 

Note: Digital Advertising courses, more often than not, lay emphasis on practical understanding and therefore include training, internships, projects, seminars, workshops and much more to help students build a strong portfolio.

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Digital Advertising Courses: Universities

To make your search of destinations easier, we have listed down a few top universities around the world that offer digital advertising courses or programs in closely-related fields.

Name of UniversityLocation THE Rankings 2021Courses
University of Texas at
USA44thBSc in Advertising;
MA in Advertising;
PhD in Advertising
University of Illinois-
Urbana Champaign
USA48thBSc in Agricultural
BSc in Advertising
MSc in Advertising
University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill
USA=56thBA in Media &
Chinese University of
Hong Kong
Hong Kong=56thMSc in Advertising
Boston UniversityUSA=54thBSc in Communication
MSc in Advertising
University of QueenslandAustralia=62ndBachelor of Business Management/
IT- Advertising
Bachelor of Business Management-
Bachelor of Business Management/Laws(Honors)- Advertising
Master of Business-Advertising
PhD in Advertising
University of New South
Australia71stBachelor of Design/
Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising)
Pennsylvania State University– University ParkUSA=114BA in Advertising/Public Relations

Note: This is only an indicative list.

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Digital Advertising courses combine both creativity and empirical methods and offer innumerable opportunities for career building. If you see yourself working in this field but feel uncertain which course and university to go for, the AI-tool at Leverage Edu does that job for you by shortlisting universities based on your skills, interests and aspirations so that you can take an informed decision towards a rewarding career.

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