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Career as a Makeup Artist

“Life as we know, is not perfect, but your brows can be, right?” Makeup is not, as often believed, about making you look plastic. It is, rather about accentuating one’s natural beauty. It is an underappreciated art form that is finally getting the recognition it deserves. A makeup artist helps bring one’s beauty to the fore. From advising what products to use to decking you up for your special events, a makeup artist helps you with all your grooming needs. There are numerous ways one can go about their education and subsequent career as a makeup artist. With opportunities opening now more than ever and colleges coming up that will groom you for the same, a successful career as a makeup artist is now a realisable dream.

Educational Qualifications Required for a Career as a Makeup Artist

It is a misconception that a career as a makeup artist does not need a proper degree or educational qualifications. To begin with, a high school degree is a must. There are no specifications in the subjects to be studied during your high school. After high school, there are plenty of options to explore. 

One can get a certificate in cosmetology to begin their career as a makeup artist. This course can also be taken online at the comfort of your home. It can last up to a year. Candidates can also opt for a Cosmetology Associate Degree that can be completed in two years or more, depending on the duration. This opens doors for a whole host of opportunities.

To work in the entertainment or fashion industry, a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre is a must. There is a need to understand the basics of the named industries prior to starting a career as a makeup artist in the entertainment or fashion industry. 

There are various online courses to learn from such as nail technician courses or courses for cosmetology instructors. Moreover, other degrees such as permanent cosmetics, makeup, and tattooing can be learnt to have appropriate skills to build a successful career as a makeup artist. 

Lastly, learning from experience is also an option to explore. Although to be able to do that, the candidate requires 1000 hours of study in the classroom or workplace, learning the tricks of the trade.

Colleges Offering Courses for a Career as a Makeup Artist

There are various colleges out there that offer courses that can solidify your career as a makeup artist- colleges that are really polished and provide a good framework of subjects to learn from. Some of these colleges include:

  • Empire Beauty School in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvanian
  • Pivot Point Academy Beauty School in Chicago 
  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty in Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Aveda Institute in West Chester, Ohio
  • East Mississippi Community College in Scooba, Mississippi
  • Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi in Austin, Texas.
  • Paul Mitchell Schools in Orlando, Florida
  • The Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California
  • Tricoci University in Bridgeview Illinois
  • The Ogle School in Dallas, Texas 

Career as a Makeup Artist

While the common notion is that a career as a makeup artist is associated with movie stars, it is not always the case. A makeup artist has the liberty to choose the kind of work he/she wants to do or choose to be a freelancer. As a freelancer, the makeup artist has the liberty to take up opportunities as they come along. They can take up independent assignments like bridal makeup, etc. or work with high-end salons or wellness centres. They have the opportunity to advertise themselves through their own methods.     

A career as a makeup artist can also take shape of work in the special effects department of a movie, TV series or theatre or the fashion industry. This includes the entire process starting from basic makeup to body painting, etc. There can also be different sections in the makeup department for the same movie or TV series or fashion show, like one unit for wigs and prosthetics and another unit for basic makeup like contouring, highlighting, skin smoothing, etc. They might have the opportunity to be associated with a particular celebrity or model depending on their abilities and expertise.  

They also have the career prospect of working as cosmetology operator. This is a wider category. A cosmetology operator provides facilities for personal grooming like skincare, hair care, nail care, etc. 

Another opportunity in a career as a makeup artist is to work as a beauty consultant. These people help others with less knowledge or experience to understand products that help their skin as well as advise them on what products suit their skin type, tone, etc. The consultants can work freelancer or work with high-end cosmetic companies. 

Other possibilities in a career as a makeup artist include working as an aesthetician taking care of skin, hair or other problems of customers. This option is not to be confused with dermatologists. Dermatologists require a medical education while aestheticians do not need it. They usually work in parlours and spas. Also, working as a clerk in a department store as a product advisor or a beauty instructor for schools that deal with this, are other openings.  

It is always to be kept in mind that a license is a must to take up any opportunity in your career as a makeup artist.  

Life is too short to be filled with regrets. When we do something we love, there is no need to ‘work’ for a living. So, go ahead and follow your dream. We, here at Leverage Edu are listening and ready to make your dream a reality. 

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