Meet the Indian Origin Sisters Interning at NASA’s Glenn Research Center

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Meet the Indian origin sisters interning at NASA's Glenn Research Center

While working at NASA is something most of us dream of as kids, two sisters of Indian origin were able to turn this dream into reality. Computer Engineering students Pratima and Pooja Roya got the chance to intern with NASA while completing their program at New York City College of Technology. Roy sisters are working on the project that ties Moon to Mars and also the Artemis program. Artemis program is on a mission to land the first woman and next man on the moon by the year 2021. Let’s explore everything about Roy sisters interning at NASA!

“I am currently working on the same project converting Java Applets to JavaScript for web-based Aeronautics Simulations which I have been working on during Fall 2020. “This STEM project ties into the Moon to Mars mission and the Artemis program because it is an extensively popular site that receives high traffic views and consists of lesson plans, projects, and interactive simulations to explore the theory and practice of flight in space.” -Pooja Roy

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On the other hand, Pratima Roy is more focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and AWS web services.

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“Our work can tie into this [Moon to Mars mission] by having Robots or tasks completed at Moon to gather data and labeling.  “I know that when the Astronauts go to the Moon, they will need much data collection and research from Moon to Earth. This made me think about how my project ties into this because when going to the Moon we will need information from Moon and other planets. Then we can have that information on Earth. Scientists and Researchers can work on implementing more strategies and devices to gather and collect in order to reach Mars safely and smoothly.”- Pratima Roy

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Pooja has gained indescribable experience from her internship. She has completed online SATERN training and is under excellent mentors. 

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