Career in Visual Arts

Career in Visual Arts

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” – Pablo Picasso. If you are fascinated by the art and have an eye for aesthetics, then pursuing a career in Visual Arts is an opportunity for you to explore your inner artistic talent. The term ‘Art’ embodies an array of concepts and practices that are products of an artist’s imagination. Art has been the source of amusement and artists have been admired as influencers for centuries. It is an essential component of history, culture and education of the society. Visual Arts is a broader term that encompasses all the artforms that are perceived visually. A profession in the same will open endless possibilities that not only offer a promising future but also a satisfaction of being among the much-revered section of the society. 

Why Pursue Visual Arts?

Being unique in nature, Visual Arts is emerging as a creative career option for a number of art enthusiasts. Universities around the world are offering it as an extensive professional course. The comprehensiveness and the variety it gives makes it one of the most sought after courses in the domain of Arts. The subject blends a number of sub-disciplines to study, giving you an insight into the number of art forms like Filmmaking, Painting and Design.

Elements of Visual Arts
Elements of Visual Arts

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Course Overview 

Most of the art forms that exist are perceived visually. Known to be one of the Arts stream subjects, Visual Arts is aimed at studying those art forms and developing critical thinking to analyze and incorporate artistic vision in you. The basics of all art forms are taught in this extensive course, however, the area of specialization can be chosen at the master’s level. The course covers a wide range of concepts related to art. 

Concepts of Visual Arts
Basic Concepts Covered in a Visual Arts Course

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Universities Offering Courses in Visual Arts 

Hundreds of universities worldwide teach Visual Arts as the major subject of their academic curriculum. Some of the prominent universities along with the program offered and the course duration are mentioned in a table below.

The University of AdelaideAustraliaBachelor of Arts (Art History and Visual Culture)3-year
Auckland University of TechnologyNew Zealand Bachelor of Visual Arts3-year
University of The Fraser ValleyCanadaBachelor of Fine Arts – Visual Arts4-year
Durham UniversityUKVisual Arts and Film BA (Hons)3-year
The Australian National UniversityAustraliaBachelor of Visual Arts3-year
University of MalayaMalaysiaMaster of Art (Visual Arts)3-year
The University of MelbourneAustraliaBachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art)3-year
Northern Kentucky UniversityUSB.A./B.S. in Visual Arts3-year
University of BrightonUKVisual Culture BA (Hons)3-year

Top Global Art & Design Schools

There are some great college options out there for those who have a passion for art. These schools can help you develop your creative skills with artistic tools and techniques and make a promising career out of what you love. Let’s sneak-peek into some of the best art schools in the world:

Royal College of Art (RCA): Established in 1837, the Royal College of Art is the oldest design school in the world. For the fifth consecutive year, RCA has acquired the first place for its courses in Design.

Tokyo University of the Arts: Established in 1949, the Tokyo University of the Arts is among the prestigious art schools in Japan. For those wanting to explore new cultures, TUA is the right place to study.

Politecnico di Milano: The largest technical university in Paris, Politecnico Di Milano is revered among the top international institutions in Art and Design.

RMIT University: Founded in 1887, RMIT University is located in Melbourne. It holds the 17th position among the list of top universities for its Design courses around the world.

Columbia University: Located in the heart of New York, Columbia University is renowned for being the choice of thousands of aspirants seeking a robust course in Art and Design. The university was established in 1754.

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Career Prospects

After studying a Visual Arts course, students are eligible to work in various sectors. Depending on your area of interest, you can choose from a range of options. Here are the potential employers that can hire you after you have completed your degree program in Visual Arts.

  • Art Studios
  • Local Historical Societies
  • Libraries
  • Arts Councils
  • Film & Motion Pictures and Media Producers
  • Interior Design Departments
  • Newspaper or Publishing Houses
  • Advertising Agencies

The career in Visual Arts is versatile and full of surprises. If you are someone who loves a dynamic work environment rather than a predictable routine job, then this creative course has a lot to offer you. Wanting to choose the right art school for yourself? Then, take the help of the smart AI-tool of Leverage Edu, in identifying the best college that fits your area of interest.

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