Wildlife Photography Courses

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Wildlife Photography Courses

Do nature and wildlife interest you? Do you see yourself with a camera capturing animals and the environment? Then you can consider the option of being a professional wildlife photographer. Wildlife photography is the art of capturing a moment that could show the emotions of the animal within that split second. Gorgeous nature shots, cheetahs stalking their prey in the dense jungle, amazing panorama of giant elephants in lakes evoke specific images in your mind and are great examples of wildlife photography. If you are someone who has the zeal for exploring nature and learning photography, then you must read this blog on wildlife photography courses.

What is Wildlife Photography?

Wildlife Photography
Courtest: Wildlifephoto

Photography, in general, is quite different from Wildlife Photography. In photography, you have advantages of stable shooting objects and a controllable environment in terms of light and props, Whereas, in wildlife photography, the shooting subject is not always stable. The environment is barely controllable and the capturing speed needs to be quick. Students are provided with in-depth knowledge of every aspect right from operating the camera to shooting during the night. The course depends heavily on practical knowledge so as to provide students with better learning and understanding.

The course is for wildlife enthusiasts who are willing to explore a career in photography and provides detailed creative and technical knowledge related to wildlife photography. 

Checkout the list of photography courses in Delhi!

Wildlife Photography Courses in Delhi

Here are the top Wildlife Photography Courses in Delhi:

Wildlife Photography CourseInstitutes in DelhiFees
4-week Wildlife Photography CourseDelhi College of Photography (DCOP)
Nature and Wildlife Photography CourseDelhi College of Photography (DCOP)INR 17,500
Diploma in PhotographyMod’art India
Travel, Wildlife and Landscape Photography CourseTGC Animation & Multimedia

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Wildlife Photography Courses Online

Want to learn wildlife and nature photography through online courses? Here are the best online courses in Wildlife Photography:

  • Wildlife Photography Online Course by Wildlifephoto.com
  • How to a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photography by Charles Borland on Udemy
  • Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography by Charles Borland on Udemy
  • Wildlife for Beginners and Amateurs by Villers Steyn on Udemy
  • Nature Photography by Tabitha Park on Skillshare
  • Intro to Wildlife Photography by Emily Keen on Udemy

Wildlife Photography Courses Abroad

Here are the top Wildlife Photography courses abroad:

Wildlife Photography Course Subjects

Courtesy: Gifer

The wildlife photography courses comprise of the following study areas:

  • Ethics and Philosophy of Wildlife Photography
  • Visualisation and Storytelling in Wildlife Photography
  • Understanding Your Camera, Lenses and its Optimization
  • Camera Modules: Focus, Lighting, and Speed
  • Techniques for Capturing Shots
  • Day and Light Shooting Aspects
  • Shooting Practicals with Indoor Artificial Lighting
  • Travelling Management and Expertise
  • Essential Digital Workflow for Photography
  • Logistics to Execute Outdoor Shoots 
Wildlife Photography

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Top Colleges/Universities

Here is a list of popular colleges for wildlife photography courses, have a look:

Vevey School of Photography

Vevey School of Photography is located in Vevey, Switzerland. It is considered as one of the best schools for photography worldwide. The school is known for its international photography awards. The school offers a wide range of programs in this field to students willing to pursue different genres of photography. Students looking for wildlife photography courses can choose Vevey School of Photography as a lucrative option.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University offers bachelors of fine arts with photography and image digitization as the main subject. Students can get a chance to explore aspects of historical photography, print culture and modern-day technologies in photography. The course aims at enhancing each photographic style by conducting regular practical workshops.

Here are the top photography courses in India and abroad!

Tokyo Zokei University

It is considered as one of the best art schools in the world. The main objective of teaching photography here is that they consider photography as a form of literacy. The course provides detailed knowledge and techniques to experiment with different kinds of photography and prepare students to explore their fields. Students looking for wildlife photography courses can consider Tokyo Zokei University as one of the best options.


SPEOS situated in Paris, France is a renowned art photography institute. The photography course emphasises on digital photography, graphics, and computer image-making. Students can get a broader view of learning photography along with the skills and techniques of image digitization. One of France’s most renowned photography magazines in association with SPEOS teaches photojournalism at the university. Students looking for wildlife photography courses can consider SPEOS as an amazing option for pursuing wildlife photography.

Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art is located in Kensington, London. The photography course provides students with an artistic environment to develop their skills as a photographer. The course aims at understanding photography as a multidisciplinary practice so that students don’t stick to a particular genre. The course focuses on a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to provide students with a better understanding of reading images.

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Other Popular Courses

Name of UniversityCountryTHE
Photography Courses
University of California, Los AngelesUSA17thMaster of Fine Arts in
New York University, USAUSA29thBachelor of Fine Arts in
Photography & Imaging
University of Edinburgh,
UK30thBA (Hons) Photography
Pennsylvania State
University– Park Campus,
USA78thBachelor of Design in
Professional Photography
University of Arizona, USAUSA104Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio
Art: Photography Emphasis
University of Sussex, USAUK146thMA Photography Practice:
Theory & Practice
University of Leeds, UKUK155thBA(Hons) Film, Photography and Media
Duties of a Photographer
Duties of a Photographer

If you’re planning to pursue wildlife photography courses and are confused about the right colleges, the experts at Leverage Edu can help you make a concrete decision. With the support and guidance of our mentors, you can pursue your dream course and build an awesome career. 

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