90s Kids in Colleges vs 2000s Kids in Colleges

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90s Kids in Colleges vs 2000s Kids in College

People from every generation pay close attention to new things. They define new things from their perspectives. People from every generation somewhere down the line, visit their garden of memories to reminisce their good old days, only to realise that things are changing. People from the 90s used to spend most of their time either studying or playing. Not to mention, 90s kids also used to play outside and create golden memories with their friends. However, 2000s kids spend most of their time on gadgets as well as virtual games. The concept of physical games is diminishing amongst the 2000s kids. 

If you can recall your old memories, you can understand how the modern education system is different from the old one. The college system of the 90s kids is very different from the 2000s kids. Some changes are beneficial whereas, others are tampering with the educational qualification of the 2000s kids. 

People from the 90s have seen more things than people from the 2000s. Therefore, to make them reminisce about their college days, in this blog we will compare the college life of the 90s kids with the college life of 2000s kids. 

Education Quality 

The education quality of 90s kids in colleges was undoubtedly great. Not only they were super motivated and energetic to study hard, but they also used to score good marks. They knew the importance of education. Back in the old days, there were very few career options that can be pursued without proper education. This is why the 90s kids used to study hard. But as the competition wasn’t fierce back then, scoring more than 90% was a dream come true. 

But the kids from the 2000s are experiencing different college life. Due to the extreme competition, scoring more than 90% in exams isn’t efficient at helping them stand apart from the crowd. 

Abroad Education 

Studying abroad was almost an impossible factor for the 90s kids. Not only studying at abroad universities were super expensive, but also the admission process was super tough. This is why most 90s kids completed their higher studies in Indian colleges. 

On the other hand, the modern generation can afford the abroad education fees. The process has also become easier and organisation like Leverage Edu is here to help you. The college culture has also changed a lot. As a result, many 90s kids face problems understanding the modern college culture whereas, 2000s kids face no issues in colleges. 

Taking Class Notes 

Back in the days when 90s kids used to study in colleges, they took all their notes in physical notebooks. They used to use traditional pen and paper to write valuable notes. However, things are different in terms of modern education. These kids used to study harder instead of depending on the last day before the exam. 

However, 2000s kids are more addicted to technology. As a result, they are either asking their friends to send notes through social media or searching for studying materials online. Some of them also use iPad or any other type of tablet to take notes. But many 2000s kids don’t follow the study materials. They assume that they can start their study one week before the exam date. This is why their education quality is decreasing dramatically. 

Hanging Out with Friends 

90s kids didn’t have that much freedom to roam anywhere while studying in college. As technological advancements weren’t pristine during that time, they had to wait to meet their friends physically or talk through the landlines. Even though their options were limited, the friendships from that period were robust.

But the modern 2000s kids have lots of options. Apart from phone calls, they can also contact their friends through video calling applications. They also have more freedom. They can go anywhere they like with their friends. These friendships from college life will become stronger over time, but there are also some disadvantages. As these kids have too many options available, they don’t value the importance of friendships in their college time. 

These are the differences you need to know between 90s kids in colleges and 2000s kids in colleges. Consider visiting our website and going through the blog section to know more. 

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