Interior Design Colleges, Courses, And Eligibility

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Interior Design Colleges

Touching not only areas of history, architecture and culture, interior design is also being continuously redefined by innovations in digital technology, visual arts and environment. Interior designers now work to develop an architecture that is suited to environmental and sustainability standards, as well as conforms to modern urban notions. Further, with the growing interest of individuals to learn interior designing, classical architectural methods in accordance with the customs of modern society are being revived. Due to this, the prospective students are now venturing into various courses available at the top interior design colleges to gain specialized knowledge in this field. 

Degree Programs

Interior design colleges across the globe offer a diverse range of degree programs aimed at the needs and requirements of a wide variety of individuals. The topics taught during the program may vary according to the level, for instance, bachelor’s, master’s or higher, concentration undertaken and the overall course objectives of the department. Further, students are also offered flexibility through the option of choosing electives, practical training and internships opportunities which also encourages development in a multidimensional manner. Glance through the following pointers to know more about the types of Interior Design courses you can choose from.

  • Bachelors in Interior Design [3-4 years]: An undergraduate degree in interior design or an allied field is aimed at establishing a solid foundation in basics of the profession along with polishing skills like creative thinking, pattern interpretation, and communication. Moreover, the importance of design in society is also an important component. Subjects taught under this course across various interior design colleges include Visual Communication, Materials, Interiors and Society, History of Architecture, Designing for Human Behavior and even Psychology. High school qualifications in architecture-related fields are recommended but students from all backgrounds can apply.
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  • Master of Interior Design [1-3 years]: Dealing with advanced concepts of architecture, designing, issue identification and so forth, postgraduate programs at interior design colleges accord a greater degree of emphasis on research, integration of classical and modern approaches and inclusion of multiple contexts. Individuals can also choose between professional and research degrees. A bachelor’s degree in architecture-related courses is preferred but the criteria are highly flexible.
  • Certificate/Diploma in Interior Designing [6 months-2 years]: Short term degrees at interior design colleges focus on giving hands-on training on a particular aspect of interior architecture and equipping students with industry-relevant skills. 

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Interior Design Colleges: Admission & Application

In order to apply at interior design colleges, students are required to possess a prior degree as well as submit SAT/GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL scores as applicable. Moreover, as part of the application procedure to study abroad, applicants are also required to submit official transcripts, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR), amongst others. However, these requirements vary by course and university.

Top Interior Design Colleges

With the growing interest in interior design as well as burgeoning career opportunities, the number of colleges offering degree programs in interior design or a related field has also risen. Here is a list of the top 10 interior design colleges where you can study: 

Name of University Location THE Rankings 2021 Course
University of Pennsylvania USA 13th MSc in Design-Environmental Building Design
University of California Berkeley USA 7th Master of Urban Design
University of Edinburgh UK 30th 1. BA (Hons) Interior Design
2. MA (eca)- Interior Design
University of Texas-Austin USA 44th 1. BSc in Interior Design
2. MSc in Urban Design
3. Master of Interior Design-First Professional/Post Professional
4. MSc in Sustainable Design
University of MinnesotaTwin Cities USA =85th BSc in Interior Design
Michigan State University USA 105th 1. BA in Interior Design
2. MA in Environmental Design
Purdue University-West Lafayette USA =94th 1. BFA in Interior Design (Professional Program)
2. MFA in Interior Design 
University of Colorado Boulder USA =131st Bachelor of Environmental Design
University of Nottingham  UK =158th MEng Architecture and Environmental Design (Hons)
Arizona State University USA =184th 1. BSc in Design-Interior Design
2. BSc in Environmental Design
3. MSc in Design-Interior Design

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Even though there are a number of interior design colleges but taking admission in these institutes is a demanding task and requires meticulous research and planning. If you are stuck in the same conundrum then the experts at Leverage Edu will assist you not only in selecting courses and universities but will also guide in post-admission tasks like that of funding and finding accommodation.

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