India’s Top 10 Finance Influencers On YouTube

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Must Follow Money Influencers on Youtube

All of us have spent hours scrolling through social media. Taking OOTD inspiration from Pinterest to mastering all cuisines from YouTube videos. Social media has transformed from a source of entertainment to a hub of information. Managing personal or corporate finance is not easy. Only a few have a good financial sense and sensitivity. As financial advisers, influencers are proving to be beacons of strong and trustworthy hope for brands, enterprises, and professionals. Learn ultimate tips and tricks from the top 10 finance influencers on YouTube.

How Can You Learn Finance from YouTube?

You can find information for all types – beginners, intermediate, and professionals on YouTube. If you’re a beginner, you may start looking for the basics of the stock market, as well as how and where to invest. If you already have enough knowledge on these topics and want to master them all, then you should look for advanced-level videos. YouTube has a wealth of knowledge and tools for learning about personal finance, savings, retirement planning (EPF, NPS), investing (fixed deposits, post office savings schemes, PPF, mutual funds, stocks, insurance). The list of finance influencers is never-ending. Now, the question is who are these finance influencers on YouTube that can give you the best financial tips and tricks? Look at the list of top 10 finance influencers on YouTube we have created just for you!

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Top Ten Finance Influencers on YouTube

CA Rachana Ranade

Source: Economics Times

YouTube Subscribers: 2.78 Million

Rachana is undoubtedly one of the must-follow finance influencers on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers and 350K followers. The basic stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and a variety of other courses are among her offerings. Her videos are ideal for someone who is new to finance and the stock market. Her lesson is easy to understand that even a kid can learn about finance. If you’re a money nerd, you should subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Credits: CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Shwetabh Gangwar

Source: YouTube

YouTube Subscribers: 1.24 Million

When we think of Shwetabh Gangwar, the first thing that springs to mind is how he came up with the idea for the national bestseller “The Rudest Book Ever.” Shwetabh’s acute interest in human behaviour and keen sense of observation has played a vital part in advising organizations and individuals at financial crossroads, with a whopping 1.24 million YouTube followers. Over the years, he has helped many business organizations turn into successful brands with his counsel and advice. 

Credits: Shwetabh Gangwar

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Pranjal Kamra

Source: WIkihow

YouTube Subscribers: 2.83 Million

One of the finest YouTubers in India has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos are on investing strategy, stock market investment and learning, personal finance, career advice, and a variety of other topics. He has over 130 videos dedicated to finance management on his YouTube channel. He is a big hit among millennials thanks to his unique method of explaining things popular as “Kamra’s Finology.” Pranjal Kamra should be definitely on your list of the “must-follow finance influencers on YouTube.”

Credits: Pranjal Kalra

Ankur Warikoo

Source: Economics Times

YouTube Subscribers: 700K

Ankur Warikoo is a public speaker, an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a mentor. He publishes three Hindi and English videos every week. His videos feature business, personal finance, and failure. In 2015, Warikoo began producing content on LinkedIn, and later in the year 2017, created a YouTube channel. His initial focus was on entrepreneurship and personal development. Warikoo discovered about a year ago that he had a lot of potential interest in personal financial counselling.

Credits: Warikoo

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Sunil Minglani

YouTube Subscribers: 760K

Next on the list of top finance influencers on YouTube is Sunil Minglani. A well-known expert on stock market behavior issues has more than 18 years of experience in this field. He is not just a finance guru but also a psychologist. In addition, he has chosen to use these ideas in life change and mentorship. His YouTube channel has hundreds of videos on stock market basics, human psychology, valuations. He is also well-versed in interpreting stock chart patterns with over 760K subscribers.

Credits: Sunil Minglani

Praveen Dilliwala


YouTube Subscribers: 3.06 Million

Youth of India is least interested in Finances. Praveen Dilliwala aims to educate the current generation towards a more economical and business-oriented attitude. Videos on his YouTube channel analysis examines the latest current finance trends. He also posts films on education, the job market and careers, financial and professional perspective. He is undoubtedly on our list of the must-follow finance influencers on YouTube.

Credits: Praveen Dilliwala

Rupee Monk

Source: Playboard

YouTube Subscribers: 53.7K

Rupee Monk is a channel run by Subeesh or you can also call him  ‘Common Man’s Financial Guru’. Subeesh creates videos that give advice on stocks, mutual funds, insurance, loans, and other deposits using his Malayalam accent. His channel is perfect zing from down South. He credits his 1.5-decade in savings and investments as the basis for the information. At present, he is pursuing his financial planning certification.

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Business Ki Baat

YouTube Subscribers: 1.49 Million

Credits: Business ki Baat

Business ki Baat is a spin-off of ‘Mann ki baat’. The channel is committed to offering high-quality, engaging, and educational material to individuals. The channel is a perfect fit for people who are eager to learn new things, stay informed and take action. They have a strong desire to produce material on business ideas, big and little, on a regular basis. The channel is focused on money-related subjects such as “how to make money online,” “how to develop a business,” “how things are made,” “how to manage bank accounts” and much more.

Nitin Bhatia

Source: Twitter

YouTube Subscribers: 932K

The blogger turned YouTuber has over 932K subscribers and is considered one of the most popular finance guru. His videos are about stock market trading, investment, personal finance, real estate, and intraday trading. He published videos every day at 9.30 PM. At present, there are more than 900 videos on his channel. If you are a beginner and want to learn about trading rules, beginners tips, lessons and more then you should definitely follow Nitin Bhatia on his social media channels.

Credits: Nitin Bhatia


Source: Virtual BSE

YouTube Subscribers: 480K

Whether you are a beginner to an advanced viewer, Market Gurukul has a video for all. With more than 480 thousand followers, videos are both in English and Hindi. One of the finest YouTube channels explores the Indian stock market. Mr Edward is the man behind this channel with the greatest technical analyses of Indian stock market. 

Credits: Market Gurukul

This was all about the 10 Indian Finance influencers on YouTube. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below. Need any financial advice regarding study abroad? Connect with our  Leverage Edu experts today and book your free online counselling session.

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