Children’s Day Message From Leverage Edu

Children’s Day Message From Leverage Edu
Children’s Day Message From Leverage Edu

2020 has been like a roller coaster ride for almost each one of us. Initially, it all started good, but work from home stress, finances, life struggles, we all got consumed in these big aspects of life that it forced us to imagine the careless and carefree attitude of all of us during our childhood. Childhood was easy, fun, with no stress and tension at all. It’s been a tiring year for all of us, there was so much to save- lives, jobs, families, money. Hence, on the occasion of Children’s Day, we decided to reach out to some of our teammates for a journey down memory lane. This video by Leverage Edu is a tribute to the older times, the easier times, the less complicated times of our beautiful days of childhood. Join us in our heartwarming sojourn, where some of our mates recall old, sweet memories, laugh and make merry, and give us the perfect treat on a Children’s Day.

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