Best Designing Courses

Designing Courses

Not only restricted to the Fashion industry, but Designing also has its root spread in the Interior and Architecture, Graphic creation, Web designing, Automotive sector, etc. Offered in the form of a certificate, diploma, and degree programs [BDes, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts, MDes, MSc, etc], these courses impart extensive knowledge and make the learners adept in using various designing tools. So, if you are also looking for the different types of Designing courses, then here is a blog that will shed light on the same!

Fashion Designing

What can be better than designing clothes for everyone! One of the most popular fields in design, there are a wide range of courses which you can pursue at undergraduate and postgraduate levels if you want to pursue a career in Fashion Designing. On the journey of the course, you will learn various aspects of designing, textiles, CAD, pattern making, etc. Enlisted are some of the programs for you to consider.

Undergraduate Programs Postgraduate Programs 
BDes Fashion Design Technology
BDes Fashion
BDes Fashion and Textile
BDes Fashion Design 
BSc Fashion Designing
MA Fashion Business Management
Master of Fashion
MA Global Fashion Management
MA Fashion Design  

Web Designing Courses 

Web designing refers to creating webpages on the world wide web using advanced technical tools. Apart from designing the layout of the website, you will also learn about content creation and the process of adding interactive features through text, multimedia, and graphics. Furthermore, in the Web Designing courses, you will learn how coding related to various programming languages like HTML, JAVA, and ASP.  

Undergraduate Programs Postgraduate Programs 
BSc in Interactive Media and Web Technologies
BSc Computer Science with Web Development
BDes Web Design
BSc Mobile and Web Technologies
MS in Information System (Web and Mobile)
Associate of Science in Web Programming
Associate in Arts degree: Multimedia Arts: Mobile Media and Web Design

Automotive Designing

Automotive Design courses deal with developing and improving the exterior and interior look of different automobiles such as cars, buses, bikes, yachts, trucks, and other mobility vehicles. Offered at various levels of education by scores of universities, tabulated below are some of the designing courses in this field:

Undergraduate Programs Postgraduate Programs 
BEng Automotive Engineering (Hons)
Bachelor in Automotive Performance Engineering
Bachelor in Automotive and Transport Design 
Master in Automation Engineering
Master in Vehicle Engineering
Master in Automotive Computing and Communication
Master in Vehicle Engineering
MSc Automotive

Interior Designing Courses 

Ranging from Diploma in Interior Designing to an MBA in Interior Designing, this field offers various degree courses to pursue and gain knowledge. Interior Designing is a broad discipline that involves the process of making an interior aesthetically pleasing. The Designing courses in this field will equip you with knowledge related to building codes, safety and security issues, Building Information Modelling, Software applications for 2D and 3D designing, etc  

Undergraduate Programs Postgraduate Programs 
BA Interior Design
Bachelor of Interior Design
BDes Interior Architecture
Bachelor of Built Environment (Interior Architecture)
MDes Interior Design
MSc Infrastructure Design and Management
MA Interior Architecture and Design
MA Interior and Spatial Design

Graphic Designing Courses

From Egyptian hieroglyphics to 17,000-year-old cave paintings, Graphic Designing has long been a part of human existence and has gone through tremendous changes over centuries. Graphic Designing courses train learners in enhancing users’ experience (UX) by creating engaging designs either manually, or through software. Have a look at these Designing courses:

Undergraduate Programs Postgraduate Programs 
BFA in Graphic Design
BA Arts and Design
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
BA Foundation- Graphic Design 
MDes Graphic Design
MA Graphic Design
MFA Graphic Design
Master’s in Information Design and Strategy

Eligibility Criteria 

In order to pursue any one of the designing courses abroad, there are certain prerequisites that you need to fulfill. Though these parameters can vary based on the university, level of education, and the course, here are some common entry requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree

You must have completed the usual formal schooling of 10+ 2 from a recognized institution with minimum marks as prescribed by the university. 

Master’s Degree

For pursuing a master’s course in this domain, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the same or relevant field. 

Apart from this, good scores in English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc, LORs and SOP in the format mentioned on the official website are also required. Furthermore, you may also be required to submit a portfolio for your respective courses. Some institutions demand work experience. However, it is not compulsory. 

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