Content Writing Courses

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Content Writing Courses

While reading a book or a newspaper for at least once we come to a point where we realize the power of words. If there were no words, there wouldn’t have been books, emails and blogs. Ever thought of how would we communicate with each other if there were no words? Writing is an art of expressing views, opinions and experiences through words. A century ago, writers were regarded as the intellectual people capable of unfolding the mysteries of the universe through their stories. With the progression in technology and free access to information, the world has seen an ever-rising need for producing content. The information explosion has given rise to the need for content writers. This blog will help you with various Content Writing courses to choose from in order to become successful content writers.

Choosing the Right Course

Depending on the medium of writing, there are specialized Content Writing courses, some of them falling under the category of creative writing. Even though creative writing includes most of the genres of writing but one needs to be sure while choosing a course. Content writing which is more specific to the market aims at selling a particular product or service or simply building public opinion. Other domains of content writing could be talking about a social cause, expressing views on current issues, sharing intriguing travel stories and much more. One of the most popular forms of content writing for writers these days is ‘Digital Writing’ or ‘Online Writing’.

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Eligibility to become Content Writer

After pursuing the right content writing courses, it is important to meet all the criteria to be eligible to become a Content Writer. Here is a list of the eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled by those who want to become Content Writers, apart from completing their content writing courses. 

  • Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree programme in English or Journalism. A Bachelor’s degree in some other field of study is also applicable.
  • Having a Master’s degree in English or Journalism is also preferable. A degree of specialization in other fields is also acceptable.
  • Candidate must have basic knowledge of SEO, email marketing, web analytics and other digital marketing techniques.
  • Candidates must possess excellent communication and writing skills. 
  • Candidates must have the quality to meet deadlines on time and work under pressure.

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Top Institutions and Platforms for Pursuing Content Writing Courses

Content writing is not just a course but a skill you’ll cherish forever. Some of the remarkable qualities of good content writers are expressed through their language-proficiency, rich content, minimum to no grammatical or spelling errors and creative ways to mould the writing style. Below we have listed down the major institutions and platforms that avail a range of Content Writing courses that you can choose from.

London School of Business and Finance (LSBF)

The London School of Business and Finance offers a 12-week intensive course designed to train students and professionals in Content Marketing and SEO. The fee for this course is a total of €1150. Individuals planning to pursue this course should have an undergraduate degree in any field with relevant work experience.

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

This institution is commonly known as the Humber College which offers Ontario Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications for those who are searching for comprehensive and specialized courses in content writing. It is an all in one package with scholarship and internship programs for students, making it an ideal choice for writers who want to study in Canada.

Northern Illinois University

Since its establishment in 1895, Northern Illinois University has been offering creative programs for students all across the world. There are advanced certificate courses in Creative Writing for students and professionals.

If you are interested in more versatile and inclusive courses in writing, then there are hundreds of options ranging from bachelor’s to master’s degree programs in Creative, Film and Academic Writing. Besides this, students can also choose to study Content Writing courses online through video tutorials and online notes or blogs. Some of the options to study content writing online are:


Coursera is perhaps the most renowned web portal for students looking for online courses in any field. It also offers exciting courses from the leading universities. Having a comprehensive interface and organized syllabi for the courses, Coursera is the destination providing Content Writing courses along with its certificate of completion from top institutions around the world. You can anytime purchase these courses at a very minimal charge compared to the fee paid in offline mode.


Another portal for verified certification courses in Content Writing, Udemy is the choice of many students. It provides more than a dozen interrelated Content Writing courses.


Offering a certificate course in Content Marketing, Hubspot is a robust place to learn the required skills for content writing and SEO.

For students who are casually looking for resources to learn SEO techniques and content writing skills, then Open Sprout University, a free web portal has it all.

Types of Roles for Content Writer

Enlisted below are some of the most popular job roles candidates take up after completing their content writing courses.

  • Digital Content Strategist – The task of a Digital Content Strategist is to create content websites which serve a particular brand or brands. 
  • Content Development Specialist – The main task of a Content Development Specialist is to research topics which are trending and create unique content strategies online.
  • Web Content Manager – A Web Content Manager is solely responsible for the organisation, planning, creating and publishing of all the content which is then uploaded for the public to read and gain knowledge from.

Employment Sectors for Content Writers

There are plenty of employment opportunities for candidates once they complete their content writing courses. There are many content sectors which are looking for good content writers continuously. They are listed below.

  • Education Industry
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Staffing and Recruiting Industries
  • Health care Industry

Salary of Content Writers

The salary of content writers depends on a variety of factors. Once candidates complete their content writing courses, companies also look for other qualities.

  • The amount of experience you have in the field of Content Writing decides your payscale.
  • The average salary of a content writer is between INR 13,900 to 50,600

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We hope that this blog helped you understand various Content Writing courses available as both online and offline programs. You can also reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who can guide in selecting an ideal course that hones your writing skills and assists you in discovering the lucrative career field of Content Writing.

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