Best Books and Films on Football

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Best Books and Films on Football (1)

The legendary game of football is making the rounds around the world with the FIFA world cup finale coming closer to reality. With football lovers rooting for their favourite football teams, a range of football representations in media: be it books or films, are being brought to the forefront for people to consume. Have you also ever wondered how football exists in other forms of media? With the popularity of the game, it’s no wonder people look to seek it in any form they can. Well, with respect to the same, what about the best football books and films that demand your attention? Especially with the fervour of the game taking the centre stage as of now, we bring to your attention the most attention-worthy football books and films. So take a seat, make yourself comfortable and add to your to-read list and watchlist the following books and films, respectively. 

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Best Football Books 

Some top football books are glimpsed below. 

One Night in Turin by Pete Davies

Best Football Books - One Night in Turin by Pete Davies

In an inside account of Italia ’90, the 1990 FIFA World Cup, the author takes us through what happened behind the scenes with the England Squad, which was led by Bobby Robson. In a nerve-wracking semi-finals match that left England speechless for years to come and changed the course of the football world for them, the nail-bitten penalty shootout haunted the football stadiums of England. Meet the players, the who-how of it all, in this documentary book of Davies, published in 2010. 

Danish Dynamite by Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and Mike Gibbons

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Published in 2014, the authors of this book take us back to the Denmark side of the 1908s, where the team was an iconic international pioneer. They won more than a trophy could at that time, which is hearts and glory. With no football history, the team proved what was unproven and played a game that left everyone in awe. Know more with a better account of the same with this book that talks about a joyous moment and a dynamite time. 

Tears at La Bombonera by Christopher Hylland

Best Football Books - Tears at La Bombonera by Christopher Hylland

When you think of football, the national teams of Argentina and Brazil are sure to come to your mind. The countries of South America have won the FIFA World Cup and have developed to be known for the sport and its glory. Hylland takes this fact on their course and talks about the multi-cultural richness of South American football in the book Tears at La Bombonera. That’s not all, this account comes into reality after the author had spent six years in countries like Argentina and Columbia, gathering a better understanding of the sport that’s imbibed in their culture. The book was subsequently published in March 2021. 

Football, She Wrote by various authors

Best Football Books - Football, She Wrote by various authors

Football, or rather any sport continues to be occupied by a majority of men. But that doesn’t mean that the spaces of sports that women do occupy don’t have a voice of their own. This book is an example and an exploration of that fact. It’s written by 20 writers that bring forth the insights of women on the sport and its dynamics. An anthology, the book covers a range of stories that features various topics, from sexuality to inclusion. It’s an account of women you wouldn’t want to miss. 

St. Pauli by Carles Vinas and Natxo Parra

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The German professional football club, St. Pauli is known for its social culture, more so than its popularity on the field. Their fans make up a group of people who welcome everyone to the game of football. The book is an account of the way of the fans and the Hamburg life collected by the authors. They include the mantra associated with the team and the fans, where they are known to be pro-refugee, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-fascism and anti-capitalism. Published in 2019, the book talks about rewriting the football rule book. 

Best Football Films

Some top football films are glimpsed below. 

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Best Football Books - Shaolin Soccer (2001)

A Hong Kong film centred around football, and Kung Fu, Shaolin Soccer is directed by and starring Stephen Chow. A versatile film with a classic timeless plot, you can give it a watch and witness the art of storytelling that fuses the world of football with that of martial arts. 

Varsity Blues (1999)

Best Football Books - Varsity Blues (1999)

Football is life. The mantra is shown as an actuality for many in the small fictional town of West Canaan, Texas, where winning is the only option that must exist for football players. Echoing reality for many, the protagonist deals with the pressures of society as well as adolescence, reflecting on a community that’s obsessed with football. 

Goal! (2005)

Best Football Books - Goal! (2005)

Director Danny Cannon starts off the Goal! Trilogy with this masterpiece that’s to be remembered for time immemorial as one of the best sports drama films. The story of an underdog, an amateur player getting the chance to play as a professional football player, attracted the attention of many, becoming a soon-to-be cult film. 

The Damned United (2009)

Image Source: IMDb

A British sports drama film, The Damned United is based on a bestselling novel, The Damned Utd, written by David Peace. It follows the story of young Brian Clough and his tenure and time as a football manager, including his growing rivalry with the Leeds boss Don Revie. It is an interpretation of the author which has been subsequently adapted and could not be actualised as completely accurate. 

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

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Featuring an Indian Sikh family, Bend It Like Beckham narrates the story of two women who choose their career in professional football above their parents’ wishes. Directed by a British woman with Indian origins, the film was named as a reference to David Beckham’s curling free-kick technique. It’s been made the highest-grossing football sports film.

Those were some of the best and recommended books and films on football for lovers of the game. We hope you found the list interesting and diverse. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such interesting blogs.

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